Is possible to own a car for over 5+ years and not get bored of it? What about 10+ years?

Is possible to own a car for over 5+ years and not get bored of it? What about 10+ years?


I've had this piece of shit for 9 years, a clutch, a head replacement, and two timing belts and still enjoy driving it.
The trick is to have other cars so you can switch things up.

Yup...I have a 1995 GMC 4x4 short I bought in 2002...still have it, just needs a trans rebuild...

Im at 6 years with my Malibu. I wasnt planning on getting rid of it but a recent experience with its sealed transmission and its timing chain driven water pump has changed my mind.

Are there any NEW cars you could buy today and enjoy for a decade, or are none of them "loveable" enough?

With the exception of something like a Ferrari? I don't really think so...

I like owning a new car for about 10 years, right up to the point before it starts giving me trouble and when my spidey sense starts tingling that things are going to start breaking on it, I get another new car.

If it's the correct car, sure, why not? I could daily drive a late 80's or earlier 90's mini-van for the rest of my life. I could probably drive anything made between 1960 and 1993.

I feel like electronic failures would put paid to keeping a modern car for much longer than 5 years. A basic pickup might work, kinda like how you see old rednecks still driving the trucks they bought new in 1993.

I've had my miata since 2008 and still get excited about it.

05 Rsx-s have had since 2006
Love it still and love not having car payments for 7yrs. Next car.....really like new type r but gonna drive it for another decade and well into my 40's so might have to grow up& find one of the last manual 2017 chevy SS


You sure you want to drive that for 10 years when gas goes up?

We don't give them the sweet release of death no matter how much they beg for it

electronics don't really fail that often now unless there are genuine manufacturing defects.

My parents drove my car for 15 years. Sure it is.

nigga what are you expecting out of a car

I've had this thing for 6 years this July, still love it. And it's 100% paid for

Probably is/gs350 or q50/70
Rwd or awd, comfy, v6. And their coupe offerings are the same
Also chevy ss or 6.4 dodge because pushrods

Yes I have owned quite a few of my cars for over 10 years and because they each have a different personalty and I swap around between them I don't get bored of them.

I'm just coming up to three years in my BRZ and it still puts a smile on my face every time I go sideways in it. (most days)

Jeep Wranglers will always be timeless. Since they have a classic design they never really look outdated. Can't say the same about most modern cars

ND miata, maybe BRZ

would've been the FRS/86 a couple years ago, but they've since fucked its appearance and changed the suspension on it to be more neutral, similar to the BRZ apparently

Absolutely, I don't see why not.

It's only insecure plebs (like all the posters here desu) that "get bored" of a vehicle.