Why are Honda pick up trucks not popular?

Why are Honda pick up trucks not popular?

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google.ca/search?q=ridgeline towing overheat&oq=ridgeline towing overheat&aqs=chrome..69i57.5671j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=ridgeline towing overheat site:www.ridgelineownersclub.com&start=0

Honda makes pickup trucks?

i didnt even know they existed.

What the fuck?

Well, they sold enough of them to design a second-generation Ridgeline, didn't they?


yeah nice '''''''''trucks''''''' lel

Because that is a minivan with a bed, not a pickup truck.


>muh ladder frame 4WD to haul a washing machine home

Because look at that fucking thing.

These "trucks" are perfect for most people's uses. Most people that buy trucks aren't going to tow or haul or fill their beds with wood or rock. They're going to use them to drive around and occasionally use it to get a couch or something. The ridgeline was already this weird looking suv with an open bed that reminded people of a limp dick instead of a big throbbing one like a real man's truck. They just made the new ridgeline look like a truck. And people don't want something that just looks like a truck. They want the big throbbing dick.

People will still snicker behind your back at driving a tranverse mounted FWD "truck" though.
In Honda's defense, their V6 is god-tier, you take care of it and you'll never have any problems out of it.
I guess if you're one of those Poos or Chinkies that can't bear to be seen in anything Murican and you still need a truck, the Ridgeline awaits...

is that a civic?

Because it's neither the right vehicle for heavy or commercial use nor a suitable penis-replacement.

It seems to actually be a decent vehicle for people using their truck as a normal car, but not for bragging with it.

They sell very well. A very high percentage of ridge line owners are repeat customers.

They literally are he "perfect" truck for dumb ameriburger uses. Not imagined cattle hauling uses, and Calvin pissing on dodge/Chevy/ford passive-aggressive pissing matches at stoplights.

It is super useful and comfy, and comfortably hauls a family with ought having to go to a giant, and expensive double can truck. Lots of nice features for the users who don't plan on muh offroad, or muh hauling shitloads of cattle, which most truck owners don't do.

The only reason you don't see more of them is because cucked suburban men don't want chad at the office to call them a fag for buying a unibody minivan with a back pack. The men who don't give a fuck what chad thinks, because they plot their own path in life, are the real men who also don't give a fuck what you think about theor super useful ridge line.

I know a guy that has 270k miles on his and uses it to hunt moose in Maine. You'd be wise not to snicker at his truck.

This, its pretty much a Honda pilot SUV with a bed, its for a tiny group of people that want to daily a truck and still get 30 mpg. Honda makes more refined vehicles than most other manufacturers, but you cant do anything a real truck can do

because toyotas are better and cheaper.

TBF 80% of pickup truck owners would be just fine with a FWD unibody "truck". They'd probably even like it better because of the ride quality improvement.

>dealer group I work for gives awesome employee discounts and cash back every payment
>only fucking truck they have is this fucking thing
At least Honda unfucked the bed at last. Still wish we had a Toyota dealership for sweet sweet heavily discounted tacos.

because hilux
and l200
but mostly hilux

the hilux is a legit gud truck, even compared with american ones. it's especially good if you want to do actual work with it. it's a true off road utility vehicle like a pick-up should be.

dont count on it. There is no such thing as huge discount on tacos.

i see your honda pick-up and raise you a fiat

I agree with this.

We have flat discounts on everything (and $100 back every payment you make) and the majority of our dealerships are luxury or semi-high end imports. Honda is the plebbest one we have which is why we have almost no trucks. Sadly they don't apply to used vehicles otherwise I could just wait for the taco I'd want.

because it looks like a minivan with a bed.

Cause no one wants to drive a jap pick up truck. Thats like showin up to a party w a shirt on that says i hav a teeny weeny

>You'd be wise not to snicker at his truck.

Fragile masculinity

Though it can do what most truck owners need, they simply don't want it. I like ride height and clearance, something that crossover doesn't offer. It's mostly people just don't WANT that thing.

A Honda civic is really all the average person needs, but a shit ton of people just want more.

Wonder when they're going to inevitably badge this as the Dodge Dakota and sell it here in burgerland.

Yeah that's why everyone likes old Toyota trucks so much even in rural areas of the US.

why aren't all trucks FWD?
you could have a longer bed and bigger cab in a shorter vehicle?

>inbred hicks and wannabe cowboy chads that live in the city hardly count as people

Cause FWD is underpowered for what trucks are designed for.

Thanks ahmed


>this cross section
The fuck am I looking at? This is not easy on the eyes at all.

A drivetrain can't be underpowered, you can used FWD biased AWD and an ecoboost v6


When towing something, weight transfers to the rear tires under acceleration.

Not good if you're going uphill with fwd.


>muh "real" trucks

Are Americans really this desperate?

Yep. Bought a Sport as a daily driver back in April. Smooth ride, plenty of room, 26mpg, power to pass on demand, clearance & AWD got me in & out of backwoods climbing areas. 4x8 drywall lays flat in the bed, and it took a full pallet of flooring with no trouble.

I don't know why they don't sell a fuckton of these things. But I don't have a giant boat to haul around and IDGAF if other people think it's gay. So far, I like it.

It's actually a Mitsubishi triton / L200.
Fiats way of entering the Australian ute market, just like Mercedes and Renault are doing with the Nissan navara / np300.

I reckon if they sold the Hondas in awd, they would sell reasonably here in Aus. Certainly wouldn't be up with the Rangers, bt50s, hilux, tritons, amaroks and colorados in terms of sale numbers but it wouldn't be a lost cause.

>I don't know why they don't sell a fuckton of these things.

Because they get the same mpg's as a V8 truck and can't tow. Pretty simple. I guess they work for yuppies like you.

Because it only comes standard with that gay configuration I hate. But of course soccer moms who have no need for a truck would love this.

The only thing you'll ever tow with a full size truck is your ego

At least it won't overheat while doing to.

google.ca/search?q=ridgeline towing overheat&oq=ridgeline towing overheat&aqs=chrome..69i57.5671j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=ridgeline towing overheat site:www.ridgelineownersclub.com&start=0

Install a transmission cooler, Honda has been recommending that for over a decade
We had one on our MDX and never ran into a problem

Or honda should of done that when they were engineering the damn thing?

The first link is talking about overheating while offroading, something this truck isn't designed to do

Not everyone tows shit. Should they include a brake controller for a trailer as well for their suburban Pilot with a bed?

Okay fair enough not everyone does tow anything but maybe have a two package? They should at least assume some people want to actually use the truck like a truck once in awhile.

Yeah, that's why the dealership can always install those options. Honda really doesn't do a million different options and would rather sell only a handful of trims with key differences which can be modified when the buyer takes delivery, it's just cheaper and streamlines the manufacturing process

Why would they when the reality is that nobody actually does? Stop pretending you actually have a camper like that.


those trucks are too faggoty for normal truck owners

The Tacoma would like a word with you...

>shitposts daily about the almost 700hp Corvette overheating
>260hp Honda minivan with the back cut off overheats on the reg
>It's okay, It's just a normal Honda thing.

Really makes you think.

>cut off overheats on the reg
but that isn't true

I'd like to know of which pickups can do that.

And not everyone needs a real truck. Very few people do actually.

then your better off getting an suv, because you cant really put stuff in the back unless its sunny out, or covered... covered like an suv

Truck + Minivan should = Mini-truck, not this eyesore.

>cucked suburban men don't want chad at the office to call them a fag for buying a unibody minivan with a back pack
And those "Chads" are also other suburban men who are insecure about their masculinity.

A crossover is more suited to the average person.

>because you cant really put stuff in the back unless its sunny out, or covered... covered like an suv

You have no idea what you are talking about

good then I have no space inside the vehicle for 5 people comfortably

Yep. See , Don't worry real-truck-guys, I'll give your opinion all the consideration it deserves. And I'm happy to see you've found a way to feel better about... y'know, your... situation.

you cant even carry groceries in a truck when its raining, or snowing, or the roads are wet.. unless you have a cover of some sort for the bed..you might as well have an suv...

for 99% of the population an suv and a trailer would be better then any truck

but my original point is that the honda trucks cant haul heavy loads, and shit in the bad gets wet... get an suv instead

How about a sedan, or a crossover? Why do you need a suburban behemoth for?

That's in a rwd format. Put that in a get, it will lose a lot of towing ability.


So you agree with me...?

>you cant even carry groceries in a truck when its raining, or snowing,
you can put them inside the truck or in the trunk (which it has under the bed)

>honda trucks cant haul heavy loads
they aren't meant to, the average person rarely ever needs to haul heavy loads

>and shit in the bad gets wet
But thanks to the fact that I have space inside when the back seats fold up to put my tools

>b-but what about heavy towing and offroading
If these were main requirements for me buying a truck the ridgeline wouldn't be an option

The ridgeline has a trunk

Because they can't do truck things

I am going to ram that word down the next faggot that says it. "Need" is the worst word ever devised. It's not called the "Bill of Needs."

This is sadly the truth tho; a fuckload, or maybe even the majority, of private pickup truck buyers would be more suited to the Honda Ridgeline than their F-series, Silverados, RAMs, Tundras, D-Maxes, L200s, Hiluxes and so on

It really has mostly to do with image, or atleast thats how I view the "issue"... even here, where the closest thing generally available is the VW Amarok, people will bring up the Ridgeline and go "why the fuck would anyone want a Honda pickup truck? Thats just so unmanly/unmasculine/gay looking" and so on

Do you know what countries except the US and Canada have the Ridgeline available new from a dealership? Can't find any good data on it, only that its "sold in 20 countries"

It doesn't seem like there could be all that many 1st world countries where the Ridgeline and the Hilux/L200 is sold

Then why did you choose a pickup? Why do you get so upset over the word "need"?

yea, but it's literally not a truck

it's fine for a person that needs to take their lawn trimmings to the compost or something but that's it.

the tie downs are garbage, had them give literally moving a washing machine in my buddies ridgeline. the weird double hinge latch fucking blows and likes to randomly pop open as well.

actually the weird supposed to be tool box but it's made from fiber glass so it breaks from putting toolboxes in it too often would make it great for tailgating as well if you filled it with ice and put beers in it.

but that's about it.

why does a pickup truck have to have offroad capability? i gut that it "helps" you don't want your $60k work truck getting stuck in the field when you're trying to move a trailer --- but that's specifically for work trucks. not passenger vehicles

we have an offroad 4x4 suv (SUZUKI) and a pickup truck that doesn't go offroad

is there any reason my pickup needs to offroad?

why do all "trucking" scenarios involve mud, dirt, or the woods? usually you're just loading something in the bed that won't fit in a car. to, you know, drive on the road

I recommended it to my brother along with a ford ranger for his jaunts to the compost and occasionally moving a piece of furniture. that's about all it's good for though

>mpg's as a V8 truck and can't tow

they don't. they don't. they don't

>transverse v6 fwd biased awd
>not more efficient


>for 99% of the population an suv and a trailer

>I've never, once, pulled a trailer in my fucking life

tfw unloaded trailer


>thinks automatics don't come with transmission coolers (inside the radiator)
>thinks automatics aren't always fitted with auxiliary coolers for tow vehicles

its called a tow package

>a single event suddenly justifies a 12-22 MPG @ 5-25k dollar extra
Rent a truck if you need to tow a trailer. UHaul and Penske exist.

1. versatility, it's nice to have that capability even if you might never use it, plus you underestimate the amount of people taking toys like boats, bikes, snowmobiles and atvs to generally inaccessible locations for normal cars

2. you're also vastly underestimating the amount of people that use their work truck as a dd and need the 4x4/awd to even get to the job site after it rains or snows.

why would you buy a fake truck when you can buy a real one for the same amount of money? What is this vehicles excuse? What does it do better?

>I guess if you're one of those Poos or Chinkies that can't bear to be seen in anything Murican and you still need a truck, the Ridgeline awaits...

or if you have average-sized genitalia and a non-inflated ego

here in the midwest rednecks love trucks so much they actually get jobs that require trucks just so they can own one.

>yeah well i needed that FERD F450 TURBO DIESEL GIANT PENIS because my job NEEDS it bro

>why does a pickup truck have to have offroad capability?

So you can make it to sick campsites and trailheads. That offroad capability is also nice when you're in the middle of nowhere and it dumps 2 feet of snow on you.

>or if you have average-sized genitalia and a non-inflated ego

honestly, why is this an argument to you? You sound rather insecure about penis size If you acuse others of having small dicks because they enjoy cool trucks...

my family had 7 people in it growing up, it moved us, our dog, our toys and was capable of getting damn near anywhere in any weather.

hows that for an answer?

Dick waving. Off roading looks "awesome and manly" which is really easy to pair with the image truck manufacturers are trying to sell

It's a better vehicle to drove in every day, which is what 99% of truck buyers actually do

the ridgeline gets 19/26 mpg

which is just under the mpg of a new accord. (21/33)

the ridgeline is even a bit cheaper initially (29k vs 30K)

hell a new ridgeline does 0-60 in 6.6 seconds and has a really nice interior. its a better car than most of what Veeky Forums drives

i did say car on purpose

how so? Ride comfort?
The new 2016 navara (successor to the old frontier in the us) is also very comfy (multi-link suspension in the back instead of leaf springs), without sacrificing towing capability and so on (it can tow up to 7700lbs).

You overestimate the number of people who do actually use their trucks for towing their suburban toys. You overestimate the number of people who even own suburban toys. And you greatly overestimate your need so you end up spending more on fuel.
So can crossovers. And minivans. But congratulations on being an outlier.

Much more comfy and much easier to drive, it's a modern SUV with a bed

For those who use the pickup-part perhaps once a week or even less its a better vehicle because it handles better than a standard pickup, gets better MPG, turns better and so on. On an objective basis it is better - hell, I'll admit that it would probably be better for my use than my Hilux is

>99% of the time

that's such a shitty argument, everybody would be better served with something like a toyota yaris 99% of the time but if you know that 1% of the time you need to move furniture or you're doing home renos or your need to tow something then that makes that car useless to you.

because the truck can do the 1% and the 99% and the car can't do the 1% then the car is useless to me.

i live in fucking redneck central where every BRO DUDE BRO has a BIG OLD FUCKIN TRUCK BRO

>"cool" truck
>2500HD work truck fitted with obnoxious as possible everything

they're not cool its fucking gay

>not spending $4000 on tires every 6 months
>not lifting your truck so high it doesn't even have any real articulation, just maxed out and stiff

its just stupid. by the way i've driven a modern f350 powerstroke 7.3l with 4x4 and manual trans

it was fucking terrible and boring and slow and shitty.

after getting out my my car (trans am) and getting into the work truck, i will never EVER understand the appeal