>Be me
>Go to nurburgringlaptimes.com/lap-times-top-100/
>[Ctrl]-F "Porsche"

That's right. Porsche alone has 21 spots in the top 100 lap times of the most difficult circuit in the world.

For reference. There are 9 American cars on that list. Like, not even a brand. A TOTAL of 9 American cars.

How is Porsche not the best fucking brand?

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HAHAHAHHQHA fucking rekt.

Also, just 6 Ferrari's wtf

also, why does my scroll button stops working after using find in page

It's 20. Not 21. There's a news article about Porsche at the bottom. Still 20% though. One fifth of the lap time top 100 is Porsche

How come Porsche doesn't have a volume production car faster than this

'13 Porsche 918 Spyder. They do.

>be me

The top 5

>only 918 made

nice limited production car

Forgot pic

That's on every board newfriend

sadly the Nio isn't the fastest one anymore

True. But it's still in the top 5. No stab at Nissan though. They've produced some absolute benchmark legends

>Porsche who literally has an office in Nürburg and develops their cars on that specific track makes cars that are fast there

What's your point?

What do you mean "sadly"? I mean, since when? The Nio was like last fucking week

You cannot design a car specifically for a track that is that long and dynamic. Bro are you just triggered or really that stupid? A car designed for that track will absolutely rag everything else

The fuck are you on about? You have to specifically design cars to be good at the Ring versus another track eg Spa. The north loop surface is shit (carousel is fucked up concrete blocks ffs) and there are actual jumps. You have to run softer than ideal springs and dampers just to keep the tires on the pavement.

>You have to specifically design cars to be good at the Ring versus another track eg Spa
Only the car setup, not its actual design
>You have to run softer than ideal springs and dampers just to keep the tires on the pavement.
Then that's the ideal spring and damper setup for that track

If that's it, stiffening the dampers (which ALL race cars have) would make it even better? Mate.. You sure you're for real?

a mclaren went faster

>you have to adjust adjustable coilovers differently!!
>it's ruined!!

>$100k grocery getter

Really makes you think.

Most difficult circuit in the world? I just checked and Subaru still holds the record at Snaefell.

Admittedly, it does. It REALLY does. But are you sure you're not picking the most expensive models of the cars you don't want to win, and the cheapest American because of your indoctrination?

Subaru holds the top 3. Damn. Did not expect. Would expect a Suzuki there though.

But Porsche is not a rally car. That track clearly calls for it

Which one? When? Link?

Does the Escudo still holds the Pikes Peak record? Fucking 981BHP out of a 2.5L v6. Was my favourite car in Gran Turismo but shit fucking handling

I think he's right. They start at 60k,haven't checked the others though

I'm just pointing out how a $100k mid life crisis mobile is keeping up with supercars. You gotta be pretty autistic to not think that's impressive.

There haven't been that many record attempts on 4 wheels. I'd like to see more cars give it a go

Peugeot 208T16 Pikes Peak by years

>previous record of 9:46.164 was shattered, and a new record time of 8:13.878 was set.

And fwiw the production car record is held by a 2014Porsche 911 Turbo S but nobody takes the class seriously.

Agreed. That really is impressive.

Why aren't there though?

That really is a fucking shatter yeah. But all I read was Porsche 911 (H)

>Fucking 981BHP out of a 2.5L v6
Didn't it have 2 engines?

>>Be me
Get raped and never recover.


>keeping up with anyone in the nurburgring

top kek, it can't even finish a lap

This one didn't. The white one did but has other specs

Leave Veeky Forums mate.

It doesn't seem to have any issues doing a laps and destroying Porsche's. I love how it keeps up at idle and bad shifting. Why do Germans even try anymore.


Oh man look at this bid whilst listening to Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

It's not for nothing that Porsche alone has over TWICE as much lap records than ALL AMERITARD "CARS" on tracks. Muritard cars can't handle corners and automatic gear shifting is for 60 iq retards. Like the average amerifat

This is a great song.. Omfg