What's on your automotive bucketlist?

What's on your automotive bucketlist?
>Drive across Australia like pic related
>Go see the Suzuka 1000km
>Run an 8s quarter mile
>Drive a sprint car
>Own any 911

>drive Laguna Seca
>drive the Burgerking
>own a rotary at some point
>finish building my DD
>put a $500 and an afternoon LS into my turd gen
>learn how to drive a Model T (and then drive one)
>have LeftHandUtes make me a Chevy SS wagon

>avoiding act


>completely missed Tassie, the state with the best driving roads in the country

>Own an FD
>Perform an engine swap on at least one car
Cross country would be pretty fun though

Also hit us up for a beer when you get to brissy

Perthfag here
I have done the guts (NT -> SA) and driven up the east coast (Melbs to Townesville)

I want to do the nullabor at some point in future. If you think it's going to be adventurous, you're gonna be disappoint haha just flat roads and roadkill everywhere, unless you're driving up the east coast

>Perth to SA
>swerve constantly to avoid Camel and Emu corpses littered on the road from truckers
>SA to Vic
>ditto Kangaroos
>Soutwest Vic to NSW and beyond
>go wtf and wonder what went wrong in this country when these cunts try and emulate Americans while still pretending to be bogans and Aussies.

Gotta do the SA/Vic border track one day.

forgetting go to summernats at least once.

I drove a 1921 Model T once, it was a pretty fun experience. Two speeds basically: "crawl" and "go much faster than a 96 year old car should."

>tfw will never own an amphi-car and drive from victoria to Tassie

Drive my car back to the factory.

All the way from Ireland to Hiroshima, through Vladivostok. 3 weeks of rotary fun. 13,000km. 2000 litres of petrol, or two fuel stops every day.

Then just hand over the keys to some randomer becaue there's no way I could afford to ship it back.

lel i know right he did the right thing

I've pretty driven Melbourne to Brisbane along the path you've got there, except taking the inland route from Sydney northwards.

It's honestly really fucking boring, dude.

Dying happy, knowing that I lived my life to the full with the people I love and the automotive hobby I enjoy

You want to drive along 5000km of freeways?
do a trip across australia sure but you don't take the freeways.

One day I'll drive from here in Florida to Maine. Farthest I'v driven was to New York.

>go full memelord in japan, toogay in an AE86
>drive through detroit in something expensive and see how long i can last before pussying out
>own an FC dorito machine
>get a couple of adventure bikes and ride across somewhere interesting with the wife
>do more of the UK's driving roads

Is Route 66 fucked or still good?

Fuck, talk about setting yourself up for failure.

>own AW11
>own A60 Supra
>own AE86

I have the AW11, but I'd like to keep it for a while. Ideally I'd own all three cars at once but that doesn't seem reasonable.

i want a ga61 celipra with an inverted hatch, some Bell Racing BRS-EX wheels in red or gold, tinted rear lights and some lows