What sports car should I get if I don't want to be seen as a "boiracer"? What should I avoid?

What sports car should I get if I don't want to be seen as a "boiracer"? What should I avoid?

None. Get something that makes sense.

Buy whatever you like, that's a stupid way to decide on a car.

Really any Porsche

maybe not the 944

Honestly tho, if you like it, go for it. Fuck what normies think desu

God I hate anime

Then leave :)

this, porsches are good cars
997 turbos can be found for 35k
996s are beautiful
cayman is good too

However you should get what you fucking want who cares if you look like a boiracer

>goes on anime imageboard
>gets mad when anime is posted

Who cares what other people think of your car? It only has to make you happy

porsche 996
for some reason porsche seems to avoid the boy racer stereotype, possibly because it's more strongly tied to the midlife crisis stereotype

Turbo thunderbird

all boipussi cars


instead of boy racer they will think 'retard'


Dont do any shitty body kits or bling rims and your fine.


>G8/Chebby SS
>Legacy GT/Outback XT
>Forester XT
>Volvo R models
>Mercury Maruader
>Galant VR4
>Buick T-Type
>radical engine swap in otherwise mundane car

87 gnx




>caring about what others think

3k Civic.

This is not an imageboard for anime, this is an imageboard for cars.

Get a v6 Camry.

It's a subboard for cars on a broader anime imageboard. Veeky Forums is for weeb degenerates and if you dont get that then you should leave.

Buy a 7 series for 3k

Kia Sportage sounds about right.

Ive noticed Veeky Forums is very fogiving on ignorance of 4chans history. Kind of a double edged sword- we dont have people saying "lurk moar" or any of that, but then again we get posters like you that ruin the sole spirit and fun of this board entirely. Veeky Forums was created as an anime imageboard first and foremost. So, there will always be anime like it or not. I'm sure there's a boring ass forum for your car you can move too.

WRX STI of course. Make sure you put a Type R sticker on it too.

>I care about what others think of me
I remember when I was 13

Who cares. No one gives a shit about what you drive in real life

go back to r*ddit fag

>Get nip car
>called a boiracer
>Get truck
>people say you have a small dick
>Get prius
>people also say you have a small dick
>Get Miata
>people call you gay

So on and so on. There's no point in caring what dumb niggers think.

Stanced BMW 3-series with window tint

what about a s2000?

avoid giant wings
avoid factory body kits
avoid giant red badges
avoid bright colored cars
there, you're boring now

Monster energy drink stickers are a great way to signal your maturity
= You're a grown-up who can handle his caffeine

Just don't get a car. They can't make fun of your car if you don't own one.


Pretty gay looking honestly

Stay away from any fag hatches, subarus, vws, and hondas. All boi racers drive one of those, if not all at the same time

>buy a muscle car
>look like a hick

>buy a hot hatch or miata
>look like a fag

>buy a BMW or Audi
>look like a new money douchebag

>buy a WRX or 86
>look like a vapelord boyracer

>buy a Corvette
>look like a boomer

Guess what, all cars make you look bad, who gives a shit.

>buy a Twingo
>look like a really cool dude who lives beyond societal pressures and who knows where his towel is

Miata for people who aren't poor.

You could get a rx8. I don't think that counts as boiracer.

rx8 is a dorito powered ricer

The RX-8 is what you buy if you want something like the S2000 or 350Z, but want less power, more oil consumption, worse fuel economy, less reliability, and want to worry about things like start-up/shut-down procedures and premixing so you can squeeze 100000km out of the engine.