/qic/ qt in car general

tell me about her Veeky Forums?

Does she ride with you frequently?

got any other qt in car related stories.

>get license not too long ago at ripe age of 22
>drive to local car park to practice parking my car.
>it's empty besides a white skyline.
>whatever.jpg just going in and out of parking spots like some autist
>go out a few days later
>crush introduces us to her new bf who rocked up in the same skyline from the other night.
>had same vanity plate and everything.
>came to the realisation they were probably fucking or something in there

Feels bad man

The only QT that gets in my car is me.

I want to punch it


man i been loving this season of fargo just because of her

I wish I had the guts to do what you do

>She's an upstanding young lady, active in her church group and a member of the Young Republicans

>came to the realisation they were probably fucking or something in there
Or maybe he was fucking somebody else. Maybe a dude. Maybe he was squirting heroin up his butthole like that one user. You never know, that's why you keep your game face on and say "Oh yeah I saw your car parked at XXX on YYY" then CAREFULLY watch his reaction (and your crush's too).

Since you feel a little bit awkward about what YOU were doing, you don't make any implications initially at all. You're probably afraid he's gonna be like "Yeah bro I saw you backing in and out of parking spaces like a retard hurrdurrrr git gud liek me" but even if he did, you'd just not let your mask crack self-effacingly say "Oh yeah I just got it so I was practicing parking. I just noticed your car and thought it was cool" with, if you can manage, a little glance at the girl like "Why is your boyfriend acting like that, is he hiding something or just an asshole".

That kind of response, self-assured realism in the same breath as friendliness with just a sprinkle of "I'm choosing to overlook your inappropriate behavior" is pretty magical and will often bring girls back to you by themselves to apologize for the guy which gives you an opportunity to take further steps with her.

I'm gonna fix some of you guys.

this is like the 5th time I see you post this image


Well she rides in my car quite frequently, loves the rumble and tells me to never get rid of it, even when we have kids.

We're getting married next year.

it's been months since someone sat in my bmw,
i'd be a supreme gentleman if it weren't for blowjobs i got last year

Kill yourselves, all of you.

I-I don't need a qt in my life, just my car and myself!!

R-right user?

>/qic/ qt in car general
so, FCA women general?
also fuck off with MEW, she's a bitch
I hope Varga gets her in the end
she's gonna get saved by Mr. Wrench next episode tho

so post other pictures of her tits

It leads to believe this is the only girl you've ever been with

or maybe the only roastie stupid enough to let him take pics of her naked
not that there's anything wrong with being with only one chick, of course. But it does invalidate generalizations made from that experience.

How can non-Italian brands even compete?

I dunno, I don't feel the need to constantly post for validation about girls I've been with, maybe I'm different.

Don't lose hope, good ones are out there.

When your on the side of the road a thousand miles from home, and about to lose your shit as the volt meter on the battery is reading 10.4, 10.3 10.2 in the middle of Kentucky,

And someone scratches your back, hugs you from behind and hands you a beer from the bed of the truck...

You'll know.

She's just the one who likes to pose with the truck

He's not talking about my personal validation he's talking about the validity of my advice on girls. I like to think that my truths are self-evident assuming you've had ANY experience with girls and how they think and act.

I was a teenage sperg myself and for the most part I figured this stuff out the hard way (read one book that got my logic straight). I didn't accept any "arguments from authority" and I don't expect user to either.

That the girl with the red Ram?


See this is why I try to keep the pics I post Veeky Forums related.

>perfect qts like MEW or Felicity Jones go for beta males
>still no gf

I assumed those people were celebrities so I looked at their Wikipedia entries and quickly established that as not being true unless you think film directors are betas, not that any celebrity relationships can be healthy. Whatever you're buying into is just another character. Any girl who's "into betas" is a maneater.

>Whatever you're buying into is just another character. Any girl who's "into betas" is a maneater.

This. Look what MEW did to her former husband.

absolutely brutal.

friendzones her own husband


>Not wanting a maneater gf

At least he fucked her for +10 years during her best looking age, but yeah that was pretty brutal.
I wonder if Felicity Jones will do the same.

Cant feel too bad for the guy, got to fuck MEW for 15 years.


He was prob on chastity and got cucked on a daily

cool projection

I wish

I know

>She will never lock your small pepe in a cage and throw away the key

Why even live???

What do you drive, nigga?

I know that feel bruh


1999 C5 Corvette. That's the one she said to not get rid of it.

But I also have a 99 crown vic (throw away dd) and a 78 Bronco that I'm restoring, an that will be our utility vehicle when we need a truck or something.




how do i solve crippling inability to establish relationships of any kind mister pussy destroyer sir

>yellow Twungi plush with first run license plate
hi Dodek

? I'm Anonymous

By actually staying on the road.

Start easy with a fat or ugly or stupid or fat and ugly or fat and stupid or ugly and stupid or fat, ugly and stupid girl. They're much more eager to have attention paid to them and forgiving. Also they're easier to fool with your act. That "be yourself" crap is bullshit not to mention you're obviously uncomfortable doing it. Instead, act like someone else. My usual generic advice is to reference the holy scripture of what girls expect out of relationships,the romantic comedy. Pick a romantic comedy star you kind of vaguely resemble in some way or other and study his performance, his facial expressions, body language and etc. Learn to wear that shit like a mask you can hide your sensitive little heart behind. Maybe eventually you'll get to a girl who even wants to see little peaks of it but that's quite a few steps from where you are right now. Step one is learning how to act like a guy girls want.


damn, you mentioned him and made me think of his mom



what do if i hypothetically pursued a legit 6/10 as a rebound relationship only to be politely told off

Aim lower and/or get more attractive

corndog that you from oak park?

Its easy. Besides once you have the sub layers, padding and the skin suit on, plus clothing nobody can even tell its you.

the biggest issue is cost.

I make it hard
I make it right
I make it wet
I make it tight

To further speculate, you were most likely being too sincere. Regardless of what you might have learned from Disney movies and your mom, girls especially modern girls do not want there to be a relationship or feelings or whatever before the fucking other that maybe some fluttering feeling at the time and even if you do give them feelings then don't fuck them for too long you'll get put in the friend zone.

If you don't make it clear you're trying to fuck her from damn near the beginning, girls will think you don't "like them that way" and put you into the other pool. The less attractive the girl is, the more obvious you have to make it. I know that the possibility of rejection is scary but girls literally do not understand that to guys, every girl is fuckable. If you remember to have that attitude though rejection doesn't hurt as much because you didn't necessarily REALLY like her just because you took a swing at her. Swing at every pitch.

is that ur girl? im jelly.

Sure why not

tfw no qutie blonde :(
user stop bully