This is the future of car culture that millennials and electric/0-emissions chose

This is the future of car culture that millennials and electric/0-emissions chose.

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>everyday life gets closer to becoming the song Red Barchetta by Rush
Feels fucking bad.

That looks so out of proportion. The interior looks like it shouldn't fit inside such a narrow car. Unless the seats and the man inside the car are really tiny.

Batteries are worse for the environment than oil.

The rear track is twice as wide as the front track.

its a three seater arranged the way the mclaren f1 is.
>google "nissan bladeglider"

Pic related is a lithium mine


looks cooler than any other car on the road

stop being a shit taste fgt

Nissan knew it would buttfuck the Corvette so they designed it like a dildo kek


no one cares about the environment

ICE's smell bad, are loud, and expensive

electric cars don't smell, are quiet, and electricity might as well be free, and you can refuel at home

t. nissancuck

but can't they just fill it in again? check mate boomers

Man I like Nissan but that looks bad. Fuck these new age autotragic fags. Also don't buy GM, only low grade engineers go there.

didn't they play with this on the new top gear?

i want to say they hated it but ended up having a blast driving it cause of how easy it was to drift.

>watching new top gear

Panoz will sell you a squashed and backwards Buick Regal too.

>and electricity might as well be free

I hope you realize that, if EVs become as popular as ICEs, the cost of electricity will SKYROCKET since millions of people will be drawing an unprecented amount of power, never mind power outages. At this scale, electricity is no longer a renewable source by depending on solar and wind power.

Plus, a lot of electricity is generated by ICEs.

>not a crossover
millennial will hate it
i'm serious

Think I'll stick with my firebird thanks

>watch top gear past 1998
>liking britbongistani "houmour"

no that's a copper mine

>complaining about some hole in the desert somewhere in bumfuck nowhere