The worst thing about Corvettes are the average owners

The worst thing about Corvettes are the average owners.

same people with the craigslist post saying i know what i got

get near them and make some passive aggressive comment like, shame it is slower than the GTR

Park next to them with a Tesla and say nothing. Just sit there :)

implying they know what a gt-r is

doesn't matter, has more horsepower and a V8

>more horsepower
>more cylinders

>still slower

And you have more chromosomes than me. Doesn't mean anything beyond that you're retarded.

corvette? more like poorvette

>triggered gtrfags

>Gm fangirl literally on a meltdown

doesn't mean much unless you buy the fast models
which most of Veeky Forums can't afford.

So what's worse, terrible cars with decent owners or good cars with jackass owners?

I don't see a gold chain on any of them. I'm disappoint. What has happened to Corvette owners? I thought it was mandatory that you needed a gold chain to properly operate a Corvette.


that goes for any car in general senpai, when you take a few steps back the entirety of the auto community are just people who get slight chubs from machines and colors (ie. on the spectrum)

>Corvette with hood open

Must be broken. Surprise surprise.

>keep insurance rates down
>don't drive them hard
What's the problem again?

What is the best Corvette to get if I want boomers to ignore more me? How do I turn one into a boyracer car without going full rice?

>tfw I'm 25 and have a full head of hair

C4 or C5 with an aftermarket exhaust

base model with added turbos and as many handling bolt ons you car find.

>GT-R spectators killed: 1
>Corvette spectators killed: 0

literally s/o/viet rn

>mfw "Clean for delivery- new corvette"
I spent two years at a chevy dealership cleaning cars for delivery and wanted to die everytime I had to prep a new vette.

The new vettes arrive with fresh paint, wrapped, and get scratched by grit in the cover. They collect bird shit on the lot, get washed with push brushes and/or run through the car wash many times before the actual sale.

New vette owners demand perfect paint and then go home and wash their car with a cloth diaper and pilfered 1986 holiday inn towels, wiping away the lint with a california car duster.

lol got 'em again

not an argument

yep an argument

but it's not???

*rolls up*

Hello fellow Corvette owners

yup it is

Why are most "car guys" so poorly dressed?

no it's not

yes it is

no it's not

>runs out of Corvette vs GTR meme pics

lel I win again

Because car culture is low culture user

>he actually believes this
top zozzle

>when GM is so BTFO they have to use Chryslers to keep up


btw the viper is cancelled now

whoops, wrong maymay image
>a cancelled car can't still hold a record
lmao. What next, you're gonna spout nonsense about how lamborghini actually owns the record because they somehow made the Viper V10? lmao sperg more my friend

>holding any relevant record

the gen 5 ACR cannot lap the ring faster than the Nismo because the """"engineers"""" at chrysler cannot make proper downforce

>170 mph top speed

>opens hood at car meet
>bone stock engine

average corvette owner
>drinks budlight unironically
>wastes life away watching football and baseball
>takes finasteride and viagra
>looks like wilford brimley in the face
>works construction job, spends life savings on downpayment for his gorvedde
>never drives past speed limit
>$1200000000 i knw wit it got, no tirekickers now loballers, 200k miles

>look at all that plastic

While not a corvette owner perse, a 3rd gen Camaro owner once pulled next to me when we were at the local mall parking lot and talking shit.
He started badmouthing my BMW, telling me to "ditch that toy and get a real car". Little did the fucker know that my barge had a 5.4 litre V12 engine pushing out twice as much power than his pathetic 5 litre V8.
Nowadays I am triggering him with my 1.8 litre FWD shitbox Nissan as his Camaro is unable to keep up with the boosted shitbox

I wonder what 1.8L sounds like with 40 pounds of boost in it.

Don't even need that much. I'm running like 5 psi at the moment and the Camaro can't keep up anymore. That thing is like ridiculously slow

The shitbox has the advantage of probably not weighing more than 2200 pounds.

The Camaro probably weighs 3800. Even with retarded power, your power factor in a lighter car is likely much higher. This is why motorcycles can savage the living shit out of supercars with like 100 horsepower.

It's also way easier to have good suspension with a lighter car. Heavyweights are great for very high cruising speeds in straight lines, which is like 80% of the roads in the continental US. This is why American cars are this way.

Above 4th gear, you're fucked in your shitbox. Quarter mile you might win. Half mile, you're fucked. 40 roll, you're fucked. Twisties, you might win if it weren't for wrong wheel drive.

Drag racing is the lowest form of motorsport possible.

DSGs make it basically a mechanic fight.

I can't really understand why any car that you're using for anything racing related needs to weigh more than 3000 pounds. If it does, to me that's just poor engineering or muh safety regs.

It's my secret dream to put an S1000RR engine and transmission into some early 80's RWD shitbox and just strip out everything that isn't absolutely required. Put the engine in the back seat for weight distribution. No driveshaft. Sprocket straight onto the diff input shaft. Better yet: have two engines and individually control the throttles for ghetto torque vectoring. No diff required.

Or make a V6 out of modern Triumph engines.

Not only does the GT-R outrun the Corvette, it outruns gravity itself.

Cool way to get killed.

Is that why the majority of the people I meet who like racing sims like Assetto Corsa and Project Cars are autistic?

He could quite literally buy a corvette with that pile of money.

>posts anime
Automatic loss



These old farts know what things are nice

Can you get sentenced to execution for trolling some old farts? Even if they die from a heart attack?


Totally alright with this.

Needs a Type R sticker somewhere...

>The worst thing about Corvettes are the average owners.
so many mid level managers in one picture.

I almost bought a new C7 in 2015. Drove one for about 300 miles. Nice car, but I'm not nearly the age bracket and it just felt odd.
Bought a z/28 instead. My hair grew 6 inches in the back overnight, and a "Motley Crue Dr Feelgood tour" shirt appeared in my closet.

C5 owner, absolutely can confirm

They make the insurance cheap as shit though, cheap enough to be worth the meme

>carfags unironically share this information like it isnt common knowledge
you know you guys are slaves right?

Thanks for sharing the most commonly known racing facts...

>leaf springs
>tall gearing
>auto only comes in slushbox
>interior is shit
>panel gaps
>exterior is shit
>overheats despite "MUH COMPACT V8" autism constantly spewed here.
>shit reliability

The people who buy these things are the people in op's pic. boomers with no fucking clue how a car works so they think a truck drivetrain shoehorned into the body of a sports car is somehow good because "muh torque" and "muh hp", not knowing anything recvolving engineering asides from those two numbers.

>these are leaf springs
>tall gearing is bad for a high torque NA engine
>literally only the C7 Z06 has a history of overheating

You don't know shit about engineering either

at my local track, ive literally only seen one corvette ever tracked there. ive seen more lotus's lamborghinis, ferraris, porsches and exotics than i have even entry level corvettes.

why is that?

because the corvette owners are too busy being pussies circlejerking at the drag strip because all their pieces of shit are good for is going in a straight line. The ones not at the drag strip are at cars and coffee on sunday mornings circlejerking over which boomer put the least tasteful chrome rims on their shitbox.

They aren't good for racing, they aren't good for driving normally, they aren't good for anything but drag racing and highway pulls and as long as gm continues their lack of improving the corvette, they will always be shit for racing.

But the owners are fine with this because they are a bunch of benchracing pussies too afraid to actually take their cars out on a real track, so having a car not good at anything gives them an excuse to stay in their realm of cozy circlejerking and ever having to actually test the limits of their cars.

A: those are leafsprings.
B: yes tall gearing is bad for performance applications. high revs and short gearing is good for performance, tall gearing and low-end torque are only good for drag racing and towing.

C: google "corvette overheating" and i can promise you that problem is not specific to the c7.

at the end of the day it's a piece of shit gm product that does nothing well because boomers get mad if you change the recipe. it's like a shitty cup of coffee the boomers have drinken for 40 years and forced it on their kids, now they all get mad when someone tries changing anything. Face it, they're garbage. end of story. GM is garbage. fact.

>he has less than 46
wtf dude lol

The next worst is the cars.

C: Google "*insert make and model* overheating" and you'll find plenty of examples of overheating. The world is too large and diverse for you to use google results as a proof of anything.

Hello red.dit

>Old boomers
>Doing anything

The grand sport and the stingray also overheats

>reddit spacing
Hello red.dit :^)


>The worst thing about Corvettes are the average owners.
old guys that baby their cars.. ee gads what will do that to the second hand market...
oh.. it fills it with great weekend/track cars.
I'd rather by a 2nd hand vette from a boomer than a gt-r from a weeb software engineer.

t. software engineer.

What will they do ? Fall on you after an infarctus ?

take your faggotry elsewhere pls


Because they're old white men who have no idea what clothing sizes are, let alone of their sizes.

As a corvette owner, i agree. It saddens me.

Want to do this but cant find anwhere in socal thats not to expensive.

Tfw to intelligent

Say what you want about boomers, but they got the hook ups. Old retired dudes just want someone to listen to their love for a car.

This, its more about the story

The best part is all the cheap crashed Corvette parts. I just picked up a totalled ls9 zx for 2k.

Do you have a gold chain necklace? What's the best gold chain to get if you plan on owning and operating a corvette?

24 senpai, no gold necklace and its a c5z06. Its a track car

Both are inefficient.

At least it's something you can actually participate in. Good luck racing Lemans in your shitbox...

>parasitic losses
>power to road

Are you telling me that my alternator outputs 20,000 watts?

Apparently I would be making over 1000hp if I didn't have so many losses.

My man. My z is my daily.

This doesn't account for the energy losses needed to generate the electricity in the first place. If translated burning fuel (yes, electric cars "burn fuel" to move, the electricity doesn't come out of thin air) to kinetic energy as well in electric cars, as it is in gasoline powered cars, you might see similar, or more, losses.

That's only because boomers drive them, user.

Look into your heart, you know it to be true.