Why do Americans put truck engines in their sports cars?

Why do Americans put truck engines in their sports cars?

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because they don't care about turning anyway

Why do europoors love getting blown up by Muslims so much?

Except they don't, unless you consider diesels to be sporty.

>what is every chevy v8 ever

The chevy V8 isn't a diesel though, so not a truck engine.

>inb4 Olds diesel fiasco

>trucks can only be diesel
Are you retarded?

>6.0 LS2/6.2 LQ9
>Chevy 2500 HD/1500

>4.8 Vortec
>Chevy 1500 pickup/work vans/etc

>4.6/5.0/5.4 Ford
>Mustang/Crown Vic

Same engines, just different tuning and exhaust/intake/cam usually

No current truck manufacturer makes gasoline trucks. DAF, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, etc. all use diesel engines.

Those aren't trucks, those are pickups.

Why do yuropoors put economy car engines in their """sports cars"""?

Those aren't trucks, those are tractor trailers

>Those aren't trucks, those are pickups

You're a retarded fag. Kenworth and Mack don't make cars you dumb euro fuck.

We're talking big 3 manufacturers.

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The first small block Chevy engines started in cars before they were in trucks, so wouldn't that be the opposite?

Used an aluminium LS1 or LS2.
>Chebby 1500/2500 etc.
Uses an iron block LQ9. Not even the block is the same.

Never even used the 4.8. Since the introduction of the LS1, always used aluminium blocks for the V8 models.
>Chebby pickups
Uses an iron block. Not even the block is the same.

Quit being a fucking moron and use google you cunt.

The LQ9 didn't come along until VortecMAX and the post cat-eye 05-07 or so trucks. Previously they were 6.0s. Faggot.

No, this is a truck.

Forgot pic you dumb nigger.

And this is a tractor.

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And this is a trailer. Why you'd ever hook this up behind a tractor is beyond me.

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>posts modified cars
The Camaro never came from the factory with a 4.8.

Point still stands: trucks use iron blocks, which are vastly different from the aluminium blocks used in sportscars.

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Why are they called Kenworth Tractors?



So did the Windsor small block, by the way.

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and they still get worse economy than American """"truck engined"""" sports cars

Wierd, I'd swear it was called Mack Tractor Trailers just yesterday.


So, Americans put their sportscar engines into trucks, not the other way around?

Certainly explains why the Yuropoors can't make decent trucks: you need a good sportscars engine first.

Europe seems to have the world beat when it comes to almost anything in the automotive industry, except trucks. Is the truck industry just not as big in Europe? American trucks are leaps and bounds better than whatever Europe has. Not even the Japanese can compete with them.

>t. Mohammad

Europe doesn't really do trucks.
Not big ones, anyway. They simply don't fit.

>They simply don't fit.
Not really. If anything, I'm only seeing more and more fullsize crewcab pickups here.

t. Netherlands, most crowded country in Europe.

Gotta love that """"company work vehicle"""" tax loophole.

Yeah it's funny one of the first small block cars was actually the Corvette (Getting rid of the Blue flame inline six which made it a joke of sorts).

Tucks if anything are good at getting though loopholes.

Here in the burgerland too, picture related happened because Trucks were exempt from as much emissions and millage shit as cars were. Making it one of the fastest American cars out of the showroom at the time.

And I forgot the picture like a dumb ass.

volkswagen amarok doesn't seem bad desu



Silly Americans, this is a tractor

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