I felt a big vibration on way home and it got worse after I got off the freeway...

I felt a big vibration on way home and it got worse after I got off the freeway. Made it home and saw that the belt on my 20 year old spare tire had failed. Got super lucky it didn't blow up on the freeway.

Post your own tire incidents!

>my tire once randomly popped at a drive though at in n out and I was stuck in the line so I still had to order and wait in line with my flat tire

could't you drive slowly on the flat just far enough to get out of the line?

This is what really scares me about when the world goes to shit. Eventually shit like tires will be what ultimately fucks me driving anywhereq

One time, driving home from town and the car starts to vibrate very hard. So hard it was making the display on my GPS spin. The U-Joints on my CV axle failed and I had to drive 70 miles on it going 25 miles per hour before I got it home.

Also, one time the hub assembly fell off. The bolts rusted through and the wheel hub fell off going down the road.

I know not exactly tire but I've never had major issues with tires.

Almost two years ago, ran over some weird metal object on the expressway in my new car when I was 16. Tried to make it go under the car but I couldn't turn it quick enough, and it blew out my sidewall. Had to drive 1/2 mile home with a blown tire because fuck it. Asked my dad to drive to Goodyear store and we bought a new one. A week later we went to the road that the "object" was on and picked it up. It was some bronze-ish pipe coupling. Still have it somewhere, might sell it for scrap or some shit. FUCK.

corded more race tires than I can count

Had a sheet of diamond plate cut through both sides and middle of an alloy wheel

bent wheels left and right in Michigan because pot holes


little babby hasn't even totaled his car yet. Come on

>not stocking up on 50 years worth of tires

The problem is that the tires just go bad no matter how you store them. My spare tire was stored inside the trunk for the majority of its life, yet it still managed to catastrophically fail.

I'm not sure why it did fail...I guess the belts must have rusted or something.

Like I said, it's a 20 year old spare that came with my 1999 Ford Crown Victoria.

Speaking of Michigan roads, just a couple weeks ago I had to search the area for a new matching wheel for my Crown Vic due to the original one cracking in two places as seen in pic related.

Michigan roads suck.

Yes you can. You want to drive slow enough so you don't bend the rim, if the wheel starts spinning inside the tire you're giving it too much gas

noticed both my rears were dry rotted from the inside walls one day i decided to look under my car.

pretty scary. They looked perfectly fine from the outside. Still had the little nipples and everything. But then again, 9 year old toyos.

replaced all the tires with sumitomo ziii's next morning.

I guess you have to hermetically seal them. Oxygen is sure to degrade them over time.

>driving on a spare
hope you have a good reason besides being a nigger

You must drive in a paradise with perfect roads, or just don't drive much. As I stated before, I was using my spare while I tracked down a new wheel to replace the original alloy wheel that Michigan potholes managed to crack in two places.

I can drive on my spare tire as long as I god damn want without justifying it to you, hothead.

Crown Vic's get full size spares anyways. What's it matter?

right. The tire I put in the OP is obviously full size. Here is another pic. Definitely love having a full size spare. Much more confidence. Once I get a new tire on it, I will be happy driving anywhere.

Why not just buy steelies? It's not like the roads are going to get any better. And if they're capable of destroying what I assume are 16" alloys, why bother replacing them with another set of alloys?

I only had to buy one alloy rim at $35 from the junkyard, and this is the first replacement since the car was new in 1998 as far as I know.

I think steelies look pretty bad, plus like I stated above, it's not been much of an issue yet. The 16" rims are not exactly low profile, so I will just figure the one cracked wheel was a fluke.

I like the look of steel rims on cop cars, as they do give a nice rugged look, but on my LX model they wouldn't fit with the rest of the styling. I considered getting steelies for my winter set of tires, but I found 4 alloy rims for under $200 so I just got those.

Totaled? That's a typical DD in my town.

>20 year old spare tire had failed

No shit. Kill yourself.

Man, you just hurt my feelings :(

do you live in mogadishu or detroit?

I was on the freeway and the car was handling stiff.
for a few seconds I was thinking what could be wrong, then I hear a pop and the car jerked, tires popped
tires were ~ a year old at that point
Probably a nail in the sidewall, so ya, those stories are true

same thing


>tfw tire tech
I've got a ton of pics of shit like this

I have always been terrified of losing a tire at freeway speeds. I always imagine a blowout causing me to spin off the road and die.

How did it feel when you lost the tire? Did the car lurch hard to that side? Were you in any danger of losing control?

As a side note, does anyone have experience with Michellin Defender tires? I have been running mine for 3 years now on my Crown Vic and they are starting to develop cracking on the tread and sidewalls. This seems premature....they still have probably 60% tread life left. I'm just curious how you guys would rate these tires. I've talked to some guys who say they really suck, which surprised me, because they were some of the more expensive tires on my list. My review is that they are a good, quiet tire for dry and wet pavement, with conservative, predictable handling. Traction in the snow sucks, but hey, it's an all season, and a hard one at that, so what can you expect? Yes, Defenders are hard tires, supposedly 90,000 mile tires. The way my tires look after 40,000, they look like they could do another 40,000 easily. I am just using them as summer tires at this point, so I don't mind running them all the way down and getting my money's worth.

>20 year old tire
>fucking normies driving on tires older than 5 years


I can't fucking believe how many motherfuckers drive around on 5+ year old tires that will blow out at any moment.

My old KO1's were 13 years old and there wasn't a bit of issue with them, even being loaded up with 5800lbs in the bed of the already 5100lb 3/4 ton pickup.

Just don't jerk the wheel around and you will be fine.

Never had an accident, but that was pure luck.

First bike had 9 y/o tires, so I got new ones after a month or two.
The tires were so hard, even when empty they didn't compress. A good pothole was probably enough to crack them.

Second bike had old tires, so I replaced them. While removing the tire, the valve stem broke off, because that was dry rotten.

Also, every rear tire on my second bike has had a nail in it within 2 months. Except for my current ones, which are 3 weeks old, currently. So I'm waiting on it.

Pennsylvania potholes...

stop buying cheap shit

>be me at 18
>have been driving for less than a year
>Going to friends graduation, notice car is really vearing to the right when applying breaks
>remember grandpa said something about breaks locking on cars and to revearse really quick and hit the breaks if this ever happens
>do this in an empty lot
>burn rubber and spin real hard
>hmm, oh well
>go to graduation, realize tire is completely flat. I have no idea how to fix and all my family is out of town
>oh well
>sit for graduation and then drive home on flat

By some miracle the wheel was completely fine. Turns out I ran over a flattened metal tube in the road and was hanging out inside my tire

If you can't change a tire you shouldn't be behind the wheel.

Changing a tire is fucking bullshit if you dont have a machine for it. I think you meant Changing the wheel.

>change to winter tires in Nov
>weird wobbling develops
>know it's some tire because of the timing + changing worn down rear shocks did nothing
>decide to persist with that set for that winter because I don't drive that much
>in March notice something wiry on rear right tire
>investigate further, find picrel
Bought new tires and what an improvement, no more unintentional skidding with 14 year old set.