Going to be moving from New Jersey to South Carolina next spring

Going to be moving from New Jersey to South Carolina next spring.

When I get down there I want to buy a fun, RWD, convertible shitbox to have fun in on weekends and stuff. Aside from the Miata, what are other suggestions?

Pic unrelated is my pupper

Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky

Is that a pitbull mix? /pol/ told me you gotta put him down bro sorry

Rx7 convertible, convertable mustang. Also Audi TTs and r53 mini Cooper are good, but not rwd

bmw e36 vert
bmw e46 vert
corvette vert as well, c4s are cheap but get a later model one since there were huge improvements over time.

Whats your pupper's name?

Thanks for the suggestions lads.

well it's a good thing we aren't on /pol/


This is now a doggo thread

post doggos

Stay away from my state you Yankee scum, we don't want you people shitting the state up more than you already have

That's a great name

You can't shit up south carolina more than it already is ahahaha

s2000. Theres also the 350z but the vert 350z looks disgusting.


Great doggo. What's his name?

I'll be living in my grandmas trailer so I don't think you'd have to worry about me senpai

Shit I forgot about the s2000

Is ghjs your doggo m8?


shit you must go places

I wish this weren't true

seriously this get the fuck out of my state

>NJ transplant

Duh, your moving to the south.
You need a dirty south fox body or turd gen.
BTW, the gnat line is real. And it sucks to be on the wrong side.

... come again?

Its mainly because I live in a place where, for the most of the year, its dark when I leave for work and dark when I get back home