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I forget what this linked to
post you'r giffums here
stale bread

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First for Yamaha a best


post bikes





Post stickers

>installing a bearing backwards



>Offered the opportunity to shadow an IT director for a day
>The IT director of a middle school
>Only transportation is your sportbike
>We've never met before
this is gonna be a good one

I wonder what the school board's gonna think when I show up to the interview with my motorcycle gear

>took bike apart to replace spark plugs, install smog plates, and replace air filter
>2 hours later forearms are sore and knuckles are busted.
>Also gutted the EXUP servo and cables while I was at it.

Had to take off the tank, airbox, dismantle the AIS, etc.

AIS bolts were in a very tight space and at an extremely awkward angle. And they were loctited. Was a battle getting each one out and then getting them back in to get the block off plates on.

Also had to do some retarded erector set things with three 4" extensions to get down into the spark plugs in the tight ass space provided.

Also replaced my busted rear tail plastics from when my drunk room mates dropped my bike.

top fucking lel
>screams through the first few laps
>nowhere to be found rest of the race

pic. also derestricted my airbox while I was in there.

So I'm thinking of getting a proper motorcycle to replace my car for certain out of town trips.

Any advice for a new rider? I know not to skimp on armor and I'm already a defensive driver. What did you forget when you got started? How do I avoid pissing off the several thousand hell's angels that congregate in my town?

>How do I avoid pissing off the several thousand hell's angels that congregate in my town
Don't buy a rice rocket.


Take the MSF course, only ride as fast as you're willing to fall, don't look like a rival MC member

>only ride as fast as you're willing to fall
I'm not willing to fall at all

Get a 500+ cc bike. sub 500cc bikes are a meme. The only decent ones are supermotos and dual sports. If that's you're thing by all means get a smll displacement one.

But if you want an exclusive on-road bike, one of the tamer 600cc sportbikes or a 650cc twin is contrallable and easy to ride, but has enough performance to keep you interested for a good long time. Making great starter bikes.

>How do I avoid pissing off the several thousand hell's angels
Leave your pirate cosplay at home.

Don't wear any patches on your back
Don't pull up next to other riders at stoplights or pass them in traffic in the same lane
Don't talk to them but be polite if they talk to you

Do not touch their jackets/vests
Do not touch their bikes
Do NOT touch their wives

Buy a hurrrrrley for added protection

>only ride as fast as you're willing to fall
This is horrible advice. No one is "willing to fall at all. Especially at more than 10-15mph.

You're recommending people ride around at walking pace?

>Don't pull up next to other riders at stoplights or pass them in traffic in the same lane
I do this all the time with the Mongols and Vagos in my area. They don't care.

I'll give them a nod and some of them will nod back, others will just look over then blow me of and stare ahead.

I ride a sportbike.


There are a lot of Bandidos where I live
It's normal just to give them space, especially if you're on a cruiser. They have a lot of enemies so they can be jumpy, even if a lot of them are normal dudes it's not worth the risk of coming across one of them coked out and stressed.

Daily reminder that REAL MOTORCYCLING™ is exclusively low speed control.

Anyone that goes faster than 75mph on a motorcycle is not a real motorcyclist and should not own or ride a motorcycle. No one should ride any motorcycles with more than 50hp and everyone should wear a textile oversuit, knee pads, neck condom, leg condoms, elbow pads, elbow condoms, helmet and head condom, full elbow length gloves with integrated glove condom, boots, boot condoms, chest protector, chest condom, etc. or you're not a REAL MOTORCYCLIST™ and in a crash your shitty leather and CE padding will explode compared to my impenetrable textile armor that I wear to political rallies and beat people up in. Anyone who drags knee or leans more than 20 degrees in a turn is just asking for death and will crash and die guaranteed. REAL MOTORCYCLING™ is all about following road rules to a T and flipping out and going into a rage at every single mistake anyone else makes on the road, just so they know how inferior they are to you. To prove you are a REAL MOTORCYCLIST™ you should record these episodes on one of your 7 GoPros mounted all over your motorcycle and body and post them in over-annotated Youtube videos just so everyone can see how good you are at REAL MOTORCYCLING™. Be sure to ride around in densely populated areas with lots of traffic to ensure you are capturing the best footage of people not driving as well as you are riding your motorcycle and the inferior actions they take.

Consider yourselves educated in the proper ways of riding, I hope everyone takes this to heart. Take care and vlog safe.

seriously how the fuck am I gonna ride to a preliminary shadowing at a middle school and not scare the fuck out of everyone?

I'm a big softy but everyone's just gonna see a big biker with a helmet and sportsbike in the middle school parking lot


A) Be clean, keep your gear clean
B) Nobody (No one) cares that you ride a motorcycle.
Nobody thinks you're cool, nobody thinks of you at all unless they're hyucking to themselves about "donorcycles" or something.

Why do you think people are afraid of people who ride bikes?

No one cares retard, you are not important enough for anyone to put any thought into you or your means of transportation.

I'm afraid of the staff getting their knickers in a twist over it. "Think of the children you're supposed to set a good example!" etc

No one cares retard, you are not important enough for anyone to put any thought into you or your means of transportation.


Really. Nobody cares but your mom

Call her

>mfw only left heated grip works

Topgun is the only one that comes out to my town, so I'll have to take their motorcycle course. They any good, you think?


Got no interest in one. Probably gonna get a cruiser, maybe something with a little cargo space for the gun I keep in my trunk.

I had my eye on a Honda CTX700 that's for sale at the local dealership. 7k for something made in 2017 seems like a damn steal.

Seems easy enough. I don't think any of them are on the market for girlfriends anyway.

Thanks for the tips, dudes. I'll be riding within a few weeks, if all goes well.


I'm gonna hope you guys are right.

No one cares retard, you are not important enough for anyone to put any thought into you or your means of transportation.

Are these boots a meme?

They seem like the only decent leather riding boots you can buy that don't look like costume rejects for a gritty srs power rangers movie.

how do /dbt/ burgers conceal carry while riding?

they look very 3edgy5me

damn, that shit got too real too quick.

Those Brazilians don't fuck around.

Wonder what kind of inquiry is triggered with an officer involved shooting down there? Or is it so routine they just get a pat on the back and a new topped up clip.

A better question is how do you ride a motorcycle with a gun in your right hand?

he pulls it out of the holster as he's coming to a stop

Unless you want to be showing everyone or uncomfortable as hell you have to wear it on your upper body, likely under arm or jacket holster.


He's shooting at them before they crash. They crash because he shot them.

The sad thing is that both cunts survived and the cop got into trouble for this.




MSR dualsport boots are a decent option as well

those are just vintage styled mx boots

>that blood spraying out of his neck

That was a heart pumping adrenaline ride the whole way through. Jesus Christ.

>tfw you'll never shoot muslim niggers from your bike

Whats the story on this one?

you have to go back

I'm getting more and more interested in bikes. However, not in the fast or loud ones but rather the old Kawasakis. Everyone in my family says I should forget it as it's too dangerous. But are "slower" bikes still that dangerous?

Also do you know what kind of Kawasaki models they are driving in that video?

What about the one in pic related?

No. Bikers must unite against a common enemy once again.

Dangerous things about motorcycles:
- if you get into a crash the consequences will never be the same
- you are more likely to be in a crash because other people are retards and don't see you
- if you are a retard yourself you are more likely to get hurt (tired, drunk, not ATGATT, poorly maintained bike, doing stupid shit, not getting proper lessons, letting your family decide what you do for fun etc.)
- if you live in a retarded country you are basically already dead (USA, South America, Africa, Asia, Russia)

That's some movie tier supercop shit right there.

>lane splitting through traffic like a demon on PCP
>foot persuit after a vehicle on the freeway
>leak the dudes neck with a few shots at a moving vehicle while running

380 in chest pocket, practice weak hand shooting to run lefty as needed.

Motorcycling is more dangerous than driving a car

motorcycling is much better than driving a car

Your family is right. Take their concerns seriously, learn to ride and learn to ride well. Read every book you can find, watch every video and documentary you can find. Take the classes you can afford to take and practice the good advice you hear.

/dbt/ recommends for beginners
MSF course
Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough
More Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough
Twist of the Wrist by Kieth Code
Twist of the Wrist II by Kieth Code

You may end up disabled or killed but if you are smart and ride well you may ride until you're too old for it. Many people do.

It's a risk, take the MSF course if you're a burger and decide if riding is worth the risk.

All bikes are dangerous, it doesn't matter if you're riding a scooter or a literbike, both of them are many times more dangerous than a 4 wheeled automobile. What amounts to a minor fender bender in a car can leave you crippled or dead if you're in the same accident while on a bike.

You can do your best to ride safe and wear proper gear to mitigate some of the risk but no matter what you do, riding a motorcycle is still going to be inherently riskier than driving a car.

No kidding, that was some pretty impressive run and gunning.

I forgot another book

Sport Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch

dont have a webm for this one

some fun chase scenes in this one here

It's in the /wsg/ thread

me too :(

Thank you very much for your advices



got my papers finally

Nice. Was it a solo ride or did you go with a group? How many hours did it take?

>insane Australian man I know is going to put a Shovelhead motor and trans into a Ducati 998 rolling chassis
This sounds like some kind of nightmare

solo run and it was about 16 hours all said and done

whew, one way trip or did you make a loop?

One way on my way home from riding with cc81 and baird in AZ and UT
was a 3700 mile trip once i made it home.

Anyone got pictures of lewd tire huggers?

>Want a modern UJM with out fairings.
>live in the usa


Jelly bruh.

Gotta get my seat concepts then I'll have a go at it. Think it'll bother them if a bunch of it is dirt road?





no issues with that as long as you can track your route to verify your miles.
spotwalla is mentioned a lot on their page.

So how come there aren't any videos of murricans on harleys mowing niggas down like the BRs?

too retro I don't like that seat. generally inferior to the SuperFours that Japan,Australia,UK get.

looks like they converted a sportbike.

that retro yamaha yellow livery is on point!

When driving in a country where nobody has respect for the highway code, and basically, in countries where people drive like reckless idiots,

How do you survive as a motorcyclist?

>country where nobody has respect for the highway code, and basically, in countries where people drive like reckless idiots
That's all the countries, mate.

have less respect than them

Kemono friends has gone too far

Hey guys

The xsr is literal God bike tier dude


Cuck. I raced them at a stoplight. Next light they gave me thumbs up