Vehicle sabotage thread

Weapon: superglue
> fill valvestems, glue on cap.
> glue washer sprayer nozzles.

> crush lightbulbs to dust, sprinkle on wiper blades. Scratches windshield.
> nails under all tires, prop close to sidewall.
> mustard and bologna polkadots Fucks up paint.

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>Key the side
>Carve up seats
>Break headlights with baseball bat
>Slash every tire
>maybe next time he'll think before he cheats


>get your keys
>start your car
>drive to the house of the person you have an issue with
>put your big boy pants on
>go outside
>solve the issue in person instead of fucking up their property

What if your just feeling edgy

try this one out
>hotwire car in the middle of the night
>drive it off a cliff with you still in it

But, wouldn't I get hurt?

Yeah but you can sue the owner of their car because it's their fault you got hurt inside of it


>get a gun
>jack into the target car
>lock the doors from the inside
>put the gun on your head
>pull the trigger
They now have the whole interior covered in blood and brain matter, which is an absolute bitch to get off

brake fluid in a squirt gun

You should probably drive to McD's instead and order a double McFucking Kill Yourself.

Eh bro, best BTFO.
I'll fuck up your car so bad you'll wish you

Just switch the license plate with another one in the neighborhood so they get busted for license plate theft.

Kekd for a good minute

Just slap their mirror like a real man

>slash sidewalls of tires
>pour paint thinner all over paintwork
>superglue/Epoxy in keyholes
Thousands in damages to even a shitbucket.


Isn't fucking with plates a felony? Vandalism is a fine at most.

Calibrate son, calibrate.

>hit it on the move
>keep riding like a scared little faggot
>'a real man'
Why are all beta losers on tiny toy 'motorcycles' such cowardly faggots?? You do that to my car I'd run you down

Hotwire targets car
Rev while motor is cold to cause excessive wear.

Kill yourself on their hood, makes it a crime scene and will get the owner in trouble.

best in thread

Who the fuck still uses key holes

Joke's on you, biscuit boy, I already wish I never even bought it.

Even new luxury cars have hidden key holes for when the battery dies bro.

On new mustangs they are inside the door handle below part of the plastic you slide off.

why dont you faggots just cut the brake lines or something?

>make them angry
>make them waste money
>possibly killing them
>possibly killing other people

I just wanted to cost them money / embarressing them.

I don't like it when the damage is obvious right away, I want them to drive a bit first. > Nails propped against tires
> drive away, tires flatten
> valvestems and caps are full of superglue. Fucked.

> driving, dirty windshield
> spray won't work, super glued nozzles.
> keep trying, pressure blows out nozzle
> have to pull over can't see.
> have to replace entire assembly

> key car with offensiveness.
> over and over and over and over again

you should try losing some melanin first

Its not that messy,
bought a car from deceased estate with a bullet hole in the roof from the kid quitting life.
was missing drivers-side seat, but the only other thing with any bodily fluids on it was the head liner. center console and carpet was fine.

who gets up to a speed fast enough to kill someone without touching the brakes?
do you like, get in your car ready to go to work and mash the gas?

>Pull up at 3 a.m. blasting trap music
>Roll down windows
>Snipe their car from down the block


Poar sugar down their gas tank and be done with it .
Or confront them like a man and not like teh shitty pussy you are. Fucking with a mans car deserves death.

i do not condone this behavior. if any of you men ass menaces ever did something like that to my car, i would cry really hard, and probably not do anything in return

Plus there's going to be a dead body in the car

Deserves death if caught. It's okay, if your not caught. I have no respect for others, or their property. Should keep your car in a garage if you don't want it fucked with. It's a sick world in. We all know this. Fair game.

I can't click that, please describe.

Are you black?
You sound Black
Iz gots to know .

>Crowbar the hood open
>Pair of dykes on all the wires

Am white

Funny enough. He was the one who made the thread. Someone doxxed him and he took down his youtube channel.

Here's his 13k bike

Here's the thread that he started about a week ago

its a youtube link, it takes you to youtube

If I click that link I will be raped and murdered. And my nudes will be posted to the internet.

Just remove their wheel weights?

>catch a couple rats
>break one of small windows
>rat goes in
>duct tape the window before they get back to it

He's a phone poster, might as well be one and the same.

Phones are redpilled?

>sugar in gas tank meme
You know that doesn't do shit right?

Fucking kids infesting this place

oh look /b/ came to visit

jesus christ wtf is that piece of shit

I am currently banned from pol for posting gore porn, banned from bant for posting hatefuck porn, and b for spamming said gore and hatefuck porn in multiple threads.

someone could have glued the key holes on my accord months ago for all i know and unless my battery dies i'll probably never know




good post

>you should try losing some melanin first
Car vandalisms are part of what BLM does in my city to attack key people who are vocal against them. It's why customers parking their cars in the lot have problems shopping at a store BLM is protesting against. If you shop there, then you are the enemy too.

>Pair of dykes on all the wires



Can of expanding foam right up the tailpipe, put a rag around the nozel when you put it up the exhaust pipe to prevent the foam from coming out towards you and help force it up the exhaust.

>something like a potato will make a better seal
>empty the entire can into the exhaust and it'll force its way up through the muffler/cats and can even get into the valves/cylinders

>remove valve core
>return an 15-30 minutes later and put it back
Leave them wondering why their tires are flat

>Night shift ending
>Going home as while my other colleagues just checked in
>Put a balloon on the exhaust pipes and cut off a snip of the end
>Some ten cars BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPing around for a couple of days before they figured out what fuck had happened

Fight racism. It's summertime so let the heat work for you. Put bleach in a small good quality sprayer set to shoot a stream. Put in small paper bag to disguise the sprayer. As you ride your bicycle by racist cars or cars parked at a racist store, squirt the bleach. Fight racism. The best bleach is the one that is for sterilizing as it is stronger concentration.

this man understands

Well fuck, now i know, thanks user. I usually have shit boxes so just leave em open or my other cars have a damn fob. That shit spoiled me

criminally under rated

Boi you really are cringey, please stop being edgy.
How old are you again?

Down with the racist cars!

>slash every tyre
dont do this
Only slash 3 so they cant claim insurance

Have you tried unfucking yourself

t. 15 y/o
This hadn't been true in a decade


Wrap bacon on one of the wiper blades.
Get a small termite colony and get it into the car.
If you can open the door, put finely ground pepper in A/C vent.
If it's a drop top, poke a small hole just above driver's head so when it rains it rains on them
If the spare tire is accessible (under the floor/or back door), slash it and give one of regular tires a small leak right before they leave, so when they drive it it'll deflate and when they go change it they find that spare is even more fucked.

I always get banned from all boards. Never got a board specific ban to this day.

I've gotten banned once from all boards for posting a picture of a Viper ACR with "When did you realize there is no replacement for displacement?" on here. Like what the fuck.

>swedish car


What was her name, user?

Can we please stop using racist terms? Like, it's 2017 guys. You cant deny that people of color are oppressed and by using these words you are aiding the system in keeping black people down. Like, I don't even...

Mod is clearly a butthurt GT-R fag

>Banned because your post contains a URL
>No URL in post
Quality moderation

Oil in the windshield wiper tank


just crush up some old sparkplugs and whip the shards at their windows.

>You cant deny that people of color are oppressed
That's false. Exceptions do not a proof make. Let's look at statistics.

Many black people immigrate to the USA and do well and establish businesses as well as get jobs and education. And they came with not much more than the clothing on their backs and no usa money. But they work with each other and don't abandon their families. Thus, they build up a grubstake by pooling their money. They do well in terms of statistically not participating in criminal activity.

In contrast, usa blacks tend to statistically abandon their families. Or they statistically spend their money on drugs, alcohol, entertainment, and activities other than education. Or they statistically commit a disproportionate amount of crime and because they are in prison, they aren't earning a living. Statistics for immigrant blacks and american blacks show market differences. The desire to work and educate themselves is high among african black immigrants and low in american blacks as borne by statistics. Who oppresses who? The american blacks oppress themselves with crime?

>just crush up some old sparkplugs and whip the shards at their windows.

No, the throwing motion is too obvious on cameras. Get a spring loaded window breaker.

You talk about statistics but post no citations.

Don't need to post stats. The general public is already familiar with how american blacks have terrible statistics.

I'll post stats kek

There is a type of silicate poured into the oil that basically totals the engine. It can't be flushed out once it has gummed things up in the bearings. Replacement of all bearings and load bearing surfaces means even a new engine is totaled.

>wasting a nice dildo

>This hadn't been true in a decade
It is still true enough but for a different reason. Three tires is under the deductible limit for some people. Any effort you spend that is covered by insurance is wasted effort. If the cost of the 4th tire onwards is covered by insurance, then the effort is sort of wasted.

Yes but the frequent posting of nigger threads in Veeky Forums is drawing too much negative attention from mods.

Is this satire