Is it smart or dumb to buy a manual for your first car?

Is it smart or dumb to buy a manual for your first car?

It's neither. Manual vs automatic is a meme, buy whichever you prefer

Its good just so you'll know how to drive, but there are literally no advantages modern manuals have over automatics

Manual is overrated, go auto.

A w a k e n e d

Yeah I know, my point is more like
>Do you need more driving experience with automatics before DDing a manual
Be more specific.

If you're buying a used car, first off >stop it, get some help.webm but manual. If you're actually a civilised human who will buy a safe, fuel-efficient, unique, and high-tech new car, go automatic. In modern cars automatics are better because they have 9 or 10 speeds whereas manuals only have 5 or 6.

>Do you need more driving experience with automatics before DDing a manual

no, I learned on a manual and took driver test on manual.

once you learn the basics it'll only take a couple weeks of daily driving to get smooth with shifting and the clutch.

>Do you need more driving experience with automatics before DDing a manual

No, as long as you know the rules of the road you will be fine. My first car was a manual, I struggled for a week or two then it was no big deal.

I learned how to drive on a manual. You merely adopted the manual, I was born into it, molded by it. I didn't drive an automatic until after I had my license, then it was nothing to me but boring. The synchros betray you, because they belong to me.

if you are buying a sports car with under 600 horsepower buy manual, otherwise buy auto

>9 or 10 speeds
>all that extra weight in planetary gears
no wonder why autotragic fuel economy is so poor

Thank you guys for answering. I want to go manual, but here no one has them. If I want anything more than a shitbox it's an automatic.

fucking hell MANUAL isn't HARD

what's wrong with americans?

If you live in a desert you might not have learned to swim.

Manual pro = looks hot / bitches
Automatic pro = relaxed not thinking, frees hand to fax.

Your american eyes deceive you, your understanding will come much too late..

If you want a manual go for it. Even shitboxes with < 150hp can be fun with stick. I'm assuming you're in highschool, so you shouldn't have to worry about heavy traffic every day either. Buy something fun and reliable that will last you into your college years. Good luck user.

Thank you!

It's neither.

Although, I find manual easier to drive for some bizarre reason. And it's always good to know how because it gives you more options on cars to buy and lets you potentially hunt bargains.

It's easier to learn now, then fall back to an automatic, than vice-versa.

this is you in an automatic

and this is you in a manual

I sit in traffic every day. Most people do this, myself included.

yuropoors start with 50hp manual penalty box with no tachometer.

I'm crashing this thread, with no survivors

How hard is it to go from an auto pickup truck to a manual sports car as your second vehicle, in an area where sticks are alien tech to most people

Manual isn't difficult at all

smart as fuck..

Every car I've ever owned has been a manual trans it's been as fun for me in my 4 banger eclipse as it has been in my Camaro. I don't see any difference between the two except you can have more fun in a low power car with manual trans.

I'm glad my first car was a stick. Once you learn it's a skill you have for life. I haven't owned a manual for about 15 years but I jump into a company vehicle that's a stick and all the muscle memory comes back.

I drive a Tiptronic now and wouldn't want a stick frankly (big city) but driving a stick is one of those "man skills" everyone should gain.

It's no harder than learning it in the first place, if that's what you're asking. Probably less so since you already have the basic driving skills down.

If you arent capable of learning manual then you are a spastic and dont belong on the road

>new cars

>you can have more fun in a low power car with manual trans.

This, really

If you are sure, that you will be able to drive it - why not? Cars with manual are cheaper, that cars with automatic.

Slightly more complex for a new driver with a manual. But I say go manual, the shifting might help keep you more focused on driving. And it's harder to do dumb shit like talk on phone or text with a stick.

>living in a country where they hand you a license despite not knowing manual

They do in most places tbf, but you get a little cuckstamp on the licence saying Auto only

A disabled license isn't what I meant by license.

Nah bro, I use the paddle shifters and sing along to music.

I've been driving auto since I was 16, 21 now and my friend has been letting me drive his manual around every now and then, I pretty much have the hang of it but I still panic on hills, and don't feel totally confident.
Will I eventually get it or should I get a lesson? I feel like I'm not progressing, I want to be 100% confident.

Most of the world drives a manual as their first car. Stop making it out to be a special affair.

Whatever has most gears

7-speed auto > 6-speed manual

It really really depends if you are just going to commute in it then just get automatic

user, in most countries people start with a manual...

It's mandatory to know how to drive a manual here to even get a license, I have never actually driven an automatic

Manual is fine to start with just learn to properly shift in a parking lot then move on to roads.

Really dumb if you are totally new to driving and try to learn how to shift and pay attention to traffic at the same time.

this fucking thread

it just screams MURICA
as if manual was some complicated concept holy shit

>10 speed = fuel eficient
>what are gear ratios
Only DCT can compete with manual in fuel efficiency, but at a high cost.
Only buy auto or DCT if you buy new and expect to replace your car every 4-5years

>learned in a manual
>first car i ever drove was a manual when i was 13
>passed test in a manual
>only now, 6 cars later, drive an autotragic because it's seen as a luxury
>itching for a manual again as heel-toe in the works van is impossible thanks to pedal height differences.

Smart, you'll not have learned to rely on autotragic as much. Making it easier to learn.
In reverse, unlearning stick is a matter of folding your left leg under your seat.

T. Eu fag where erryone n their mothers learned to drive stick.

And yet another "I'm a burger, too stupid to drive stick"-thread. I hate you fat stupid fucks.

You can never have too many manuals


It is a special affair because like I said previously
1. Practically no manual cars
2. No one drives manuals, my father has only driven an automatic for the past few decades.
Guns are common in America, and not common in Europe. Should Europeans be as comfortable around guns as an American? Same with manuals.
I love to drive right now so it would be for a hobby and for commuting.
fuck off euronigger

Thanks for the help.

wow you burgers are truly stupid
seriously driving a manual isn't rocket science

as a NA&ME student I appreciate this

My 75 year old grandmother drives manual, as did my 18 year old girlfriend in her first car, like 98% of the world's driving population.

No shit. Unlike you, Americans actually have options which is why I asked if I should avoid it for a first car or specifically look for it.

Its very smart. It will teach you to focus on driving and not use your phone/ other distractions. Good MPGs too.


totally dumb

because you will have a difficult time selling it

nobody wants manuals anymore

>implying yuro
>implying the rest of the world doesn't have a choice between the two
You're the cucks who can't buy a manual Giulia Quadrifoglio

Learn on a manual.

Driving auto is like getting fucked by Jamal, once you go there you never go back.

fucking burgers...i can't even....

You gotta be a turbo autist to think driving a manual is hard in any conceivable way.


>this cucked burger will never experience the joy of redlining in 2nd
lmaoing @ your life rn

Come on my man. You can learn by doing. If you can't find someone to actually teach you, you can teach yourself by just googling things and trying them out for yourself. Buy some low power shitbox and you don't have to worry about the car. Driving a manual smoothly isn't a skill that can be passed to another. No one is perfect at it int he beginning and everyone has to get the feel for it by just driving mo re.
Also even though the US is the gun capital of the world, you're mistaken if you think euros fear guns. Where I live, if you go outside the big cities, tons of people have shotguns and rifles. Also 80% of native males go through military service, so we also get to deal with assault rifles.
>tfw firing a grenade launcher for the first time
It's a shame I didn't get to fire shotguns in the army. I live in the capital of a northern euro country and the police here are suspicious as fuck of people wanting to register firearms, especially handguns. I'm probably gonna apply for a shotgun license soon as I already have a pretty sweet dual barrel in the family. Pretty much all you need to do for the license is to pass a written test. I'm a bit jelly of amerifats since carrying them loaded here is illegal and buying them for self defense only was made illegal in 1994. I suspect it's thanks to some gun fearing cuck in the EU.

My father can teach me. I think some of you are getting the wrong impression from my post.
Let me clarify, again.
It isn't about being hard or being easy. It's about focus, and is it worth my time to learn how to drive a manual when I buy my first car or should I avoid it. Not avoid it because it's hard, but avoid it because I need to focus more on not killing myself.
As for guns, that's an entire different topic. I was just using it so I could translate my thoughts.

I see. I'd say it's worth it, especially since you have someone to teach you. You're not going to kill yourself since you're not in a hurry to do anything. Whenever you feel like you have to do too much shit at a time, just lower the speed a bit and you'll be fine. Also if you actually get in a dangerous situation you can just slam on the brakes. Who cares about stalling when lives are on the line. Learning to drive is 90% situational awareness and 10% actual mechanical operation of the vehicle. Manual makes that 10% a bit harder but 90% of driving skill will still be the same as with an automatic: learning to read situations and act accordingly.


>It isn't about being hard or being easy. It's about focus, and is it worth my time to learn how to drive a manual when I buy my first car or should I avoid it.
the younger you learn the better you'll be at it

Shitbox auto vs shitbox manual
Who loses the most

Practice what you're shit at.
Make hill starts easier by using the handbrake.
Find the biting point on the clutch and hover over the brake pedal. Slowly release the handbrake and if the car rolls back at all just pull it back up and slowly bring the clutch up a little more and try again. That'll get you confident at finding the biting point so you'll be able to pull off smoothly.

If it's got a bit of a slippy clutch that won't hold the car on a hill/the hill's too steep then add throttle as you release the handbrake and engage the clutch.
I learned in a manual and hill starts took the longest out of all the manoeuvres to get sussed.
>tfw you hatred of hill starts and speed bumps combine on your driving test
>they cancel each other out by using the speed bump as a chock

a shitbox auto will always lose

does it make me pathetic if ive drove one for two hours but sucked at practicibg hill starts and one tine stalled a few times in the toad but i got better

if i get one ill practice hill starts more

why would that make you pathetic? The only thing pathetic here is your post. Think higher of yourself, get a manual, be happy.

I'm seeing a lot of misinformation in this thread so as a proper manual driver for the last 7 years let me clear some of the confusion up for you:

Driving manual is hard. People don't want to admit it because they want to see like they're doing something difficult effortlessly, let no one wants to admit they studied their ass off for a grade of 88 on the test, but just winging it that's pretty cool man good job. There is a reason most people don't (are afraid to) do it. Its hard. Both mentally and physically.

However, taking the road less traveling almost always leads to bettter places. One you slay the dragon and master your stick you truly become one with the car on a level that autotragic drivers will simply never understand. Its like you and your car speak the same language and you can hear her talking to you out from under the hood, through the tailpails, and into your palm as you rest it on her knob.

After becoming one with your car you will earn the admiration of all others. Whenever I see a performance car like a mustang gt or a camaro or w.e out in a parking lot I take one look inside and i know iwhtin .5 seconds if i respect that driver as a man or not. People with those types of cars in automatic are like the rich guys you see sitting courtside at the finals games. Yeah, you spend a ton of money on those tickets and your celebrating every basket but we know they guy up there in the nosebleed seats who had to spend an entire paymcheck to take his son to one game, we know he's the real fan. Just like I know I'd rather get a beer and talk shop with the guy with the '97 manual civic than the 2017 autotragic charger.

So get an auto, and you can take solace in the ease of texting and drivitng, but in the back of your mind you'll always have those sleepless nights wondering what could've been if you got the stick. Don't let your dreams be dreams man, get the stick

It's good for saving some money. Only if you have to drive in mind numbing stop and go commuter traffic do I see the reasoning for automatic. Even then though, you'll have to worry about additional maintenance and repair costs that come with automatic transmissions generally.

As far as difficulty in learning, my I didn't go to driving school and just got taught by my parents in parking lots. I learned manual from the get go so I as I worked my way up to driving on real roads it was basically second nature already. You won't have much difficulty adapting if you already know automatic.

>I pretty much have the hang of it but I still panic on hills, and don't feel totally confident.

I never bothered with the handbrake method, wouldn't even know how to. The way I do it, I still keep the brake on the pedal WHILE you're releasing the clutch. You'll feel when the clutch is riding (pedal vibrating, engine noise dying down) without stalling all while you're stationary with the brakes still on. The moment you release the brakes, the car will start moving on flat ground or if it's on an uphill, it'll stay in place until you throttle and release more.

But I have to stress, you have to know the limits of when your car will stall to actually get this so practice in an environment where repeatedly stalling is safe, don't be afraid to test the limits. You don't have to practice uphill, flat ground is ok too, the idea is the same and the only difference is that the car will start moving immediately after releasing the brakes like an automatic while on an uphill, you'll need to throttle to actually move but there's no pressure of hitting the car behind you anymore.

>Driving manual is hard

stopped reading right there

it took me 2 days (2 hours daily) over a weekend with my dad teaching to get good enough not to kill myself to commute with a manual car on the following Monday. I only had ~10 hours of driving experience before then in an automatic. It was my first car and I was second guessing my choice of buying a manual car on my first day because the first hour was terrifying for me just like the first day of learning how to drive again (when it was still too uncertain to get the speed up to even 40km/h)

>not doing heel-toe
enjoy your burned clutch

>heel toe

manuals only impress girls if you are still in highschool. grow up

get a manual... it's like tying a tie or changing a tire... if you can't do it, you are worthless as a man!

Nothing personal kiddo


It's dumb to get an auto [spoiler]ever[/spoiler]

If this looks nice to you,get a Manual because your future car will probably be an old and used Sports or Muscle car.

Otherwise nah,it's pretty dumb to buy a manual. Manual is basically for toy cars these days with paddle shifting being a common in automatics now. Only the poorest of Ricers or People who want a non-2010 car and use them so if that's not in your interest you really don't even need to bother.

Also fun fact: A majority of girls don't even give a shit about you driving a Manual. Best case scenario is that you get to have a chat about Manual and maybe even teach them which they are highly likely to give up on. The REAL bonus of it with girls is that they can't drive your car because they don't know how so you assume more control over whatever you're doing to them.

But it's easier to ride the shifter in a manual than an auto