Just inherited 4 million aud and some real estate

Just inherited 4 million aud and some real estate

I am coming from nowhere, my nights consist of playing rust and going to the servo with my housemate to buy pies

Where do I begin to invest this money because I read about retards who were poor ending up poor again, I am over the insane shock stage and ready to learn

you should go to tg or qst for role playing games

I am not financially educated and I am not roleplaying, I understand your response

I never visit this board but the last week of my life sort of put things into perspective for me and figured I could get some ideas here other than my mates saying to go to a finance manager

Investing is what got me away from video games. It's way more fun to make money than to waste time with video games. Study for 6 months and you should be good to go.

>inherts millions
>immediately comes to Veeky Forums for advice
The only logical conclusion is that you're lying/larping.

There's also the possibility that you're actually a complete moron, but I kind of doubt that.

Prove it, faggot.

I mean. I've gotten good advise from Veeky Forums, /g/ and /b/ before.

It's also easier to get quick answers here than it would be to post on reddit. If you get a few downvotes before your post is seen, then you're probably not going to get an answer at all.

Try elsewhere. Veeky Forums has extensive experience helping poor people lose their money, not people with an actual fortune to lose

Unless you are willing to drop a million bucks on monero, like right now. That would help me out a ton


Nah m8. Dump it into feathercoin. I'm sitting on quite a bit, and even a small bump would send me to the fucking moon.

Read a community college textbook.

It'll go over the basics if you wish to play the markets

I would go to college on the money and get a biz degree to make sure I know what's up before starting a biz of my own.
1: you can literally just party and do homework cuz no need to work
2: you can make more money than the 7% a year if you know the basics and are willing to work

I usually don't recommend college, but if you really have no idea about money, it would give you a real hand up

And with this advice, unless you're looking to get a job at a firm to learn real world knowledge to help with it, I would just take the business courses

I would strongly advise using that money to get an education that will lead to a high-paying career. Or at least something that you like and can make a decent living off of.

open a forex account and trade

First get a good tax service ad make sure your ass is covered.

Then take a million and put it in a fund that will give you 5-7 percent interest. Again, since you have no idea what to do with it, get a service. now you have a steady annuity you can fall back on.

Next, buy your own place. Keep it reasonably sized. A normal house, not a mansion.

The rest is just fun coupons, but if you have the interest, you should start learning to invest.

Are your teeth fucked? fix em. Are you out of shape? Hire a trainer. Is there anywhere you have always wanted to visit? Go there.
start gambling
pick up any pricey addictions
invest in friends or family member's business ideas

Go back to fantasy land.

Google "Dividend Aristocrats" and invest $1 million across a handful of those you like the best. You will immediately have an income of 30-40 thousand per year taxed as capital gains.

learn a language too


You should figure out how you can go without needing to use the money

Use it all as margin on 10,000 leveraged bitcoin

you will see your wealth multiply over the coming months of pluto mission

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Assuming you are not trolling I would put in an index fund or 'basket' of index funds like the Vanguard lifestrategy 80 - assuming this years interest rate of 9% then you will have doubled your money in around 8 years (72/9). If you leave it in there for thirty years and we assume the 9% interest rate then you will have around 50,000,000 aud in thirty years time due to compound interest

Don't do anything with the money for 6 months minimum. Don't fucking touch it because you will make a bad decision, you need time to assess your options.

Find a good financial planner who charges a flat fee (not commission based) and get their help to invest or study and become knowledgeable on your own

Again - do not touch it. Certainly do not buy a sports car or anything equally stupid yet

kek. this is why Veeky Forums is great

my advice, keep it in dividend funds and interest bearing accts. max yr annual ira.

keep ur things liquid. crash will come in 3-4 years. then buy stock and RE.

remember the following:

5 mill at 2% int rate is 100k
10 mil at 1% is 100k

Since you have so much you don't need to take many risks. Put most of it in bluechip dividend paying stocks -- you'll get 200-300k or so in dividends, which is more than enough for you to live on without having to touch the principal.

Also put a little bit in metals just in case. And maybe a little bit for riskier things like BTC.

show us proof, you rp-er

Invest in me.
Trying to start an Aquaponic farm lacking capital. Should only take 50,000 USD to get it churning. And you will make 10% net profit for life.

Don't try to invest in stocks by yourself. Get a finance manager. If you don't buy silly shit you can really make that money work for you over a long period of time. It's not really a huge amount of money and if you blow it on dumb shit it won't last you till the end of the decade.

Poor people stay poor regardless of windfall because to them all money means is "what can I buy?".

Wow some horrible advice in this thread.

Op, is the $4M cash or is that the value of securities?

You need to diversify.

Go see a professional. Someone who will advise you for a flat fee. Absolutely NOT someone who works on commission because they will be incentivized to sell you investment products above all else.

Don't be surprised if you find out its best to liquidate the real estate.

If you want a forum to discuss this kind of stuff GTFO /biz and check out bogleheads or similar.

Good luck!

Where in aus are you op

Contact an Accountant to manage your money.

Contact a Lawyer to set up your will.

Pay for my flight to Australia and house me then i will be your personal financial advisor.

>Call China
>Find kneepad producer
>Buy 1 million kneepads for $4 each
>Put the Aboriginals to good use
>No question marks necessary

basically buy a house in Sydney or 2 use as income stream and capital appreciation,

remainder shares, cash and 5% bitcoin

(I am an Australian lawyer)