My car just got towed by the cops today because I got pulled over and was driving without insurance. What do I do now...

My car just got towed by the cops today because I got pulled over and was driving without insurance. What do I do now? The tow yard wants me to pay $300 + $50 a day just to get my car back, but first I have to get insurance and I have to pay $250 to the police just to get a release form! I don't even have that much money!

>What do I do now?
That's what you get, you cretin. Go get a bus pass.

Are you that same faggot who was bragging how long you were driving without insurance

>What do I do now?

Live with the consequences of your actions.

You knew it was illegal to drive without insurance

Tough shit, no one cares.

>what do I do after making bad decisions
You suffer the consequences.

You're lucky they got you off the road when they did, just think if you'd hit a Ferrari at that next intersection, you'd never be out of the red as long as you lived.

>americucks forced to pay insurance :^)

>irrelevant country citizen arrested for illegal opinions

please tell me he is

>What do I do now?

Jeebus Kribes user, I think you need to take a day or two to re-evaluate you life.

Good goy, yesss you have to pay mandatory trib... er i mean insurance! so many maniacs on the road !

What country do you live in where you don't need insurance?

what if you cause damage to someone's car?


It's a pretty good system, you're required to have insurance covering someone elses shit but not your own.

In other words, if you crash your $200 shitbox into a Veyron, you don't have to sell your car, your house, your mother, your kidney and half your liver to be able to pay the dude back for crashing into his car.

i wont go into details where i'm from.
but auto-service isn't overpriced here so there is no reason for insurance and you pay it out of your pocket. in most cases insurance is worse, because to get insurance claim police must be called, and police usually fine both parties involved.

>paying a $300 fine is worse than paying off a $600,000 car for the rest of your life


do you crash into first veyron you see you fucking imbecile?

Good. I got hit by one of you insuranceless fucks and ended up footing their fucking bill. Just remember you won't have to pay anything if you kill yourself.

>didn't have uninsured motorist coverage
Must suck to be poor.

Just buy a different car, it's probably cheaper anyway

thing is minimum insurance here covers jack shit. You're likely fucked even from crashing into a common $40k car.

>i wont go into details where i'm from.
Yeah because I could find you and send you a pizza if I knew what country it is

What about if you put someone in the hospital, can they not sue you?

>thing is minimum insurance here covers jack shit. You're likely fucked even from crashing into a common $40k car.

Do you have 40k lying around since you are self insured?

>driving without insurance

Yeah no, go fuck yourself. I hope they somehow sue you and get the right to execute you via firing squad, somehow.

they could, but that is highly unlikely. People have common sense to understand that accidents happen. also suing someone is more expensive and bigger hassle than it's worth.

you can guess from numberplates.


>sunny picture
really user? really?

Not the point dipshit. Even an average $40,000 car will cause you very serious issues (obviously), but the chance of crashing into a more expensive car will literally ruin your life.

oh my bad. it's the irrelevant Georgia

You drive a BMW and there are Mercs in view and you don't have liability insurance

that's retarded


So a fucking irrelevant balkan shithole. Of course you don't need insurance since half your cars are stolen from europe.

that merc costs 5k$ total, my car costs 2400$
your point?

In America, BMW and Mercedes are mostly sold as status symbols, and still have the reputation that they are really expensive

Wallow in financial ruin because of your shit decisions in life

Perhaps if money is that tight, operating a car on the road is not really economically feasible for you? I'm guessing that you're not leasing or financing the car, because you pretty much need insurance or the lender will repo the car. So I'm guessing your car is a hooptie you paid cash for? And probably not much cash? So the car looks a bit shabby and more to the point - has things like busted taillights that would attract a cop who needs to make his monthly quota?

You can bitch about the system being rigged against you and you're right, it is rigged against you, but unless you're willing to do something about it, you're pretty much stuck with living under it. I'd just write off the car, especially if it was a hooptie to begin with.

You might want to think about a scooter or a moped or maybe a 250cc motorbike? Everyone tends to treat scooter riders as invisible, even the cops.

What if you crash into a twingo?

those don't exist in the USA

>having to bribe the police $250 just to get a form
>USA in charge of developed world
That's some Africa tier shit right there.

Literally does not exist in America

Why? Old BMWs are crumbling plastic money pits. I bet the check engine light is on, isn't it?

whats the point to even live?

Driving without insurance is much more nigger tier. I would charge 25k for this form so this retarded poorfag wouldn't see his piece of junk ever again.

vanos working flawlessly had it checked out at dealership. no mechanical or electrical problem whatsoever (all buttons work) . only airbag light is on, previous owner got rear ended and seat belt lock up sensor is stuck in Emergency mode. 20$ fix but cba to get around it.

in hopes of spending time in one when we travel abroad

Get insurance, and pickup your car. The longest you wait, the worse it will be.

Point is, if any of that stuff breaks on your BMW, you're going to need more than just $500 to fix any of it. More like $5000. Keeping an old plastic BMW running is expen$ive.

point is, if you are americuck that is getting fucked by insurance, it will be expensive to pay out of your pocket, i replaced rear struts for 30$ both, labor included "expensive"

Even if you have under/uninsured coverage it gets put on your LexisNexis CLUE report that all the major (read: non-shit) auto insurers check and then they hold the entire amount of the claim against you when pricing future insurance.

Auto insurance companies make a small amount of money against all the fuckwads, they collect more money than they get. Make a claim and they jack up your rates.

>he doesn't wrench

>hold the entire amount of the claim against you
They have always done this for all claims against your policy.

Enabling people to drive without insurance is the real problem. Where I live as soon as I cancel my insurance the insurance company is legally obliged to notify the motor registration agency. If I then don't hand my plates in voluntarily the police will knock on my door to pick them up in less than a fortnight.

Yeah, not in a majority of civilized states. If I have an accident that results in $100,000 in damage and I'm held 10% at fault, they file $10,000 as the cost to my insurer on the claim, but if that hits underinsured coverage, it's $100K damage against me.

It depends on the state - some are simple percentage on fault, while others have whoever is more than half at fault for the accident pay for the entire thing.

get a credit card

>it's $100K damage against me.
Because it is a $100k claim against your policy.

What I'm saying is regardless of the cost of an accident usually you end up paying less than half unless the vehicle you drive is substantially more expensive than the other driver or you are a majority at fault.

Whereas if you get left holding the bag with insurance (under/uninsured), all the money goes against your policy, so no matter the value of your vehicle or fault you get fucked.

Mine covers 100 million yuromoneys, sounds reasonable.

why didn't you say that to begin with, that explains everything. carry on friend

just hand the title over to the wrecker company. it makes our lives so much easier when it comes time to flatten or sell your car after 90 days

Nothing beats rotaryfags. The moment you mention how shit the engine is, they come out of the woodworks with aspergers as a sword and autism as their shield.

You're fucking retarded, I don't know why people drive without insurance. Oh wait.

go back in time and get insurance

This post was unnecessary.

It's great in New Zealand, having no mandatory insurance means it's cheap asf. I'm 22 and I insure my twin turbo manual fairlady z for 600nzd per year

It would probably cost 100k per year in the U.K. simply because it's mandatory and insurance companies are only competing with each other. Same with movie/game piracy, because piracy exists sites like Netflix and steam are competing with sites that offer the content for free, so they have to provide an affordable and useful service for that price.

If piracy didn't exist they would just charge whatever they feel like, same as insurance companies do in countries with mandatory insurance

Since OP is from Georgia (a Balkan country), I would like to give him perspective as to why the USA posters post angry comments. But that's because the USA posters understand how Georgia works. In the USA, people who drive without insurance are almost guaranteed to always hit and run. We also have a lot of illegal immigrants (mexicans) and those people drive cars and hit and run. They are able to get drivers licenses in places like washington state because that state does not check for citizenship status. It is part of that sanctuary city type liberal movement.

Because of all the hit and runs, the USA posters are always angry about anyone that drives without insurance.

Because of the right to travel

This. Show up and be nice. Chat them up. You might learn something.

>land of the free

>implying spares aren't expensive af if you want to keep it oem

sue the pigs

>Are you that same faggot who was bragging how long you were driving without insurance

Yeah, so what? Everything was going smoothly before I got pulled over and I wasn't getting cucked on insurance that I wasn't using...

Hello Georgiabro



>My car just got towed by the cops today because I got pulled over and was driving without insurance

Fucking deserved it faggot. People like you don't deserve to drive a car if you can't afford the insurance.

>He pays carbon taxes and spends two years just trying to get his driver's permit because of draconian system
>He pays out the ass when a drunk tween in an ute t-bones his diesel commy beater
I bet you can't even store your EDC under the seat.

>all this projection

Georgia isn't balkan rofl
it's literally on other side of the world.

Anyone who doesn't have a license or insurance deserves to have their cars towed. I hope it's too expensive for you to get your car back OP

>expecting a racist to know anything
Come on

Its hard to see these things coming, huh? Kinda like a car accident. The cops did you a favor.

move over mr cummy's 5mph spin out