What's the fastest way to defog your windscreen if you got to park your car outside

What's the fastest way to defog your windscreen if you got to park your car outside.

sometimes I would think it's all clear and good to go then as I'm driving the screen starts to fog up again and this time round the wipers barely do shit

really dangerous

what are your tips and tricks.

can it defog while idling cos I don't find the demister and heater doesn't do shit until the cars driving around a bit

>heater doesn't do shit until the cars driving around a bit

typically the car will put out enough heat if you crank the heat up and set it on defrost and let it idle 10mins or so.

Also use rainx

Turn the AC on u dunse

Turn the AC on. Air conditioning blows 0% humidity air.

Blast demist fans and open windows to stop it rebuilding.

hard mode: car has no a/c, windows don't go down either, and no heater core

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Open the door, get of the floor, do the dinosaur

wipe down with a towel

>heater doesn't do shit until the cars driving around a bit
Bullshit. That's not how the defrosters work.

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Inside and out

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>city has retarded no idling for more than 2 minutes by law
>gets to -40c here
>city knows cars need to warm up and defog the windows
>sends the bylaw cops out full force every cold snap to write everyone a $120 ticket in their own driveway for trying to see through their windshield before they drive away

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All you have to do is blow dry air on the windshield. Doesn't even have to be hot. Just turn it to defrost and the fan on high, and that shit will clear off quick, regardless of whether it is hot air or cold air blowing on it.

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shaving cream on the inside

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> my windshield is cracked to fuck.
> never changed wiper blades.
> squirter doesn't work on the drivers side.
I just wash it everytimme I'm at the gas station.

That works great if the fog is on the inside, I think OP means on the outside.

I don't quite get the question... is this the inside or the outside of the windshield?

Yeah, you don't actually need to see to drive.

Then use the wiper and turn on the defroster. Inside is harder than the outside.

Hold the driver side door open with one arm whilst you're driving at at least 30mph

Get a new car.

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Do donuts until it's hot then.

Just roll down your window while driving. It'll clear up fast.

get your wife's son to wipe it down with a shammy

Push the button for the heated windscreen, and push the fans up to full blast.

If you don't have electrically heated windscreens, you're evidently poor. Just use a handy dandy cloth that you have in the door pocket.
You... You do have a cloth handy, don't you? You're not that poor, are you?

if your car can do all this at once:
>full heat
>A/C on
>front and rear defrost settings
>full fan
the heat helps the defroster work, the A/C helps get moisture out of the car, and the fans help circulate the car's air so the A/C can pull moisture faster

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