ITT: songs you blast in the car but you lower the volume when you are at a stop

ITT: songs you blast in the car but you lower the volume when you are at a stop

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who else /mandarinki/ here

rtz pls
Any anime music basically

Jap rap and early electro like miharu koshi are fine
I sing along too

And this one on full blast

And when I'm racing someone

>manjis down your street with this blasting out of my jap ricebox


>Posting with Katerose von Kreuzer
>Not linking a video related to LoGH
Why would you do this?

And this is my song.

All of them

What`s Charles Manson doing there?

And I play this when my shitbox started to make helicopter noises

Bretty suitable hoon music imo

I fucking love ABBA

I love blasting weebshit while driving around.

My first car meet I ever went to, my friend changed the song to this as we rolled up and I laughed so hard I literally pissed myself.
Didn't even get out because I had to turn around and go home to change pants.


What the fuck...kind of like it tho

I blast audio ripped from JAV, particularly anything with loud cocksucking and crying.

Makes traffic bearable.

Man, Phil Collins sure looks different these days.



I blast this with Windows up but no way with Windows down

Why does this kind of music (metal?) only sound good in german?
Sabaton is the only exception I can think of, but I don't listen to this kind of stuff much.

go back to /pol/

muh nigga, I wish he'd continue making mashups


I can'tknm it rn but the kon album. But I usually don't turn kt down.

Nakinyko and Triple-Q are pretty good too.

might be the (relatively) high production costs. desu its not easy to find good music of that sort, most is just garbage

Both the songs Genius! and Kira Kira Days are god tier. Is it one of those?

anything initial d

Genius instrumental edition, currently trying to learn it with a band.

Anything dmx.

Im a scrawny white guy who kind of looks like a crackhead so I can somewhat get away with it, but i still dont want to.
>no mention found

I do this with every song. Fuckin road noise.

Fuck, if this isn't an accurate representation of DC, I don't know what is.

Svensk detected

basically any 90s eurodance

Who is the mayonnaise maiden from the op?

>songs you blast in the car but you lower the volume when you are at a stop
every song just to be considerate to others at the stoplight

Man, I think Jimmy Urine is actually on what he says.

Easy one for me! I have shit taste in music.

What a huge cuck.

I drive everywhere with top and windows down, play something good, and then crank it so everyone can hear that I have good taste. Crank this shit on a beautiful 95 degree summer day in the south and you'd be amazed how many heads start moving with the song.

All eurobeat

I used to not think much of them cause my mom listened to them all the time, but they're just so fucking GOOD.

Pretty much anything off this album recently. I won't turn it down if I'm in a melanin-enriched neighborhood though. I know they can't stand this type of music.

>dire straits
are you 60+ years old?

Oh shit, The Orange Show, did not expect to see that.
>didn't have to turn it down because I was flying down the freeway at over a hundred in a shitbox

Why would you lower this when you're at a stop!!
That's when you roll the windows down, crank it up higher and let everyone around know about Muh Freedom!!!

Not him but Dire Straits is a great band. Excellent guitar work, and Knopfler can put you in a scene really well.

>actually being ashamed of eurobeat
>not blasting it at tinnitus inducing volume whenever you drive

Don't judge me.

this desu

>ITT: Songs I haven't heard for over a decade

>not sultans of swing

I suppose i will spare your life. This time.

I blast whatever I want all the time but lower it at a stop if there are others around.

That said;

Nah man.


>lower the volume when you are at a stop
People do this?

My car automatically lowers the volume as I slow down.

this and touhou beat in general
in case you ever wanted a worse version

Fucking this god damn. It's such a popular song among car fans yet I'd be embarrassed as fuck to have it playing on full blast at a red light.

And when I went to my first car meet which was Tokyo Drift-esque as FUCK, my friend decided to put the song on and god damn that made me cringe even though it shouldn't have.


I never lower the volume at a stop, but I always do it whenever I'm pulling in somewhere, like the store or gas station or something. I don't know if it's because I'm embarrassed or what, but it's kind of retarded.

Why is 60s and 70s rock just the best for film?

and what they sound like as a set

What the FUCK is going on with that dark haired girl's mouth in the second video?
>tfw no gf with a huge maw

A decent song completely fucking ruined by cancer

I hate you.


Sara Lumholdt and Marie Serneholt are the big jaws
just when I thought I knew the worst version of every track

when you find a cassette in the glove box

lol jk I don't fucking care what people think

And I drive a Miata so I'm already as gay as you can be

I fucking love this song.

Jimmy Urine makes good shit

Makes sense if you don't want to be ear raped once you get back into your car

8th grade me, is that you?

The only songs I lower when I'm coming to a stop are the stranger, more odd Eurobeat songs. Everything else I'll keep at my normal volume



I do this too when arriving at gas stations or stores, but as I leave gas stations I'll put my top down and then put on Dancing - Vicky Vale, turn it up relatively loud and wait for the 'MUAHAHAHA' and 'I wanna dance', then drive away as the song starts

My car's not a Civic, but it is a Honda

>tfw no orange GT-R to listen to this song in