Are there any /lonelydrivers/ out there?

are there any /lonelydrivers/ out there?

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Lonely taxifag here sup cunt

>dad used to tell me "man, I remember when I was your age, I used to love washing my car and then taking my girlfriend out for some food and going for a cruise"
>tfw no gf

>tfw no gf
>tfw no money for going out to eat
>tfw no money to waste on gas for pointless cruises, also you'd be at the other end of town in 8 minutes

Ruralfag here git gud

Lonely driver reporting.
Real racers don't need girlfriends anyways.


>tfw lonelydriver
>have huge oneitis for this girl for 2.5 years
>she has a bf and has never expressed feelings for me
>she agrees to go on a night drive at midnight
>windows slightly open letting in crisp fresh air
>chill late night deep dnb/house mix on
>hilly country roads in the rural middle of nowhere
>tells me she's been in love with me for the past few months
>literal best day of my life
>find out she cheated on her bf while being a slut on a night out and have cut all contact
>still can't stop thinking & dreaming about her
>back to being a /lonelydriver/

I'm never lonely, my waifu is always with me.


Recently had a break up, feels bad man

I'm mostly a lonely driver, but I had a girl in my car last friday. We went to a show and got ice cream. It felt pretty gud m80s :^)

Single cab truck so yea

At the posted 30 mph speed limit you can be in and out of my town in about 45 seconds lol

>still feels lonliness
newfags, the whole kit kaboodle of you

Which deep house artist? I'm more of a g-house guy myself

tfw trying to build a 350whp N/A Beams for a s13

>Had a GF for 3 1/2 years
>used to go on comfy late night drives all the time
>literally the only thing that made me happy
>She started going to the bars after work instead of coming home more and more
>stopped coming home at all, just went to another dudes house to sleep with him

I don't think I even like driving anymore, man.

>implying driving by yourself doesn't feel great

>tfw lonely driver
>tfw go out on long drives with myself
>tfw the island is only 80sq mi.
can't escape the loneliness

This, I don't know in what scenario I would want someone else in the car. Most people have a car, and driving yourself is more fun in 99% of scenarios. So, anyone I met who liked cars would probably not want to sit in the car with me, and would instead prefer to just drive in a separate car.

>ywn hit the togue with your gf
This is the real feel.

Better it happen that way than a divorce where she takes your shit. I think some women will always feel the grass is greener, and then move on, just to repeat that cycle again.

Mfw biggest island in the world muh cuntz

>tfw you have an irrational desire to buy a 90s ute and drive from Adelaide to Darwin
One day... one day

This. All you have to do is stop feeling emotion, ya dinguses.

>other end of town in 8 minutes
just keep driving man. just drive endless

But it's not cruising if you have to think about it. Cruising is following endless straight boulevards or expressways. If you have to rally over bumpy, curvy rural roads you're not cruising.

actually a motivating factor for me this year

That sounds like a wonderful cruise. Backwoods/farmland a best

will i ever get a girlfriend? it feels bad
>hey user, you got a girlfriend?
>oh ok

I dont like clubs, i dont socialise activley, how the fuck do people meet eachother, how do you meet women without coming off as a perv how do normies do it?

ive just been sitting on tinder desu, but its pretty shithouse. volunteer to help out with other hockey teams in my club to meet the girls there but thats limited.

>tfw dad thinks im gay cause of this drought

cute boys and girls(male) are the future my friend

2d is all I need

>tfw haven't had a female that wasn't related to me in my car in 7 years

just embrace the gay

>wash car
>go back inside and don't leave the house until 2 days later and that's only because I have work.
>qts at work and the one I drive home sometimes doesn't even mention how clean my car is

the girls at my college dont even know i have a car. or my name. and honestly i dont care. i aint getting married and dumb kids and waste my life on them

Fucking stop

Fuck that. I spent 2 years doing that shit and all it did was make me a dissociated prick.

At least I have 2D

me irl


>tfw 4 door jay dee emm
>tfw lonely driver

it gets better, r-right guys?

go fuck off to the Miata thread where you belong


>are there any /lonelydrivers/ out there?
I'd need a car for that.

so /lonelybusriders/?

>have gf
>car loses noticeable enough amount of power due to more weight
>cant play eurobeat, have to listen to generic normie shit
>lose half of the money on gas spent driving her places
>she calls my car "a piece of junk"

you arent missing anything guys
and also, girls dont like cars, girls like badges.


110hp shitbox detected

>Just got rejected by my ideal girl
>over a week later still depressed
>It's a nice day so I think of going for a walk, but realise I'll just get depressed thinking I could have been sharing it with her
>Decide to go for a drive instead
>Go past all these cool places I was thinking I could have taken her


damn that pic is comfy

Fuck user, I'm dealing with this exact feel

i wish

Drive OST general

>sugary cereals

Those all need to go but otherwise yea

who sells that sticker? I want one

>are there any /lonelydrivers/ out there?
You know it haha

thank you user.
Guess I better contribute to the thread.
Not exactly lonely driver but
>gf goes to school across the country
>only visits for a week once every few months if we are lucky
>have to drive alone with no friends or anyone for pretty much the whole year
It's better to have nobody then to constantly ache for that person to be there

shes probably cheating on you with tyrone lmao

I Drive

sick insecurities brah


Real human bean

You're thinking too much and sticking to roads where you'll never get lost. Curves are the best. If it's too rough, slow down and enjoy the scenery. You probably have a phone right? Don't worry about not being able to find your way home, you've got google maps in your pocket when you decide you've had enough. Last time I was fucked up emotionally, I turned onto a road I'd never been down before and drove at dangerous speeds in the middle of the night as the pavement slowly got worse and eventually turned into pitted dirt. When I reached an intersection I'd just turn whatever direction was easier or looked better in the moment. I had no idea where I was and finally turned on my phone and found I was 50 miles south of my house. Then GPS found me a way back to the highway, no big deal.

Driving is literally no fun when you're on big populated roads that are nothing but straight lines. Take that shitty road. Lose yourself in controlling your car.

>literally never had anyone in my car except me
>passenger and back seats covered in spider webs

take them out. Weight reduction

>Nobody gets in your car
>Car stays clean, tidy, and all around solid

>Have people get in your car
>They put their feet on the leather, the glovebox, smash their shoes against the doors, leave wrappers and trash in the car
There is no winning.

>Last time I was fucked up emotionally, I turned onto a road I'd never been down before and drove at dangerous speeds in the middle of the night as the pavement slowly got worse and eventually turned into pitted dirt. When I reached an intersection I'd just turn whatever direction was easier or looked better in the moment. I had no idea where I was and finally turned on my phone and found I was 50 miles south of my house.

I've done this, but on a motorcycle.

When you're riding the shit out of a bike, you can't think about anything else because if you do, you'll slip up and slipping up while riding the shit out of a bike can get you killed.

And then I almost got killed, so I bought another car. Bottom 10 decisions I've ever made. Want my bike back.

I was saving for a ring and the girl ran off with one of my friends.

That was two years ago.

I'm still not the same.

You lucked the fuck out dude. Why are you bitching? You could have been married and she could have ran off with half your shit too.

Emotion is complicated.

She did something that forced me to hate her while also still loving her. Also pretty much ghosted most of my friends because of it. Had to break a lease because being in the apartment where we were living gave me nightmares.

Driving in circles is the only thing I can do that makes me start to feel normal again.

I always had social anxiety but since then it's very hard to talk to people I don't know. I can't convince myself to trust anyone. Still have nightmares.

>no gf
>no car
>never been hugged, kissed, or held hands with a girl

wizardry is the path to true enlightenment

>kit kaboodle

top notch vocabulary, my friend.. no sarcasm.

use that all the time, people think im autistic

>no gf ever; but have at least blasted a few chicks over the years despite my antisocial tendencies
>not many other 'car' friends
>me and my doggo ride together almost everywhere

>mfw have nice enough car but too sad to drive

>yfw single
>yfw money to blow
>yfw bmw m3 e46
>yfw you dont have to deal with fighting

honestly, you get to live your own life. whats so wrong with it

>tfw 112hp
feels rad, man

>tfw no hipster city qt to cruise on rural roads with in my murrican landbarge

>head gasket blows
>vent to gf
>breaks up with me later that night

Hold me anons

What year is this?

>tfw don't even have a 2D waifu

Driving with gf
>no eurobeats
>no speeding
>music turned way down
>never stops talking long enough to enjoy the scenery
>"OMG user TURN!!! TURN!!!!"
>I'm not even up to the road yet
>"You're ok to turn"
>six cars are obviously too close for me too turn

I love her but she's a back seat driver

>knees always getting in the way of the shifter
>more weight
>less visibility
>have to make conversation while trying to maintain focus
>can't go fast
>can't listen to the weird music I like

Driving with passengers sucks ass.

only oldfags will remember this

wanna toothpick?

>tfw sitting in a diner by yourself after a nice lonely drive
Maximum comfy

>been driving uber for a year
>now I know the city like the palm of my hand and no longer can just get lost driving aimlessly
>also, no gas to waste

>sorry im not an autist neet

>circa 2012

>been with many women
>never been cucked
>never been cheated on
>never even been broken up with
>feels real good bhruv, idc if they all say i have long-term trust issues

>gf breaks up with me 3 months ago
>after a few weeks we're back to spending all our evenings talking on Skype
>she keeps complimenting me, telling me about things we'll do together and how we'll get back together after her month-long trip
>3 weeks into her trip, receive a message telling me she's been flirting with her French friend for months, spent her trip with him and he's the one she cares about
I should've known better than to trust a woman.

>recent breakup
>don't give a fuck during the day
>the night sometimes feels creep in
>take a long ass drive for a coffee through the hills

that stupid fucking overpriced corolla has always been there for me