Any of you have a Ford Bronco?

Any of you have a Ford Bronco?
Anyone selling them or someone near you selling one?

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I'm saving up for one currently, there are so many for sale everywhere it's kind of crazy since they're so cheap. I'm looking for a 90-96 with a 5.8, Eddie Bauer edition preferable.

No, it's mine.

I've been keeping an eye on my local CL, seems most of them were used with a snow plow and look pretty abused. Haven't found any without rust or work needed.

I'm looking for one myself man, a 93-96 with the Eddie Bauer package like the one my grandmother had... no luck yet.

>tfw 2 door truck based suvs will never come back

They are though.

yeah, but it's not gonna look like that. According to Ford, it's just going to be another unneeded midsized SUV that might compete with the Jeep Wrangler. Hell they might end up making a stupid four door variant.

But the good thing is that it will be body on frame.


did any of those have a good engine?

the FJ sold well. so there is a market

The 4.0 is alright

It'll compete with the Wrangler the mall crawling department. They'll probably do the Ford Raptor schtick for an """""off-road""""" model.

what years had the 4.0?

I really hope it looks good.

supposedly they are "keeping in mind" it's "heritage" and what people "expect" from a bronco, so that gives me some hope. it's also going to be small, since they are going for something between the Bronco and Bronco 2

Can you make that pic smaller please? I don't like to see my memes very well

For everybody looking form"19xx-1996"...
The 96 was the only year that had mass air.
All the rest are speed density.
Mass air has much better throttle response and responds to modifications a lot better.
The mods option may not be a big deal to some, but the difference in throttle response is amazing.

Friend had an '87 f150- you could slam the gas pedal to the floor and pull your foot off and have it hanging out the door- THEN the engine would throttle up a few thousand revs.

Broncos are fairly easy to come by, but the options list is where its at. Some not-so-common options:
>30" tires
Stock was 27's. With the 30's you were automatically upgraded to 3.50 gears.
>note: if you change from 30's and 3.50 gears to 33's and 4.10 gears- speedo gear does not need to be changed for correct ratio/speedo reading.
>internal spare tire mount
Mounts on passenger side, can fit a 35" easily.
>push bumper
If you want the stock look, but something a little more durable, the horns and rubber strips really do make a difference
Rarest option. Replacement glass will cost you a grand. They seal well if the rubber is intact,new kits are under $100.
Blacked-out bronco, only available for less than 2 years (91-92) rarest bronco
Trim package levels:
Bones stock, manual windows etc
Some power options
Almost all comfort options
>Eddie Bauer
Electric mirrors and body matched side-step, leather along with all the xlt package.
>xlt lariat
Was dropped in the 80's iirc. An xlt with cloth captains chairs options was basically the same thing.

>they are going for something between the Bronco and Bronco 2

eh, well I can probably work with this I guess

there is no shortage of large SUV's, so a small SUV would be nice for a change

I want one too, can usually find lots in my area for under 2k. Even saw one that ran and drove for 800, it was just as ugly as my ex.

>Now if I can just stop spending all of my money on food...

>there is no shortage of large SUV's

i don't think that's entirely correct.

Mini truck master race

I'm guessing you're about 12 years old.
"heritage" refers to the original 1966-1977 models.

The Ranger is coming back in 2019. However, it appears to take the route of the Explorer Sport Trac, and not the little truck most of us love. Although, I'm willing to give the new 4 door Ranger a try.

>there is no shortage of SUV's

I saw a first-gen that looked just like pic related, same top and color, driving around today. It looked fun.

Yes, and? I didn't say otherwise

I posted that picture because that would be preferable to this. A truck-based SUV instead of an overglorified crossover.

none they have between a gutless 2.8 and a turd 2.9

Should I go for it bros?

Fuck yea but probably too late.