Tailgates you

>tailgates you

Slow down to 5mph below speed limit
Change lanes as he tries to pass
Kek knowing that my dick is bigger than his by a good 30%
piss him off then speed away

reality, small dicks play vigilante traffic trolls.

Smallest dicks drive lifted trucks, you know it's true. Every one of them is a scrawny white trash manlet with steel toe boots and a TAPOUT shirt.

>allowing to be tailgated.

Beta cuck

I work at home depot and the guys that pull up in lifted trucks are almost always 6'2" or taller and easily 230+ lbs. Every once in a while a fat manlet will be driving but they're usually not to be fucked with


t. smalldicked manlet with a lifted POS

I drive a toyota camry dude

of course you do, it's not like people go on the internet and make up lies

>turn on rear facing LED bar

eat a dick, cocksniffer

>read this post
>drive lifted Ferd and real japanese car (rhd, kms, etc)
>wat do

ew, an xv40

faster than your bus, skippy

I know two people with lifted trucks -- 6'2 and 6'3 and one of them I know for a fact has a 9" dick no homo.


I'll need to see proof there partner.

> Grabs penny from cupholder and flips it through the sunroof

>he doesn't know about my few simple mods


Surprise the lifted truck thread turned for the gay

Know dick size for a fact kek

When I'm on my bike, and this happens. Let's just say I keep a pocket full of ball bearings which I throw up in the air. Then book ass giggling like a faggot.

How many times have you sucked it?

lol fucking faggot drives a Camry and works at Home Depot


broke college student, do not bully

That's a nice picture...

More than you can afford, pal.

You should start charging those guys money when you suck their dicks.

Fucking diamonds.

post more

OK but you need to call this guy a faggot, I'm cyberbullying him.

>drive an MR-S
>brake and go right under the truck
psych! im going to fuck you baby! look at that i just flipped on the brakes, now im right behind you!

>he thinks I suck dick for free



>pssh... nothing personnel, kid.

please do not encourage road rage.


Timestamps for what you pasty idiot

faster than almost all other cuckmobiles on road, I'm happy with it m8 :)

I like the cutter scars. Tell me of your pain, woman.

I'm sorry please keep posting the girl.

This is going straight to the spank bank

>let him pass, he's late to his job at wal-mart.

Camry is a pleb shitbox don't act like it isn't.

No, and I won't ask you about your uncle molesting you.

still faster than most other cars I encounter bucko. not sure why you're so asshurt about it

You're the one on the defensive.

and? you're the bootybothered autist coming after me for no reason. do you own a bus pass by any chance?

Yummy. I wish my girlfriend looked more like you.

is it a 3.5 v6?

No one ever wants to hear about Uncle Fred.

I bet you blast eurobeat and pretending like your dagumi in your poverty tier shitbox.


actually the Veeky Forums webms on /wsg/ made me hate eurobeat. also can't drift in fwd so no dagumi

There can only be one. Kill one of your children.

>poverty tier shitbox.


I've never seen a hand with boobs.

>single lane Mercedes sandbagging
>slow down
>see coal shoot out
>speed up slightly and cuck them into an oncoming car

Haha 4 real, she's really skinny and punk. B cup, I want to upgrade.

I tried doing this but they didn't take the bait

maintain the speed limit and let them fuck off

They only did it 3 times and on the last time they took the first turn off can't tell if they waited or not.

>break-check him because I drive a shitbox that barely runs and I'm ready to die


I like your attitude. Fuck em

I remember getting btfo by a 3.5 v6 toyota in my x type and making me want a new car.

3 inches times 1.3 still isn't that big

they're pretty quick

with a couple of simple mawds they're even quicker

>move over to the right lane to let him pass

>be in front
>stab the ABS button

I never thought of that i learned a new purpose for my sunroof


Continue about my way at exactly the speed limit, no rearview so his lightbar flashing won't bother me, and if we happen to end up next to eachother at a light or same destination I'll call him out on being a fuckboy who will break the law by speeding but doesn't have the balls to pass me.

Thanks partner

Noice mate, need some Holden badges though.
I'm thinking of getting one, but I don't know if I should get white like my current Commodore.

>speed up 30km/hr then slow back down too 10 below speed limit
>start swerving all over the road
>take my turns at 40km/hr
>brake checks

Fuck out the way bitch

>tailgate covers your shitty LED headlamps
>brake suddenly

HMM HMM HMM you weakling, you will spend the rest of your life paying off my damaged tail light and bumper *TOYOTATAXESYOURINSURANCE*


>Entering city
>Two lanes and speed limit is 70km/h
>Going to turn left at intersection 400meter further up
>Change to the left lane
>Shitbag speeding behind me catch up 20 sec later, and start flashing his lights and honk his horn
>Just shake my head and ignore him
>He aggresively overtakes me on the right, and flips me off
>Fucking lel
>Pull up at intersection in the left swing lane with him right beside me
>Out of the corner of my eye I can see he opens his window and start yelling at me
>Keep ignoring him until just before the light goes green
>Turn my head and smile and wave
>He flips his shit and throw his coffee cup at me
>Miss by a mile
>Laugh my ass off and go my merry way

Three minutes later I turned in at my workplace, and while the gate was closing behind me, I saw him come in on the same drive way.
Imagine being so angry at something so trivial you are actually willing to start rage stalking somebody.

>I saw him come in on the same drive way

Maybe he works there too. Maybe he's your new boss.

I usually slow down for any tailgater, no matter how what vehicle it is. I lean back, fire up my vape and get comfy :)

>Brake check him so he rear ends me
>Wait for Police
>Oh he must have been texting
>Fags insurance goes way up
>Get new car

>he has dashcam
>doesnt have phone
>witnesses all around
>you get fucked

I usually drive 5 over the speed limit like a normal fucking person and speed up if the lane is open ahead of me. What is this "tailgating" you speak of?

I must look really funny driving the way I do in an Xterra with a bike rack, holographic dove sticker, and a sticker my sister got for good grades in elementary school. Used to be my mom's car.

I've been tailgated going 200 km/h on a 2-lane Autobahn while overtaking trucks going 80 km/h
These pricks really expect you to slow down to 80 because they want to go 210

I'm a proud resident of the United States. We don't have an autobahn here, so I can't relate.

All I know is that I hate slow idiots. Everyone else is doing 10 (that's miles per hour, Europoors) over the speed limit. Why are you going 5 under if your car has twice the horsepower of my underpowered milk carton?

The speed limit is a maximum, not a minimum.
It's entirely legal to go a bit under.
Maybe get your blood pressure checked :)

Look at this autist hving a mwltdown

Are you red-blooded Americans driving on American roads? Why do I get the feeling you're not? I'm sure my fellow red-blooded Americans are also familiar with the fact that nobody drives the speed limit. We have freedom to exercise and places to be.

>slow down
>keep slowing down
>oh he's changing lanes
>downshift and floor it
>match the speed of the car next to me further up ahead
>hold it for a minute or two
>change lane
>immediately take the exit ramp
>pop a chub thinking about the impotent rage exploding in the truck

what constitutes a lifted truck? what about like a 2" lift? is there a minimum for small benis territory?

Truck lift and genitalia dimensions are inversely proportional.

Mine was lifted when I bought it, like 100mm.
I need to get some slightly shorter springs 'cause it's all stiff and horrible at the moment.

>can't even spell

I think you're the one having a meltdown

Freedom to drive comfortably slow :)

>pulling e-brake

Both of these will not make your lights come on.

brake check

>doesn't understand trying to kill someone is a crime
If he has dash cam, that's even stronger evidence, and can fetch a much heavier fine, and possibly jail.

it's not illegal to downshift. what is illegal is following someone too closely to allow you to brake before hitting them.

why do you idiots not understand, if you rear end someone, it's ALWAYS YOUR FAULT

I catch fire as a defensive mechanism

However, it is you who cannot truly say when someone is tailgating you or not. Too many idiots like you think there is someone tailgating, only to start a road rage incident without real provocation. I've seen it way too often. Riding with a guy who started brake checking a car behind us, hard. I protested, he said "I can't see their headlights, they're too close." His mistake, he's driving a tall F250. The car would've had to be back 50 yards in a 35 zone.

Then there's the many times I've had someone brake check me, and I wasn't even close enough to need brakes. I simply lifted off the gas. Idiots pick some stupid rule to determine tailgating, and they're usually very wrong. And why more drivers should get dash cams for idiots like you. Downshifting to cause a crash is illegal.