Anyone else here enjoy piss driving?

Anyone else here enjoy piss driving?
Fill up windshield wiper tank with piss Depending on color, thin it with some water to make it less obvious
Adjust nozzles
Drive at comfy low speed and spray tailgating ragefag Normies and boiracers with your precious bodily fluids
They will never know :^)

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But Pablo your car will smell like piss.

>Implying it didn't already

It's a dedicated piss car

What the fuck

it's funny until Chad pulls you out of your car and craps in your mouth

Lifted vehicles usually catch the golden shower in their cooler, where it sticks, gets very hot and reeks badly :^)

>Drive at comfy low speed

yes, that's when it goes from funny to sexy

>Anyone else here enjoy piss driving?
If you cause a biohazard scare, you WILL be charged with a terrorism crime. Those are all felonies. It's also expensive because you're forced to pay all the medical bills of people who went in for medical inspections just in case you had hepatitus or other diseases whose viruses spread in bodily fluids.

A precedence case for coal rolling.
We can finally sue them too :)

Are you being serious? I mean, if you are, more power to you. Some people deserve to get sprayed with piss.

Pee is sterile, you mong.

Well, at least you're one of the few that cares enough to keep the washer fluid tank filled...

No, it isn't. Just because a lot of misinformed people say it is doesn't make it so.

how does this spray people behind you?
wouldn't it just spray your windscreen

>Adjust nozzles
OP thought of this

In high school I had a clapped beater and did this with diluted paint stripper.

I would get in front of expensive cars and dust them on the interstate, I kept a retarded thick coat of old style wax on my car and after going out on a run I would come home and wash my car off. Never really stripped the paint on my car because I didn't give it time. I mean it did a bit in spots but not badly so you would notice.

anyway I saw an article in the paper saying the cops had been getting reports of people having thousands of dollars in damage done by someone spraying paint stripper so i stopped (well I still did it like once a year lol)

never got caught

Did you know, you can use windshield wiper ass poop launcher?

God's work

That's fucked but hilarious.

Got a brand new viper once, I had seen it around town before and sure enough the next time I saw it, the paint looked like someone had misted a pair of jeans with Clorox

Fuckn kek

That's wrong man I would unironically kill you

why would you even want to do this

No, you wouldn't kill anyone for ruining your car.
You wouldn't go to prison for 20 years over a car.

>implying I have not killed before
>implying i would get caught

>That's wrong man I would unironically kill you
I would ironically kill him, like he thought he was going to drive around and strip people's paint, well I would pour paint down this throat till he choked and died

that's the opposite of what he thought would happen!

You know, there are probably at least 100 robots driving around, spraying piss :)
I personally know 5

>When you're friends with de bolis :DDDD and if any shit comes up/happens, a few phone calls and a promise of your renown bbq does it
>You can know pretty much anything within the city thanks to those security cameras nobody seems to know about and almost nobody in the force uses either

Last April someone fucked some nigger's shit for almost running a whole fucking family over, speeding all over the place, the fucken asshole. Pickup drivers are the worst for that shit

Oh, well, can't speed in your brand new truck if the inside has been sitting overnight in a cloud of some ungodly, stinky "goop off". And of course the engine compartment has to get a treatment too, because all those delicious sensors. Good thing a lot of the expensive wiring is easily accessible with a small enough, curved metal tube

>Figured about 40 to 55% of the vehicle's MSRP was required just for the materials, if they buy smart

Anywho! Just wanted to say, don't do unnecessarily stupid things, Anons. There are nasty people out there. As in "hired 3 men with AIDS to rape you" nasty. Those can be fairly unpredictable. One off comment, and your joke becomes someone's demise

Truth. Here's some relevant comedic wisdom.

I'm giggling

I can imagine some autist speeding down the highway and spraying piss at tailgaters

It is, but not once it touches your pen0r.

shit I was passing a cattle truck one time when a steady stream launched out the side and just doused my car in cow piss.
guess it could have been worse, could have been cow shit

poorfags are always so jelly that they can't let others have nice things

who else here flings full diapers out of the sunroof?
i hit a schoolbus once and the entire windscreen was just murky green colored, he had to pull over lol

>who else here flings full diapers out of the sunroof?
The number of used diapers on the roadsides and parking lots decreased to almost none after lots of public restrooms all began to have diaper changing stations.

>Pee is sterile
The piss that emerges is not sterile. It is one of the bodily fluids that contains bacteria and viruses. It has been shown that ebola is in the piss of infected people so that's why they don't just flush it directly into the sewer systems but have to decontaminate the piss.

There's nothing wrong with spraying ebcola pee on Normies


the urinary tract has tons of bacteria, retard