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Civic Type R wins again fordfags

Ecobitches lining up at the cliffs.

The current gen Focus is getting pretty old, I wouldn't be surprised if they're prepping a new gen and working on an RS version of that.

Hopefully this. Subaru needs to be kept on their toes.

just wait for the new one you dumb faggots lots of companies do that shit when they retired that generation model


>Guys, you better buy quick and pay $5000 over invoice for our WRX STI, uh, I mean Focus RS. This will probably be your last chance to own a 4wd turbo economy car ever.

Why do they do this shit? They could drop the price to $35K (and actually sell it there), put no cap on production and make way more money.

I'm not going to play their hook nosed games for a fucking focus.

The STs were selling way better

Why would anyone buy an RS when an STI exists?

There is literally no reason.

nigga what? Subaru hasn't changed a single fucking thing on the STI in 10 years. They couldn't give 2 fucks

In Canada a new STI is about $39,000 CAD whereas a Focus RS is like $50,000 CAD.

The WRX is only $30,000 CAD

>economy car
rs starts at over 36k. that's not an economy car. to make matters worse, they bundle shit like heated front seats and navigation with a bunch of other shit and make the package cost almost $3k. so you can't even pick and choose, you have to get the whole package or nothing.

fuck ford.

Was about to say this. The current gen Focus apparently launched in the US way back in early 2011, which is pretty old for a mainstream economy car. Early 2018 it'll be 7 years old.

the RS is a better car in every way

Im in US and my local dealer was selling the RS for $42k

For what the car offers, nothing competes with it and its better off to just buy a fucking mustang for cheaper or an STI for a lot cheaper.

Ones by me are selling for 45-50k.
That's fucking absurd for a focus, I don't care how good it is.

>fair market adjustment

>it's only fair goy :^)

I see a lot of shitposters on this board say the RS is a glorified FWD. Is that true?

of course that's in illinois. fuck this state.

The rear drive unit doesn't really allow it to be a track machine until the aftermarket gets a cooling device small enough to jam back there. I think Mishimoto was working on one but the focus platform really didn't leave a lot of room back there so I'm not sure if they ever did go ahead and complete it. Until then, it is a glorified FWD.

It's FWD-biased. It has a narrow drive shaft that connects to two electronically-controlled clutches (one per rear wheel) instead of a proper differential. The clutches are known to overheat and shut off, so really it's just another FF hot hatch if you try to drive it spiritedly.

Everything is various forms of awful here.

Ford needs to bitchslap the dealers for killing the car.

dealerships have ferd by the balls, what little they have

I will only care for the new Focus if they release a 3 Door hatch for it. And if they manage to release a ST200 Fiesta in the US I'll be all over that.

>buy Fiesta ST
>get Mountune MP215 kit (you can literally buy this from Ford directly)
>keep warranty

You have an ST200

>you have an ST200
>4 door is suddenly a 2 door

Do you even know what the ST200 is?

How could it have such a short run? Is it just because they are updating the whole Focus chassis? Will there be a 2020 RS or some shit?

>the rear clutches explode if you put your foot on the gas

This stupid meme needs to die already. The RS's rear clutch will start to overheat IF you drive it hard at 10/10ths in a track environment while in drift mode. It's difficult to do while not drifting and pretty much impossible off the track. 99% of owners will never experience this problem.

Honda literally couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag these days.

Falcon RS

>IF you drive it hard at 10/10ths in a track environment while in drift mode.

If this user is right u honestly deserve to nuke ur engine for trying to race it in drift mode like some Ken Block hoonigan faggot.

Stock. STis don't stay stock for long.

>Is it just because they are updating the whole Focus chassis

Yes, wouldn't make sense to introduce a new platform for the focus but still keep the old one just for the rs. The ST and the RS have been pretty popular so there will most likely be a new one

Pretty much this. I didn't get it because the dealership wouldn't play ball with their fees that was tacked on. I'm sorry but when Ford said they would make as many as ordered but you are shilling it as a limited edition, you're gonna drive away a lot of business. Was the only interesting Ford product in a long time.