/stance/ thread.
>who is allowed to post ITT?
Only true automotive enthusiasts
>who isn't allowed to post ITT
non stancefags

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I think you will find more like minded individuals on Instagram than here

That 964 would look great with wheels that didn't look like some knockoff ebay meme-tier garbage, and static suspension that's lifted up enough to still be functional. Air ride is for pussies.

one of the nicest stance cars I've seen, and I don't like stance.

>Ey Johnny look how big that rock we hit was! It fuckin' bent the wheel!
>Wow, it really did! We'd better do it to the other 3 wheels so it still matches

See? Stance is good.

that's a bit extreme for me, I don't like the fitment thing with the fender tucking into the wheel lip

well lets see how long this lasts before it gets shit on by a decent amount of people

I'm observing as someone who doesn't get the culture, that pic is real nice though.

no matter how much hate it gets on Veeky Forums plenty of people into stance are car enthusiasts

theres always been those who dont care about going fast and just want to do what they think is fun with their car

a lot of people dont like mods that arent performance focused and apparently that sets off their autism

the shit comes in all flavors its not just hellaflush

>plenty of people into stance are car enthusiasts
Plenty of benchretards are also car enthusiasts. It doesn't give them any legitimacy.

Do these even count as stance though? Looks just moderately lowered to me. When I think of stance, I think of fuckretarded low like and Also, as someone who owned an Estima Lucida with 18in Work Eurolines, that Previa makes me feel nostalgic as hell. I even had the same set of rainguards (not sure if that was OEM or not).

is it still called stance without the negative camber?

>18 year olds creating trend where you lower car losing daily drive ability.

I own a 240 and fuck your ots coilovers. Fuck paying for tires because camberwear. Fuck bottoming out and go through wires
Fuck me for being a 18yo in this shit generation. If only I came decades earlier

youre thinking of hellaflush which is a style of stance and the most commonly associated with the word

theres shit like meaty stance and mexiflush

stance is just all about fitment and well the stance of the car

a trend thats been around since the 1940s bruh

>came out of factory that way because Americans don't know better

wait so stance is literally just "lowered car" in all forms?

Lets not say lowered cars
Cars wether modded or stock with wheel/rim fender gap is minimal

Yeah, I'm not big on hellaflush, but the Previa, Sunny Truck, and this RX-7 all look really great to me. That was about the way my 71 VW bug and 78 280Z both sat. Low enough to drive normally and look good at the same time.
I thought stance used to just mean the way a car figuratively "stood" (i.e. rake on old shackled up muscle cars, etc) but after seeing the word meme'd into submission in recent years, I thought the colloquial definition just meant going full retard and building it to scrape for mad street cred.

stance has always refered to how a car sat

then people starting using it to refer to hellaflush style cars

its a loose term nut Id say it goes beyond just being a lowered car

low wheel gap is key and the flusher the fitment the better

wouldn't the best cars for this have wide and tall fenders to allow for travel while still looking "flush"? an Astro van might be the perfect option for this

I don't have any labels other than #clean

Lowered could include lowered for racing, or sporty handling reasons.

Stance is lowering to the point wheres not longer beneficial and only done for aesthetic purposes.

well most go stiff as fuck on suspension

bags are an expensive option that mix most of the problems

and Ive seen a lot of bagged Astros but never any stanced ones

Previas and Odysseys are the hot van stance machines

dem Wald Astros and GCs tho

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no russians allowed.

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>strictly static.

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Somebody explain the hellaflush/slammed look. To me, the wheels sticking out at an extreme angle or being extremely sunken into the wheel wells breaks the lines of the car and creates an ugly protrusion or a sunken-in shape. Is it the height or the wheel gap? What?

>using the seasonal umaru
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so you agree stance is trash???

>so you agree stance is trash???
prettu much, yeah. I just like making these threads :^)

Literally best girl of all time is who

holy shit, stancecucks BTFO, how will thy ever recover???

nice I forgot I was looking for the full image of this

doesnt the negative chamber totally fuck up your axels and tires?

it doesnt seem like a totally economically practical thing to do tbj

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