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Suzuki stronk edition:

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1st for sidecars

First for should I get this bike?

>3 seconds off

>*vomits internally*

Suzuki has the highest BBI


Best bike index

Ural - the official vehicle "i dont want a good motorcycle, I dont want anything reliable enough to actually take on an adventure, and i dont want to go on the freeway ever"

Whats the point other than to look like a hipster with an ural?



any other 125 shitters in here?

>i dont want a good motorcycle
I don't want a motorcycle*


Well should I get it then? It's been on CL for a few months now. Something probably wrong with it?

>tfw no bosozoku gf

go and take a look and test drive it
or he forgot to take it out at some point

Post your bikes!

And nu-commies who want soviet quality
The amount of Urals in my country with spraypainted hammer/sickles and commie stars is disgustingly high
I still want one for the novelty but Muh ETZ250 is more than enough sidecar lack-of-action for me

U first


>those tires

>Post your bikes!
>doesnt post a bike


On the right

How do you like it? I've been looking at them for a new bike, but fuck me if insurance isn't high for it.

Hi guys, just wanted to give you a heads-up.

These go live at 2pm Central Time today, all 5 colors.

Ok if I fail my bike test the 2nd time should I give up?

I may have to face up to the fact that I will be stuck riding a 125 forever.

Gsxs1000? Its pretty fun looks heavier than it is, feels pretty planted at high speeds though, what's your age and country? I'm 22 and only paying 80$ a month for full coverage

And to stay on topic, just picked this up yesterday.

Take MSF

>fail bike test
doesn't compute
what did he mean by this?

how much value will one of these add to my bike and how much do they cost. also where do you get them.

>80$ a month
God damn

I live in the UK
I mean I attempted to get my A motorcycle license (unrestricted, can rid anything) and didn't pass.

>$80/mo for full
Fuck me running, might need to get some quotes, but I'm 28 and they told me between $140-180 for full. Liability is $38, US

>I mean I attempted to get my A motorcycle license (unrestricted, can rid anything) and didn't pass.
I got that part
but how in the fuck do you fail a test for that?

how did you fail the first time?


Anyone else get super Rossi skills when someone else is chasing or you're following them??

I legit suck if not with someone else

hit a cone.
it's about 50/50 pass fail for the module test so it's not like it's unheard of. It's in en enclosed area full of cones.

I'm the king of Jews, I literally quote shop every day when I was buying until I found something that works, if you want advice, progressive likes naked bikes for some reason, as long as they're not German, Italian naked bikes are even cheaper than japs. But super sports fuck you unless they're used, then go for like foremost or cure, or some other no name insurance

Thanks BT
U the best stickerfag
not saying much but whatever ;)

Henlo Indian user

Pic related

Sssh, don't yell. Baiku is sleeping.

You are taking my post to mean the opposite of what it actually does.

I pay $23/mo for my Tiger

Sup boo

Hell yeah! Can't wait to order some up!

Oh well yeah, I expected your tiger to be cheaper, my quote for a multistrada 950 was like 36$ a month. Boy does insurance like touring adv bikes

My friend also rides a white Chief. Big bike but beautiful.

You can only post in this thread if your bike has upside down forks.

>post bike
Most of my vanity shots go to places that will care about bullshit, but here you go.

Where did you guys go, last night?

$3, and $3. Sunset (2nd one down) is $1.50 because nobody likes that one. I get them custom-printed.

thanks bby

It's def a looker. Pretty comfy as well

old baiku, from the time I was exploring an abandoned cult

>wanting forks

You forgot to post yours.

'82 Honda CM250C

Got the tank bag this week. I always thought that tank bags seemed super awkward, but finding a rear rack for this thing proved troublesome. It is no where near as bad as I expected.


Your picture is corrupted

Make a suzuki racing colors one pls


How good a bike can you get off season for $3k.

ethiopiaFZanon here but I'm buying a bike in the states in October

pretty nice

You moving?

grad school


Question for anons that bought a _new_ bike:
Did you negotiate with the dealer? Did you get anything extra or cheaper?


What state you moving to?


Ay east coast. Maybe we can ride sometime up there, you're only a few hours from me.

If you fucks go ride without me I'll cry

You can usually argue down price, or say you want the dealer fees gone

Also, you can probably pick up an early 2000's 600 or maybe an ~2005 super naked if you find a good deal
I'm thinking about a tuono for like $4k in another couple months, maybe you could find something like that

I didn't, but because it was test ride day the bike was $2k off. There's probably a different promotion on normal days but I didn't really care.

how about a well maintained sv or versys650? I prefer twins.

Easily for $3k you can get an sv. You could get a nice low miles sv650s for under $3k


cool. ty bud

hot colour scheme

that's fantastic.

hot af, would buy color scheme. Need to bring it back


we are become one brother


>I prefer twins.

monster 695 / 750

Thread needs more 90s sport bikes with awesome color schemes

All bikes Suzuki makes, with the exception of the SV650N, look like shit.


Do you have a single fact to back that up?

Show me a good looking non-SV650N Suzuki.

Saturday evening riding around Kane Valley, BC.



Literally any suzuki



The GSXR-1000 cyclops looks horrid.
That's a Kawasaki.


A best