35k Budget - Veeky Forumspinion Thread

I have 35k to get a new/used car.

Nothing on the 2017 market has really caught my eye and I don't have any friends that are into cars to turn to for advice...I trust your Veeky Forumspinion.

Cars I'm considering:

>Ford Shelby GT500 V8 2012/13 ($30k-$35k)
>Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 2003/2004 ($19k-26k)
>Subaru WRX STi 2014-2015 (30k)
>BMW M240i/340i (Lease @ $499/mo)

What do you guys think is my best option? Any suggestions? What would you do with 35k?

3k civic

c6 z06

The 03-04 cobra will probably hold its value the best, but feel kind of dated in terms of interior/luxury. However, if all you care about is how it drives, then it's probably the way to go.

its better than everything you listed

996 turbo is the only thing you will get for 35k

I was thinking the same, however, given that it's about 10-15k lower than my max, I could buy new seats and stuff to make the interior a little nicer.

What year?

With 35k i'd use it as a down payment on a house

How fucking high are you?

Ah, well if you're gonna sink more money into modding it then the value loss won't matter. I'd say test drive all the cars and see what you like the most. Unless you live where it snows the STI probably won't be worth it. They're great all around cars you can drive pretty much anywhere, but compared to either cobra it's going to feel extremely slow. Also, the BMW lease is just throwing money away, probably not worth it.

A lotta miata

Maserati Quattroporte

procharge a 392 challenger.

this is such a terrible choice.

Already have a house.

it isnt
think of the engine sound

Is a 997 turbo way out of the 35k price range? Not OP, just don't know dickshit about the used car market

op here, I just checked and he wasn't lying. However, all those for sale are 2005-2007 with like 90k+ Miles.

997 turbo is around 70k

I live in Florida so no snow lol. Just a nice all around car. I'm really debating the newer GT500 vs the Older SVT Cobra. Is it worth the extra 10k? Should I just cobra and throw a whipple and money at it with the extra cash. Should I ditch straight line powah and get some rice and fully mod out some stock gtr/s14/370z?

Yeah I think he meant Carrera S.

Lotus Elise

>buying a car based on sound alone
This is ricer tier shit.

the older cobra will make more power than the newer one if you add a whipple. Only reason it costs more is because it is much newer. If you can find a crazy modded car that was done right, that can be a good way to go if you just want performance. Especially here in Florida you can find some crazy builds. I've seen 1000hp for under 30k, but you take the risk of whether or not it's going to blow up as soon as you buy it.

if youre not going to buy an italian car for the character, sound, passion, and experience then why bother?

An American or Japanese car does everything better in terms of being a functioning car but the Maserati will make your heart flutter every time

Spending over 20k for an SN95 mustang nowadays is cringe.

Get a GT500, if ur dropping alot of money you dibt want a 14+ year old car that normies think is another 5k shitbox. Better yet, a Camaro 1ss from 2016+ kicks ass on the track and is faster than a GT500.

You have a point for Alfa or Ferrari but Maserati uses fiat parts on their interior, it's disgusting.

dont buy a ghibli then doug, also alfas are literally rebadged fiats for their entire lineup minus the Giulia

Very true. Ideally I would find the 1/100000 Stock Cobra with nothing done to it so I can build it up myself, but it's pretty rare to find one that isn't already tampered with.

All the '03 -'04 Cobras under 20k are convertables. Only reason I considered one was because if I did land a clean one for 20-25, that's potentially 10k I have to work with on it. I don't mind the normie doubt desu, better for me when I pass them.

Quattroporte, which you suggest has shit interior too, I've driven them. Felt like a Chrysler, sound was good but that is about it.

>(Lease @ $499/mo)

Why are you even considering this?

I mean in the end youre getting the 120k maserati engine, exhaust, feel, and experience for like 35-30k. Its not that bad if it has some fiat parts. Also Fiat Chrysler was founded in 2014 so youre full of shit on the chrysler jab.

Well, I was assuming you meant a newer one, which have already lost a ton of value and are almost within OP's budget. The older ones were better but now they're just a money pit. He'll pay 30k then 10k yearly to maintain it.

theyre not even close to that price already, theyre well over 75k, the ghibli is around 40k but that was never meant to be a flagship model in the slightest and isnt selling well.

Youre actually kind of an idiot, im just not going to give you anymore (You)s

You can find 14 quattroportes for around 40k-45k, my dealership sold one for 42k.

quatts suck

Why not s550 gt?

>Slower than V6 camaro

>Older model


>buying a car purely for speed


E46 M3