Hey Veeky Forums, i got 20k saved up right now, im 21 and i've been saving since 18 for an awesome first car...

hey Veeky Forums, i got 20k saved up right now, im 21 and i've been saving since 18 for an awesome first car. Which of these cars should I buy? Suggestions also accepted.(preference fora rwd/awd)
-scion frs
-silvia s15 specr
-nisan 240sx
-subaru wrx

Down payment on a house with garage then tools then a beater for daily and a project car to hit da touge cars are a waste of money

what first car should i buy thats reasonable and fun then? I want to spend at least 10k so i dont get a shithole.

3k civic. don't get anything good because you're only going to ruin it because you're a boyracer faggot.

-frs if u want something more modern but not very fast. Looks great though
- personally i hate te styling of the rx8 but not a bad platform.
-S15 is god tier, but its going to be a nightmare to register if u want to daily
-240sx are fun and cheep but not an ideal daily. However kouki from 97 is one of my favorite cars.
-wrx what year would you get and would it be an sti. Great car and definitely a do able daily
-350 idk with 20000 id probably go with a 370
-civic fwd so maybe not for you
-i might sugest an r32 now that they are legal and it seems like your into jdm

S15 or Frs cheapest price you can find and rebuild everything shits gonna break

You sound like a fucking prick
Let the man do what he wants

Don't base your car decision on a set price. Think about what you want out of a vehicle and your abilities to fix/mod it. If you spend +10k on your first car without thinking you'll regret it no matter how nice that car is. Do your research user.

yeah im into jdm but arent they fucking expensive(the r32)? im in canada so it might be different. also i would definetly get an STI and im not shure with the year since i checked the prices and they seemed either too cheap or too expensive due to very high or extremely low millage.

I recommend you buy what you like the most or else you'll always have a nagging feeling in the back of your head

i think they were either 2008 or 2010 im not shure. maybe newer.

Yeah thats true but ive just came here for some advice to see if any of the cars i named were really unreliable. For instance ive herd there a alot of problems with the 240sx.

Yea i feel you on the sti price thing. Im looking into a 2004 sti and if you want and some people are asking 20k for a stock one. And r32 are about 15k where i live (California)

Look for what speaks to your inner autism. Look for the engine you want to rebuild. Other anons cannot tell you where to start your journey, you must find the turnoff to this highway of automobile autism yourself. Just save money for mods.

Jesus i just read my own sentence and its not even coherent.

Since we're on the topic of buying cars I need advice I was looking at this 2007 Audi s4 b7 would that be good car to buy?

Spot on

The 240sx is a reliable car
Problem is its fairly old and they've been through a lot of shit head youngsters that didn't properly maintain them
The same applies to the wrx and to most other cars you listed

get ready to get raped by insurance for owing a fast car at a young age unless someone else does it under their name

They only become unreliable if you swap the ka to some craigslist sr

Your right i just checked the prices on the r32 and theyre very similar. However, theyre like 90's car and the only problem i got with that is that i dont want to spend a ton on repairs. Dont get me wrong i love how they look but im just not ready to have to spend half of what i earned in repairs.

frs is a disappointment compared to the rest

That makes sense plus right hand drive could be a pain in the dickhole. But who doesnt love a clean skyline.

OP here, i've herd the 2003 model of the WRX STI had problems, i don't remember what it was, might even be another car, i've been researching alot of cars lately. Which year in a 15-20k price range is a great year for the STI and affordable/fun to drive?

sorry i meant the best year for very few mecanical/electrical problems.



The best years in my opinion is 04-07
They are the most powerful and the blob/hawkeye look is unbeatable. 03 sti's are hard to find (at least where I live) but they are probably the beat bang for you buck as far as wrxs go

Subie >>>>>> evo
Evos are still cool though

If you're in Canada, I'd wait. Unless you're currently living with a roommate or at home for cheap/no rent I wouldn't pick up any of the listed other than a Civic at your age. This is coming from Toronto, might be different for you.

WRX would be the most practical if you're thinking about it anyways.

I'd follow , but it's your call.

Have you thought about a 93-95 rx7

Theyre fucking more expensive, i love them too but they are overpriced as fuck where i live.

I have, but mazdas a known to rust alot in those years and once again im not down to spend a bunch on repairs since its a pretty old car. Thats why i thought of the rx8.

S2000 or the Subie WRX.

WRX if you prefer the glorious AWD.

S2000 if you prefer RWD with an amazing engine you cannot murder.

Evo's have always looked better imo.
except maybe 4 and 5 with those fuck ugly fog lamps.

they've always been more expensive, both second hand or brand new. not necessarily a bad thing though because it means 17 year olds can't get their hands on them as easily and mod them to shit.

All japs rust a lot. All of them.

What about a Celica GT-Four? It's a god tier car if you can find it anywhere.

Where they? arent they less expensive than the wrx models today?

Also what milage should i not consider buying the wrx sti?

Wrx definitely run cheaper, but in general worse condition thsn evo's.
There are still many clean subies out there that look great and pull hard with 300 whp stock

I think new Evo X's were like $70k in aus, and second hand ones with like

I had both the Evo and a WRX and the truth is I never actually had the Evo so there you go.

Close this thread. This should honestly be the only answer to any "what car since I'm a brand new graduate from HS / college"

The RX-8 and FR-S have near identical performance.

Dear OP,

You're a faggot, buy a civic and make it fast. Learn to drive it. Save money instead of buying something you're gonna write off acting like a retard.


Remember: driving slow cars fast is more fun. Get a Miata or a non-type R Honda.

vx calais

Overpriced VTEC meme roadster
-scion frs
Overpriced torque dipping, needs economy tires to skid POS
Rotary meme car and the worst gen on top
-silvia s15 specr
Weebo meme car
-nisan 240sx
Soggy noodle
-subaru wrx
Vape bro meme car
Aged like milk, torqueless and fat

Do you realize for $20k you can buy a Porsche 911? A LS3 Camaro? A Z06 Corvette? A Roush? You spent 3 years saving up, buy something good.