Some people unironically like korean cars

>some people unironically like korean cars

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The problem is what exactly?

can definitely confirm that korean car owners are autistic by nature

>be me, arriving to college campus
>find comfy spot close to the building my class is in
>get into position to park backwards, look around to make sure I'm clear
>see car in the distance, but not close enough to be a concern
>start backing into the parking spot
>oh fuck
>fucking sperg in a kia sedan sped up to and tried to take the spot even though I was clearly backing into it
>move out and put on hazards to get out and assess the situation
>the mong takes the spot, parks his car. ignores me and walks away like nothing happened

he only lightly scratched my back bumper, the damage on his front bumper looked 10x worse. but still, what the actual fuck

did you take a shit on his hood?

that would've increased the value of the car


how can koreans even compete

Ever been to a KDM meet? I swear the owners have an inferiority complex

>People like reliable cars
and your point is? Some people unironically like shitboxes from the 80s

>korean cars
I'm just gonna pretend that's not what you just implied

Why anyone would buy this over a Civic is beyond me

>Kia and Hyundai
>Pic Related

looks like riceshit, as always nips can't make nice and clean looking car

>audi just above average
>vw just below average
Chart's bullshit.

ferdfag detected

>caring about looks
Are you a woman? Do you need your car to match your purse and iPhone case?

>2017 JD List
>user doesn't agree and his feels are hurt
sorry kiddo. Times are changing. Koreans can do shit now, and VW group is failing more and more as they cheap out more and more.

>VW group is failing more and more as they cheap out more and more
Which is why they should be way further down. Audi above average? VW only just below average? Really?

>Honda that high
>Acura that low
I don't get it, Veeky Forums told me that Acuras are just Hondas with leather

>expensive cars are more reliable that cheap ones
Sounds like the Acura division had a bad year.
Did they come out with new models or something? I'm not a big fan of honda outside their motorcycles.

typical normie

The point is both should be way further down the list than merely "average".

>all these gook apologists unironically don't see the problem with the rolling shitheaps the koreans call """"cars""""

I would disagree. VW group isn't worst that Fiat group or Ford group. I'm surprised that Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Mazda are so low though.
Hopefully they'll do better next year.

Hyundai i30's are actually 4k euro's cheaper in my country than the civic :(

Money aside, that 2017 CIvic looks pretty good. But the rear feels a bit too "agressive" imo.

Mitsubishi I'm not so surprised by but goddamn nissan and mazda japan get it together

LOL how are they still a company

>Did they come out with new models or something?
The opposite, Honda came out with new models while Acura is stuck using the last gen Civics and stuff as bases for their cars

>people unironically like gook cars
>people unironically believe in J.D Power chart
Just saying that they also gave chevy a bunch of awards. God, you gook drivers are pathetic

Sucks for Honda. They should have followed the Toyota plan and not replace anything until they know it's reliable.


you know, like 20 years ago people were laughing at korean electronics and now people suck samsung's dick

come to think of it, people were mocking japanese cars like 50 years ago and now toyota is the biggest car seller in murrica

>phones produced in the billions are the same as cars

way to miss the point, retard

Some of them have appealing designs.

I would never own one though, a car that turns on the windshield wipers on when you launch the car isn't something I'd trust.

Pretty sure only Europeans hate Korean cars. Amerifats and Aussies don't really have a problem with them.

>shitty Italian electronics
>J.D. Power rates complaints about screwy radio knobs and slow running clocks equally with catastrophic engine failure


>J.D. Power rates complaints about screwy radio knobs and slow running clocks equally with catastrophic engine failure

nice false equivalence

what the fuck? all they did was replace a part in the turbo and lol 320hp

Go read up on their testing methodology. No we're not going to spoon feed you something that should take 10 seconds to search on Google

>doesn't post proof
>doesn't explain why this study shouldn't be considered.

lel penis windows


>Implying the genesis isn't already riced

I've probably brought my TLX to the dealership at least 10 times for different things.

>320HP to the front wheels
Enjoy your understeer

You reading that chart right? The higher the number the more issues per 100 cars. Honda is more reliable than its luxury brand Acura.

Hmm, I wonder why it looks similar

Fuck yeah I do, not the old ones though

>j shill power
Here you go. Also Brenda Song does things to me below the belt.

Don't you mean torque steer? You fucking retard

I like how the ceed looks, the rest can go get crushed

>I want to show that I know some shit about cars but fail completely