What manufacturers did your family own cars from while growing up?

What manufacturers did your family own cars from while growing up?
Who are your favorite manufacturers today?
Is there a correlation?
2 Mazda
2 Chevy
3 Nissan
3 Honda
1 Mitsubishi
2 Subaru
>My Favorites
Yes, I'd say so.

Imagine if your family had just bought two Toyotas or something instead. Were you guys poorfag as fuck and just recyled through unreliable shitboxes every two years?

Literally only Toyota that we still have till this day, because my dad was smart enough not to buy some cheap korean POS or American turd.

ugh, BMW when I was 3
then a renault and another BMW when I was 4
BMW and a toyota when I was 7
then a Subaru and the same BMW from when I was 3
then a Suzuki
and now a Toyota and a a Mercedes

can kinda see why I like BMWs and Subarus


Family owned


Correlation? Yes I'd say. I can't stand rusty shitboxes

They owned just about everything at some point but Subaru, Mazda and Chrysler. The only brand that stood out to me as being absolute utter crap was GM products. Never heard so many problems and complaints, as I recall.

I don't really have a favorite, when it comes time to buy a new car, I do the research and see what's best and what's not. I will say that over the years, Chrysler has been consistently bad. Avoid.

>Were you guys poorfag as fuck and just recyled through unreliable shitboxes every two years?
Nice projection. My father's work had us move around a few times and we weren't always able to bring cars with us, so we ended up selling and buying different ones once we got to our new home.
First Mazda traded in for the second Mazda. Second Mazda got sold in a move.
First Chevy got sold in a move, second Chevy was a project me and my dad tackled when I was a middle schooler and we sold it.
First Nissan was totaled in a crash we weren't at fault for, and replaced by second Nissan which got sold in a move. Third Nissan was also sold for a move.
First Honda was totaled in another incident, replaced by second Honda which also got totaled (neither of these were our faults either), and the third replaced the second and was sold in a move.
Mitsubishi was the only POS that crapped out on us, and even then, it was perfectly fine until the day it threw a rod.
Both Subaru's were bought after our last move. I believe they still own them, but my younger brother drives one of them now, and my mom has since purchased another.

3 Renault
1 Chrysler
1 Seat
1 Peugeot
1 Skoda

Certainly explains why I prefer european manufacturers.



Yes, I'm a brand loyalty cuck and proud of it.

Not while I was growing up, but before I was born, my father used to race Honda motorcycles.
I've only owned Honda motorcycles in my 8 years of riding, and there was no correlation, because he didn't let me own bikes when I lived in the house, and never talked about them with me.

1 Acura
1 Mazda
1 Ford
2 Ford
1 Acura
1 Toyota
1 Mercedes Benz
1 Ford
1 Pontiac
No, never had any problems with any of their cars that would sway my opinion. Though my Ford had an issue less than ever 3000 miles, it didn't really sway me away, just to be more careful.

M 1st gen teggy (got stolen and scrapped for parts)
D renault encore (scrapped because it was a piece of shit)
M 4 eyes teggy (don't know what happened)
-I am born-
D mk3 golf (starts the long line of VAG)
M b5 passat wagon (replaced teggy)
D mk4 golf tdi (replaced mk3 (trade in))
M mk1 rabbit convertible (project car, scrapped eventually because of shit frame repair)
M mk1 scirocco 24hrs of lemons car (I don't know where this ended up?)
-move to germany- sell mk4 golf
M b5.5 passat wagon (promptly flipped)
M/D mk3 golf wagon (replaced b5.5)
>tfw my mom desperately wanted a twingo and dad wasn't having any of that shit
>tfw his shitty encore ruined french cars for us
>mfw she is importing a twingo next year
mom buys a bmw motorbike
-move back to USA-
we bring the bmw motorbike with us in parts, we still have the b5 wagon at home
M some shitty kawasaki trail bike that never runs
M enough parts to build another bmw motorbike
D mk6 golf tdi
I inherit an 07 corolla from grandparents
D mk7 golf GTI (replaced dieselgate TDI)
I buy a meme machine AW11. My brother will get the corolla once he gets a license.

I am an 80's Toyota fanboy.

my father owned golf 1 gti with bodykit, then he died and my mother drove it until it rusted away beyond salvation

i surely got influenced by that: i have a huge boner for 80's hot hatches now, and if i'd have a chance to get real mk1 gti like my father one, i would be willing to sell everything i have and eat rocks for years just to get it

Sorry for your loss. That sounds really comfy and I hope you can make it happen.

Citroen C15

Nah I always hated my family's car choice. Toyota and Fiat were mine, the rest belonged to household members.


1 Volvo
2 Toyota
2 Mazda
None of the above

But I gotta say, growing up with them reliable toyotas made me buy my first toyota 4 months ago.

My family went with whatever. I remember a few:
Chevy caprice cop car that they would tow a boat with
70 chevy camaro
Ford Taurus SHO
Camaro z28, like 25th anniversary edition or some shit.
Mazda 3
Toyota camry
Mazda miata
Ford f350
Toyota pick up
C4 and C3 corvette
Chevelle ss
Now dad just sold the vette and chevelle for a Pontiac lemans.

2 Fords

>Family owned
6 Fords
4 Nissans
3 Hondas
1 Cadillac

>My favorites

3 Holdens.
2 Mitsubishis.
1 Daewoo.
1 Suzuki.
1 Ford.
1 Nissan.
Dad was a Nissan tech and owned exclusively Holdens, Nissans and Fords before I was born.

I share my love for Mitsubishis from him, they're our family's most loved car brand.
I got him into Lexus/Toyota.
Secretly love a lot of Euros which would probably have me shot if he knew.

>My favorites

1 Ford
2 Kia
1 Hummer

They were all pretty shit, Ford Explorer was the best though.

>What manufacturers did your family own cars from while growing up?
2 Subaru
2 Honda
>Who are your favorite manufacturers today?
None, they've all gone to shit. I like what many car manufacturers used to do, though.
>Is there a correlation?
I drive an old Volvo brick, so no.

8 Chevys
5 BMWs
1 Chevy
3 BMWs

2 of my BMWs are wagons kek

my dad is a hardcore murica fag and the only cars he ever bought were gmc, Cadillac, Chevy, and poniac

Toyota is more or less the family business. My grandfather was a business manager at Lexus for a while, and I'll probably work at Toyota after college. The last car he helped market before retirement was the LFA.

2 or 3 International pickups
91 Dodge Ram 250 Cummins (eventually passed down to me)
04 Ram 3500 Cummins

Numerous American shitboxes before I happened
briefly some American shitbox after I happened
2nd gen Ram 1500
04 Jeep Grand Cherokee
08? Grand Cherokee
11 Accord

>My favorites

For Dodge trucks, definitely. I always loved that first gen and still do to this day.

My family had


I don't have favorite manufacturers but in general, probably Subaru, BMW, Volvo, and Porsche. So no correlation at all.

No my parents where never car enthusiast or cared about cars in general kek
>1 Acura
>2 ford
>4 Chevrolet
My favorite was when my mom used to have a sky blue late 80's Acura integra LS
And no correlation I don't like boring cars like they seem to and I mostly like 80's-90's jap shit bonus points if you guess my family's race

>1 Fiat
>2 Hondas
>1 Saab
>3 BMWs
>2 Mercs
>1 Nissan
>1 Renault
>1 Mazda

I like some Mazdas and BMWs so maybe there's a correlation. But the BMWs they had were shit. The only 3 cars worth mentioning from the above are the 3rd gen 'lude, 9000 turbo and NB

>Family owned
1 Skoda
4 Mitsubishi
1 Renault
1 Honda
1 Mercedes

>My favorites

Lancia x2
Subaru x3

I like BMW and Toyota stuff.

the cars before I got my first one
>80's Honda Accord (Dad's)
>96 Chevy Venture (Mom's then Dad's)
>2000 Saturn L200 (Mom's then sister's)
>2005 Saturn Vue (Mom's)
Then I ended up with a 96 prelude. Dad now drives a FJ Cruiser and Mom drives a Scion xB. Sister has an 06 Mazda 6. Currently own a 2016 Miata. Family's trust in GM died with Saturn.

>dad: Nope, I only buy merrican
>dad again: well shit I have to pay 2k to fix my cherokee

dumbass should have bought an rav4 or a crv

5 BMWs
1 Acura
1 Volkswagen
1 Chrysler (Although I have no memory of it whatsoever)

I've liked BMWs as long as I can remember, and my first car was a used E36. I also enjoy old Nissans and Alfas.

2 Fords
2 Nissans
3 Hondas
1 GMC truck
now 2 BMWs

Three Acuras, one Infiniti, two Lexuses, one Jeep. I like Japanese, and Chrysler is really the only American brand I pay attention to. I know FCA a shit, but they look so much better than their competition. So, yeah, there's correlation.

We've had two Mazdas through the 80s and 90s, two Toyotas from 2003 til 2013 and currently a GMC and a Nissan.

Pretty sure my dad's next car will be a Toyota again, he always preferred them.

For me it's GM/Opel/Chevrolet, Fiat and Honda

Answer: Nope

Parents had:
Honda Civic EG
Honda Civic EK
Honda Civic EK
Honda Accord CL1
Honda Accord CL7
Honda integra DC5

I like:
Corvettes and other high displacement v8 sports card. Why do I have to live in a RHD country :(

3 VW
3 Dodge
2 Chevy
1 Mercedes
1 Lexus
1 Jeep


Maybe a correlation with VW and Porsche, not sure though

Unlike most people here, my family didn't go through cars as much, nor did we have brand variation. My mother's side was all Chrysler and my paternal grandparents (father is an only child) drove Fords.
I don't have any preference to any specific brand.

> Posts anime
> Anime is Japanese
> Mazda, Nissan, Honda
> Also Japanese
> Weebs like Japanese things just because
> Correlation?
Yes, I'd say so.

Nothing wrong with buying American. He just bought the worst American manufacturer that's all
> Anime
How does your father feel about his weeb son?

Same, my family had
>early 90's teal f150
>2000 ford windstar
>2006 dts they still have now, 9 years later

I think they are thinking about buying some buick crossover soon though. Dads back is fuckered and getting in and out of crossovers is easier than cars.

I like
>gm muscle, especially 80s camaros/firebirds
>jdmtyte rhd cars
>mini-trucks, regardless of brand

Mostly Ford's, Some Chevy's, Cadillac's, 3 Mercedes' and 2 Toyota's, Nissan's and 1 Dogde.

I like Ford, but i'm slowly growing disappointed in the brand.

OP here. It didn't help that 7 years of my life were spent in Japan. Could be a possible correlation there too.

1 Buick
2 Toyotas
1 Chevy
3 Honda's

Currently have one of the Honda's and one of the Toyotas (09 Civic and 99 Aristo)

7 chevys (nova, cavalier, lumina, trailblazer, 3 different silverado 2500s)
1 Ford (mustang)
2 Buicks (Grand National and 2014 regal)

2 Chevys (El Camino, trailblazer)
1 Scion (xA)
1 Ford (Fiesta ST)

My favorite: Ford I guess, since i actually dropped money on a FiST

Correlation: No, other than my domestic fetish.

My dad worked for Holden and then Mercedes for years while I was growing up, pretty high up in the company too. Always had brand new clubsports and E-Class drive cars and shit.

He now own his own dealership and drives a Mustang and an X6. Really makes you think.

>Family (bought before I got into cars):
3 Toyota
2 Chrysler
1 Ford
1 Honda
1 Pontiac

>Family (after I got into cars):
2 Lexus
1 Honda
1 Toyota

>My favorites:
1. Toyota/Lexus
2. Subaru
3. Konigsegggegegegeg
4. Ford

Yes, my first car was a 1993 Corolla and my second and third cars were AW11s. I still have my third car but I'm getting my fourth which is a WRX in WRB.

I like things that just work but I also like when people try things that haven't been done before.

Grandpa #1 chronologically: Wartburg, Renault, Peugeot, Peugeot, Toyota, Hyundai

Grandpa #2 chronologically: Skoda, Toyota, Toyota, Toyota

Dad chronologically: Trabant, Daihatsu, Opel, Audi, Ford, Renault, Volvo, Opel, Chevrolet, Volvo

Volvo and Toyota are in fact among my favorite brands, as far as I know they've always been flawlessly reliable in my family apart from routine maintenance.

Direct Family car history

40's - 50's
Opel Blitz
Horch Type 930

50's till mid 60's
Beetle beetle beetle beetle.

>Lancia (Beta Coupe, Delta Integrale, Thema, Fulvia, Ypsilon)
>Alfa Romeo (Spider. GTV6, GTV, Alfasud, 146)
>Fiat (500, 128, Regata, 4x4 Panda, Ritmo)

>BMW (E36/E46/E87 ((1-series)) )
>Audi (100 A4B6/A3 8L / 8P/A8D4)
>Mercedes (W201/W203)
>VW (MK1 MK2 Golf 8 / Polo 8/ Up)

My favourite:
90's Honda
80's Toyota

You tell me. It's not a conscious one. Maybe a love born out of poverty.

>Family cars growing up
2 Fords, Taurus and... Escort? One crashed, one died.
2 Saturn L300s, one crashed. Other's still running even with all its problems.
1 Toyota Camry Wagon, we donated it. Passenger side door froze.
1 Honda Accord, runs great.
1 VW Jetta, blew dicks. Rusted engine mounts and exhaust.

1. Subaru
2. Mazda
3. Ford

1 Subaru WRX wagon. Love it.
1 Focus ZX3. Owned it for a month while my WRX was in the shop, was more fun to throw around than the WRX because I didn't give a shit about it. Sold it for what I bought it for.

Fuckin none

>My favourite:
>90's Honda
>80's Toyota
user don't worry about poverty
at least you have god tier taste

>Land Rover
>Mercedes Benz
>Dodge again




Thats it, my parents drive the same car for 26 Years now

3 Fiat
1 Opel
1 Renault
1 Ford
1 Toyota

Renault, Citroen, Peugeot and non Hybrid Toyota

91 or so Eagle Talon
Honda Accord (86 I think?)
'93 Dodge Dakota (still have it)
98 Dodge Caravan (trash, trans died at 30k, ECU shat itself entirely at 34k)
00 Subaru Outback (manuel)
08 Kia Rio
08 Subaru Impreza
08 Subaru Tribeca
98 Subraru Forester
And since I moved out my dad has had an 11 Mini and just bought a 17 WRX

Vauxhall Viva HB
Austin Maxi 1500
Ford Escort Mk.1
Renault 18
Saab 90
Opel Vectra A
Volvo S40
Opel Omega B
Ford Mondeo
Mercedes-Benz C220CDI
BMW 520d

The Talon, my dad bought it new and kept it very nice
Outback because I started to learn manuel on it before we sold it
Rio because it was the first car I drove a lot
Of course, the WRX is best, but I've been gone 6 years now

Me: Hyundai

I drive a Kawasaki

I don't think there is a correlation

My family owned a Toyota, a Honda, a Peugeot, a BMW and a Suzuki.
I don't have favorite manufacturers. Every mainstream manufacturer has made good cars and bad cars.

>someone else on Veeky Forums actually likes Peugeot
I really need to get myself a 205 GTi as a project but got no garage access atm

>Family until I was 16:
- 3 Volvos
- 2 GMCs
- 2 Fords
- 2 Audis
- 1 SAAB
>My favorites (I've owned one of all 3):
- Honda
- Mazda
- Subaru

2 Opel
1 Fiat
1 Citröen


>3 dodge
>2 chevy
>1 ford
>1 pontiac
>1 jetta

Weirdest shit ever. My family drives almost entirely domestic shitters besides my brother with his lemon Jetta TDI. Extended family all domestics with one side being all hyundai.

Nobody has ever owned or even looked at Japanese vehicles. Not a single Subaru, Mazda, Toyota or Honda anywhere.

Because I have an 8th gen accord coupe my family thinks i have some sort of exotic import luxury car that's expensive to maintain, requires premium fuel and will chug fuel from it's power.

From when I was born to like 8 my parents both drove a Mitsubishi diamanté. One sedan one station wagon. My dad has switched cars from then on all over the place but ironically a sedan when he works in construction and like 95% of people drive trucks

He's switching to a new car now and I told him to maybe get a Subaru or some other little AWD since he loves that style of 4 seaters, low to the ground, but most little cars are shit for the field.

Aw fuck here we go:
and probably by next week Audi

From what I remember:
Opel Kadett
BMW 320i (E36)
BMW 530i (E39)
BMW 530i (E60)
BMW 335i (E92)
BMW 535i (F10)
BMW 330d (F34)
BMW 530d (G30)
>my favorite
The 335i, n54 and I was 18 in 2007, first car I drove after getting my license. My next car will be a bmw, too.

Yes, it even formed my career
>studied mechanical engineering
>working for bmw now, consulting for now but still

Dat a so nice! Suh a lubbubly famiry!

Pontiac Bonneville v6
Grand am
Some fucking suvs.
I like hondas and gms anymore since Pontiac is fucking dead.
Bonneville made me want and accord or a Bonneville...

>What manufacturers did your family own cars from while growing up?
Alfa Romeo
Toyota (temporary beater)
Seat (temporary beater)

>Who are your favorite manufacturers today?

Nope, not seeing a correlation.

Ok here we go, my mother doesn't drive so here are my father's cars:

VW Golf II Diesel (NA)
Opel Ascona C GT 2.0
Renault Clio I 1.2 (one hell of a downgrade from the Ascona, still can't understand why he bought this)
Opel Astra F 1.6
Citroën Xantia 1.8 16V
Citroën Picasso 2.0 HDi 90 (tarbo'd diesel / 90hp to pull 5 persons and luggage: wtf are you doing daddy)
Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi 110
Peugeot 407 1.6 HDi 110

I don't really have a favorite manufacturer, every single one has been pumping out turds at one point or another. Though I love sedans, especially comfy cruisers from Citroën and Mercedes. I also like BMWs up to the E39, and some Peugeots as a more reasonable option

I guess yes, there is a link. He made me hate people carriers and cars that are too small to be practical to carry 4 people and their luggage on a trip. And diesel, fuck diesel. I don't see myself in anything other than a petrol sedan/wagon.
Current car: Citroën Xantia 1.8 16V, everything you could wish for as a student, but holy shit that acceleration starts to feel painfully slow
Next one: depending on the market, maybe an E55 AMG, or 530i E39 to be more reasonable, or a V6 Citroën C5 to be even more reasonable.

Ford Econoline
Some talking car (chrysler new yorker maybe?)
Eagle Colt Vista
Dodge Caravan
Chevy astro
Mazda Protege
Dodge Caravan
Hyundai Accent
Ford Focus
We're poor and uneducated

Did he teach you to smoke at age 10 and fingerbang your sister?

1 Honda
1 Jeep
2 Mazdas
3 Nissans
2 Plymouths
1 Saturn
1 Buick
2 Toyotas

Currently have
1 Honda
1 Mazda
1 Nissan

The correlation seems obvious to me. You're more likely to get something tried and true and avoid the ones you know suck dick.

3 Chevy's
1 dodge
1 Chrysler
3 Ford's
1 Pontiac
1 Plymouth
And 1 GMC
And I like Mazda a lot

citroens and then bmws

>I'm just gonna come out swinging because I feel like getting in a fight online today

All ford
>t. Slighty upmarket chav

Only car our family had before our current one (that I remember) is a minivan, then he bought a first gen Equinox that we've had since 2006. Looks like pic related but in red.