Will the subaru brz sti be turbo?

will the subaru brz sti be turbo?

and why not?

no probably just a bodykit because they know the fa20 is poo

bodykit with a wing. That's the JDM sti. Prolly what the US one will be too.

>will the subaru brz sti be turbo?

>and why not?
it can't be faster than the WRX/STI

Toyota won't allow it, not to mention an turbo brz would directly eat into sti sales.

unlikely. It seems all Subaru did was improve frame rigidity and suspension then put a fat ugly ass wing on it

I'm hoping the brz sti version lower the non sti price. Picking up a non sti version for cheap would be a fun little project.

lol no. anyone with half a brain would buy it over an wrx sti if it was turbo.
also has anyone tried swapping a twin turbo from a legacy into a toyobaru yet?

>it needs a turbo and at least 300hp!
>it doesn't need any power, that's not what it's about!

Seems to be the majority of opinions. I'd rather get an FA25 or a supercharger to get 240HP/200TRQ. Seems simply and lighter. Everything has a turbo nowadays.

the toyobaru can take an LS1 I bet it can take the FA25

It won't be turbo because it was part of the contract with Toyota.

That contract ends next year probably why it'll be a 2018 BRZ sti

Source on some "no turbo" clause?

>anyone with half a brain would buy it over an wrx sti if it was turbo.

but what if you need usable back seat and AWD?

people who say it doesn't need power have already bought one though

wouldn't having a turbo version only increase sales at this point?

source: his ass

Maybe they should make the current STI less of a boring heavy pig so it isn't a nobrainer. Subaru has gotten too complacent, hopefully they respond to Ford's kick in the ass.

They're going to drop the new engine in 2020, along with a completely different design

I was under the impression that the t in sti stood for turbo. Guess I'm retarded.

I get the impression that they are not even capable of putting a stock turbo in it without redesigning a bunch of stuff. Plus they are probably worried about being able to sell a $35k version in large quantities.

>I like it when I crush my friends legs from minimal legroom
>There is no need for AWD, unless you live in a 3rd world or snowy country

DESU, you can buy turbo kits which are pretty easy to install and will most likely have more power than whatever they'll produce from the factory anyway

>twin turbo ej

god I hope not


Doubt it. It would just have a wrx engine, not a wrx sti engine. Also, a lot of people like the wrx awd and the fact that it's way more practical as a dd and has a lot more space.