RIP Gas Cars
First it was Norway now it's India and China, soon more countrys will join the electric car only production
What do?

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Continue driving our gas-powered cars. They won't close down all the gas stations. They can't. What with transport trucks, buses, taxis, cop cars, and of course the cars of the common man overwhelmingly being gas or diesel-powered, it's unreasonable for the government to think everyone can afford the switch to electric just like that.

What they mean is probably for the average person, Norway said they would even Ban them though

in the majority of my country you need to drive three hours at the very least between petrol stations
have fun with evshit

The Tesla Model S on its highest version can go 400 miles and in the future they will improve. They might really do this whole only EV crap seriously

400 miles the typical climate is not going to happen
teslashit will overheat and shutdown within 100

Have you seen youtube videos of it? it's not a fucking iphone
L:ets just hope holy Gas powerd cars di not get b&

works fine t b h

You're an absolutely fucking delusional bleeding heart environmentalist hippie piece of shit if you actually think battery cars will be the norm in just 13 years. Internal combustion engines will stay the butter and bread energy source in mainstream automobiles until the fuel cell replaces it. In 100 years we'll be looking back with out half-cyborg eyes, driving cars powered by pocket sized cold fusion reactors and laugh at how we thought a giant, heavy battery could ever be a solution.

but user, fusion is 120 years away

36 years ago Bill Gates thought nobody could ever need more than 640KB of RAM.

Who said I am a EVfag?
I own a 2009 HSV Clubsport R8

and we wouldnt need more if windows wasnt such a bloated pos

Bill Gates is the guy behind Windows, in case you didn't know.

thats my joke

>wat do
buy an EV dumb cunt.

seriously why is everyone so pissy about this? world aint gonna stop turning for you, and its gonna take at least 15-20 years for the EV's to trickle down to affordable prices, and there sitll are not enough to properly satisfy a used market yet.

Honestly what id be more in fear of is vehicular DRM.
>want to do sick skids
>unplug wheel speed sensors because nana ECU wont let you turn off TCS
>ECU pitches a fit at loss of traction after a few seconds and goes into limp mode needing to be taken to a dealership for work.

>please pull over, you have exceeded your allocated hours of vehicle use for this week

>buy an EV dumb cunt
>seriously why is everyone so pissy about this?
>its gonna take at least 15-20 years for the EV's to trickle down to affordable prices
>sitll are not enough to properly satisfy a used market yet
You answered your own question I guess.

>nana ECU wont let you turn off TCS
I can turn every single aid (except ABS) off at the simple press of a button combination.

TCS is nice in some situations though. Just nice to turn off from time to time.

I can drive with TCS on, TCS in sport allowing for drfit angles and wheel spin, TCS off, everything off except ABS and with the fuse pulled. Fuck the police when they try to ban my car.

Petrol is getting cheaper by the day
Feels good man
Enjoy your cuckboxes

>India only allowing electric car sales in 2030
>This is the country that kept building the Morris/Hindustan Ambassador for 50 years
Well look at that! Paris actually has an effect after all!

>>its gonna take at least 15-20 years for the EV's to trickle down to affordable prices
EVs are already affordable though. Look at Denmark; EVs are basically sold with a 75% government subsidy. If every country in the world did that, gas cars would be dead.

If every government in the world put a 75 cent bounty on your head you'd be dead.

Well Denmark can do that since most of that 75% is gonna go right back into tax.

Also there's only 7000 or so EV's in denmark, granted that's a pretty good increase from the under 500 before they went into effect in 2009, but out of the nearly 2.4 million vehicles registered in Denmark, that's still a small drop in the bucket.

If every country in the world did that, Elon Musk would build a solid gold death star.

And? The point still stands. You have to elect people willing to put your money where their mouth is, and lower the cost of goods for everyone.

In 5-10 years batteries will allow for 1000km range. ICE is going to die quickly then.

>India in 2030

not enough shitting in the street

Yeah, I bet if the USA had stayed in we'd have banned all gasoline cars by 2028.

Implying that eletric cars today are actually saving the planet

>If every country in the world did that, gas cars would be dead
To replace every vehicle in use today with a Tesla you'd need around 1.3 Billion. There's roughly 63 kg of Lithium in a 70 kWh Tesla battery pack. That's pretty much 82 Million tons of Lithium. Lithium reserves in existing mines are estimated to be 14 Million tons. Do you see where I'm going? We'd literally have to mine other planets for dozens of Millions of tons of Lithium, just to replace every vehicle today. Then we have to replace the batteries every 10 years, and the number of vehicles in existence is projected to double until 2040.

In other words, R.I.P. battery cars and R.I.P. Tesla.


a study found you could make 11 billion Nissan leafs with CURRENT lithium supplies. Plus lithium is piss-easy to recycle when you do it right

fuck off Alphonse you dumb nigger.

Electric is the fut...



>Destroy that car Now! Electrical sh*t is no good for racing.

>homo promo

>Sounds like my washing machine on a normal cycle..

>electric race cars are stupid shit no soung and no gears and they are heave

>Fast Vacuumcleaner. ... horribly boring :(

>YAY!? Without any engine sound what is the point? Good for you, you drove a life size RC toy around a track...

>It's heartbreaking to see an electric battery powered car set a record on the worlds greatest track. It's even more heartbreaking to see that people actually like the look and also the sound of these things.

>How can a slightly modified Prius win against the Porsche 918..

>Only mechanical engine + petrol, that electric toy sounds like my shaving machine... the beauty of motorsport, is in the engine sound,

>don't Like no sound...

>This cannot be true, petrol cars are faster

>But it sounds shit. Its a fact

>Chinese car with ripped off European technology typical Chinese .


>Electric is gay

>sound like a fuckin toy machine

>I'll never buy an electric car. sounds retarded

>what a joke it has a vaccuum cleaner sound worst game ever !

>Sounds like me taking a piss... . I hate electric cars...

>so fucking boring with this TOY sound. i wouldnt drive a electric car even if im paid 1M for it.

>having a parking curb three feet away from the edge of the asphalt

its okay, they'll just make fake engine noises for you like the BMW i8

I think that's a requirement in some states for certain commercial parking lots.

Sorta like how you need a handrail for anything over three steps.... it's dumb, but whatever


I can only wait for Lithium prices to skyrocket

There are huge untapped Lithium reserves all over the world, for instance in Afghanistan.

This could have a hugely positive impact on the political climate.

>batteries will never be as good as dino juice
>when the fuel runs out we wont have mechanized units anymore

I never felt like hydrogen cars got a fair shake, and lord knows I'd have one of those before an electric car

Well let's step back and realize it's because gas companies have a vice grip on all this shit and it's kind of disgusting.

I don't think gas is going anywhere for the next 200 years, but I think by that point we'll be pushing towards electric or something else. The issue is that it's just not viable to purchase an electric car unless you solely care about the environment.

But I suppose at that point, your lazy fat American ass should just buy a fucking bicycle

>This could have a hugely positive impact on the political climate.
How? Some good old forced democracy?

Alternative fuels like ethanol, algae, hydrogen, etc are going mainstream before EV ever comes close. EV has an extremely long development period. It took over 100 years for range to finally be 400 miles or so and even then, that's max capacity with technology given.

EVkeks are sitting on an investment bubble and government gibs

While some try to push electricity, others, like those who produce fuel, will try to stop it at any cost. 50% of electric cars on a global scale will be a long journey to reach. While this happens (if happens at all) we'll all be dead anyway. There is no absolute way that in 100 years anything will change a lot. They simply WON'T stop producing fuel-based vehicles. Trucks (for Americans), pickups, heavy duty vehicles are all gonna be fuel powered. Regular cars will have both options to buy - electric and fuel. While those low-powered cars will probably dominate with electricity - it is only a better choice for everyone. Less air pollution, less noise, less dirty smell. Chances are you buying small hatch with low displacement engine outside of crowded city is really small. Therefore your trip will be very short 90% of the time, so electric engine is objectively better. Performance models/variants like GTI, S/RS, AMG, M and others will have only fuel powered motors to offer. Not to mention if theres a two choices of same model and everything else, but different engines - electric one will be probably 20% more expensive, so, theres very little chances someones gonna pay 20% for electric engine. And no, I'm not in any way supporting e-cars, but sometimes theyre useful too.

pooinloo pajet


>hurr it reduces costs of power
>doesn't account for power production

>all new cars sold will be electric by 2030
>lists Bloomberg's estimates on sales and total electric cars
>only 35% by 2040, and that's a very hopeful estimate

>government incentives only for the first 2-3 years, then the buys foots the whole cost
>inb4 india car sales fall off a cliff in 2033

eventually electric cars will be the same price as gas cars and people buying new cars will buy electric over gas, then gas cars will be a dying breed like people who still use horses for the fun of it.
It has been teste in multiple conditions, it exceeds 200miles easily in any condition which is more or the same as most gas powered vehicles with a full tank.

Until they see their electric bill skyrocket and go back to a gas car.

eventually, yes. the question is when? if we look at the problems preventing electric from taking off, we can infer a bit.
>power cost
some places this is already solved, but others have issues keeping the cost down and would require new power production facilities.
they don't have this issue for new or even post lease cars, but in the used market we have a ton of 10+ year old cars. the few hybrids of that age are known to have battery issues. to keep adoption rate moving the way they plan it, they need to have the battery issues largely resolved right now, so the used buyers have a good experience and might move up to a new electric car in the future.
>power grid
many parts of the world aren't ready to offload all that used gasoline power onto the grid to charge a replacement electric car. hopefully this gets solved soon.
this is solved in the tesla price range, but people often confuse it with the next point
>refill or recharge
this has no clear answer just yet, as it ties to reliability. the faster you charge, the less charge cycles you get out of the battery. the slower, the less you want to leave the 250 mile circle around your home. perhaps cars can have hotswap precharged batteries like with propane tanks, but it seems the industry want to go with degrading battery life in exchange for convenience.

I think a reasonable estimate would be 2050 before companies really phase out ICE. by then, consumer confidence, power cost and availability, and long term reliability will be high enough to push people to electric for good.

>Continue driving our gas-powered cars. They won't close down all the gas stations.
If all the other countries make use of carbon tax provisions, then the USA could be carbon tax "fined" into submission. It needs the rest of the world to both sell and buy materials and products. Let's see, animefan buys a package of Calbee snacks from Japan for 298 yen list price. The carbon tax assigned by paris accords member japan to the non accords polluting country is 100,000,000 yen. While an exXxaggeration, the carbon tax was one aspect of the paris accords.

As the Paris Accords go, the hold outs who aren't participating are the USA, North Korea, and Nicaragua. It will be interesting what kinds of carbon taxes will be levied against the non-participants by the members of the Paris Accords.

>Lithium reserves in existing mines are estimated to be 14 Million tons.
It's too bad 94% of the lithium is in the ocean. Very low density.

But it's good that lithium is easily recyclable.

>Blocks your path

dude looks pretty chill, would burn petroleum with

bet he has a tight boipucci

Germany also talked about being all electric in 2030's

>People talking about EV is our biggest problem


>Hit gas pedal
>No nice sounding revs
>Just electric whine

Just feels so fake

Violence is correlated with poverty
Wealthier country = more chance for peace

I also hope Afghanistan gets into the medical marijuana business. They have centuries of experience growing the finest hash plants and the climate is perfect for it.

All that needs to be enforced is that profits go to the people, not corrupt politicians or terrorists.

Not the United States of America you fascist.

>not corrupt politicians or terrorists
You cannot get rid of the greedy violent people as they have too many safe havens and strongholds. They also have the semi-autonomous tribal region of northern pakistan as their safe zone.

In Afghanistan, the local politicians (warlords) surround themselves with cronies and other violent people. They took over public facilities that were built for them with western money. That can be hospitals, water treatment, and even solar power sources. They claimed it as their property and then sold access or services to the rest of the people. Or they monopolized it for themselves and their powerbase as incentives for joining up.

>implying electricity costs as much as fuel

For hating bleeding heart environmentalist hippie pieces of shit, you sure are just as idealistic.

This already happens with truckers.

[citation needed]

>battery power was nonexistent
>major, absolutely fucking ridiculous leaps and bounds in electronics, battery technology in its very infancy at the start and becoming more widespread as oil prices keep going up
>battery technology still improving but already reaching the range of gasoline powered cars and long covered the range of the typical commute, advanced electronics extending the range further and further

>icecucks commit suicide on mass

if you want whine, Brushed DC my friend. More power and torque, less revs but you can use a 2 speed tranny. easier electronics. the only other downside is occasionally replacing the brushes.

>muh batteries
This was never the case pic related,the reason why ev and other "alternative fuel"meme shit never caught on was because of the infrastructure and the fact that gasoline excels everywhere they
>electric sports cars
>electric trucks
>electric off-roaders
>ev in military aplication of any kind
>electric planes/rockets
Just kill yourself,evcuck!

>on mass

People will still drive gas cars on the weekends and have fun with gas powered vehicles, gas wont be banned it will just be less common

This guy is a trillionaire

As usual ICE cucks can't compete

they cant do shit to the US. Specifically because the petrodollar is still king, and we are king of the petrodollar. And while this push towards electric IS basically a sneaky way of trying to topple the petrodollar, we also basically own the UN, considering we make up most of it's budget.

who is going to dare try and sanction the US? Thats basically biting the hand that feeds, and a huge risk.

not to mention putting extra cost on shit make abroad would be against china and many other countries interests. considering the only reason china owns manufacturing right now is because of currency manipulation that makes it super cheap to produce there- and we have a wave of protectionism building in the US, what do you think would happen if "the rest of the world" decided to put high fines on products coming out of china? that would be the rest of the world putting a voluntary tariff on their own goods, which would incentivize businesses to leave for cheaper shores, which would kill china, but has the potential for exploitation by the US with the right tax incentives. And so, suddenly, the rest of the world shot itself in the foot and aided American protectionists

>mfw he's gonna be paying $2M/month in alimony to that bitch in a year or two

>English inventor Thomas Parker, who was responsible for innovations such as electrifying the London Underground, overhead tramways in Liverpool and Birmingham, and the smokeless fuel coalite, built the first production electric car in London in 1884, using his own specially designed high-capacity rechargeable batteries.[16] Parker's long-held interest in the construction of more fuel-efficient vehicles led him to experiment with electric vehicles. He also may have been concerned about the malign effects smoke and pollution were having in London.


>but by 1912, many homes were wired for electricity, enabling a surge in the popularity of the cars. At the turn of the century, 40 percent of American automobiles were powered by steam, 38 percent by electricity, and 22 percent by gasoline. 33,842 electric cars were registered in the United States, and America became the country where electric cars had gained the most acceptance.[25] Most early electric vehicles were massive, ornate carriages designed for the upper-class customers that made them popular. They featured luxurious interiors and were replete with expensive materials. Sales of electric cars peaked in the early 1910s.

Yeah, no. Here in Canada, where it snows for 8 months and can get to -40°C, that Tesla is going to get fucked. Batteries are inherently less efficient in the cold, especially extreme cold, then you add in heat for the cabin, heated seats and mirrors, defrost, etc, and you're lucky to get 200miles.

5hen you have the 25°C summer months, which also negatively affect the battery.

To add to that, the battery will charge less and less over time. Then there's the fact that the model S is a fucking $95k car, not a 25k Civic (which will run longer and better btw).

Also, where in the absolute fuck do you think your electricity comes from? I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with mole.

from tesla's website:
the base model in 0F temps (-17.9C) with heat on gets 205 miles on 19s, 201 on 21s
100D (longest range model) gets 272-266 in those conditions
that's also with perfect road conditions (no snow or speed changes from 65MPH), so at -40C and light snow you might get 125-150 miles in the top model, and not break 100 in the base model.

Kek, so in heavy snow, plus strong head on winds, it'll get somewhere from 80-90miles per 100% charge.

>This is the future, and you only have to pay 100k for it

I'll stick to my Civic and it's 500km per tank in the winter (heat on full, both seats heated and leather)

Thanks for the info look up user. I appreciate it


only used that number for the FUCKING LEAF, since they basically live in Siberia

>200 miles
More like 20

Only used that number because it hits it about 7-10 times a year. It's usually around -15 to -35. It's not bad, but the extremes need to be accounted for as well.
Implying there's anything wrong with being a Canadian (outside of our cuck prime minister)


nah, I'm just joking. We need our Syrup and Timmy's from somewhere afterall. Also the Ford GT

what about trucks?


Very obvious candidates for EV, especially fire trucks and ambulances (as well as garbage and utility trucks). Having to rely on an idling engine turning an alternator to run auxiliary systems is pretty much a rube goldberg device, complete waste and needlessly complex. Electric also allows for many useful packaging solutions that can open up a lot of chassis config options.

the advantage of a fire truck using an engine to power systems is to run off the grid for a long time. a better solution would be a plug in hybrid with a diesel generator that can also turn a water pump.

I can see it now

>Year 2025
>ICE illegal
>A small underground group of ice drivers ones up with a plan to steal a million
>Perpetrator in a Gee Tee Aru
>4 cops in a Tesla model 3 specifically designed for police use
>Giving chase
>Gee Tee Aru goes on to Highway
>Abruptly slows down and accelerates constantly through traffic
>Police trying to keep up
>Police over heat and the cars slow down
>Gee Tee Aru gets away with a collection million dollars
>Everybody is greatly triggered and hoverboards to their safe space

It's all good

that is a massive hotel load you want to put onto batteries.

you would have to plug firetrucks into local power utility lines. in order to run the pumps to fight anything bigger than a kitchen grease fire.

a better solution. is to use a gas turbine over electric hybrid setup. where a small gas turbine running on natural gas, spins a genereator. which provides energy to turn motors and charge battery.

then you have the problem of work vehicles and remote locations.

you just can't mandate the entire automobile fleet over to battery EV.

you have to look at each situation individually and find the most economical solution that is cleaner than the current petrol/diesel vehicle.

>hoverboards to their safe space


at -20c there is no snow, ice or water unless there is a major snowstorm that would justify avoiding the road at all cost and teslas are boat anchors so the wind should be a big problem.
At 120 kmh you lose so much range that their calculator cant go pass -10c.

Kek, I just found out that the car won't let you charge if the battery pack is below freezing since it'll damage the battery.

These things are useless here

wait, so you literally can't use it in the winter if you live north of the Mason-Dixon and have no garage? even if it has a battery heater, what happens if you don't have enough juice to heat the battery enough to plug it in?