Who driver side master race here?

Who driver side master race here?

superior placement

uh I'm used to passengers side and my new car is weirding me out
>filled up twice
>wrong side both times
any vehicle that doesn't make you look at both sides when refueling is for normies

I had to actually get out and look the other day. Its on the drivers side.

What, you don't have the little arrow by the fuel gauge to tell you what side the gas cap is on?


Patricians just look at the goddamn gauge.

>Fills up on the side
>Not at the back under the plate
Pleb as fuck.

>There are people who actually didn't know this


>owning a car that tells you where your fuel door is.

This. Both my Honda's don't have it. No one needs that unless you have Alzheimer's.

>owning a car

pic related it's me and my chauffeur

That would be your chauffeuse you uncultured swine.

>tfw my civic shitbox doesn't have the pointy arrow

Grand Marquis Reporting

I was actually thinking about this today.
Is there any logical reason to have it on the passenger's side?
It's feels more natural on the driver's side, since you don't have to walk around your car to reach it.
I really want to hear a good argument for the passenger's side.

Probably packaging concerns with tank shape, vapor line routing and such.

right side is superior

if yours is on the left side it just means you are slow

My BMW has it on the passenger's side, I find it convenient because I can swing my door open as much as I want and exit the car comfortably.

That's retarded my fuel guage is on the opposite side of my fuel door no just no

>Being so braindead you need to have the car tell you which side the fuel cap is on

When I was a kid and my family was buying a Subaru at the dealership, the salesman told us it was on the passenger side for safety reasons.
Say you run out of gas on the highway and pull off into the shoulder. When you refill it from the passenger side, you have less of a chance of getting hit by other motorists, compared to being on the driver's side.

>his isn't behind his tag on the back

Nissan Altima Coupe reporting in.
Yes I know the picture is of the passenger side but here you can tell its NOT on the passenger side lol

>not behind the licence plate

So is it on the left or right side?

its on the front

feels good to be good

Mine is also driver side, but why is it master race if the gas pump blocks me from opening my door all the way to get out the car?

The needle on the g gauge points to the fuel cap when it's empty

not all cars have this. my car doesn't have this.

>Fills up in the back instead of in front of your seat so you don't even have to stand up to fill up

Driver side fuel fags BTFO

>own mid 60s car
>gas filler is on center of back
>never worry what side pump is on

not accurate

My civic and truck have it on the drive side. Both my air cooled beetles have it on the pass. side but my '56 just has a fill cap directly in the fuel tank that you have to pop the hood for, and since it's so narrow you can fill from either side which is idea.

Drive side is nice, the concrete curb around the pump has been a problem in my civic. I got in my car once to leave and my door was stuck open, come to realize that sitting in my car lowered it enough that the door was stuck on the curb around the pump and I had to pull my car up some to close the door. (inb4 memes, im 140lbs and my civic is stock rideheight)

>not having a horizontal gas cap for easy filling up from either side

side note: miatas have them on the left so it could be driver side or passenger side depending on LHD or RHD

Japan drives on the left, so they put exhausts on the right side of the car, farther from pedestrians. Placing the filler hole and the exhaust on the same side is not ideal, as drops of fuel might fall on the hot exhaust if you're retarded. And the opposite for yuro/us cars.

At least that's what I read somewhere.

>have to pull so far forward into the pump you look like an asshole taking up nearly an entire lane of parking lot realestate

Don't you have some cum to drink?

>miatas are gay haha!!!!!
Top joke user

It's good for when you borrow a car or rent. Idk about you but I hardly ever check to see which side the lid is the first time i drive a car.

The arrow on the gauge lets you know which side so you don't need to get out.

They put the exhaust on either side you retard.

oh god stay away from my house

>believing a cars salesman


>not lifting your seat to fill the tank

is there no better feeling than refueling a landbarge at the gas station?

>tfw 3 econoboxes come and go at the pump next to you and you're still filling up
>prius owners who came to top off because they have range anxiety when they drop below 500 miles remaining getting butthurt because your constant flow is making the pump run slower
>nobody can pull into the spot behind you because your ass is 10 feet deep

How about, "not a Hyundai" master race.

Why don't they just

Wait for it

Sit down for this

Why don't they just have fuel doors on both sides ;DDDDDDD???

>tfw I get range anxiety at 150 miles on my trip odo
I get like 16 mpg and have an almost 17-gallon tank but I'm always paranoid that my gas gauge isn't linear.
I really should know better because I know my fuel tank is a fucking box with the pump just pulling from the center.

Because redundancy is only an asset in aerospace design, not automobile.

does this count?

>tfw your mpg is less than your gas tank capacity

nice one, friend

>Live in California
>Driverside masterrace
>Always fill at Costco for the cheaper prices
>Never use driverside to fill cause those lines are the biggest
I look like a retarded when I fill my tank but I get out of there 10 min sooner

Fuck off with that Chebby shit you autistic fuck

Not having your car so far forward that you block the sidewalk.

Better than a giant suv. I can still take less space than my sister in her Durango.

I don't.

>not backing up to the pump so the car is 90° from how a normal car would be so your center rear gas cap faces the pump

My jay dee emm ricebarge has the gas cap on the right and the exhaust on the left

>he doesn't have 2 gas tanks

True plebians

>park your 60s landbarge perpendicular to the pump
>block off pump across from you
Fugg :DDD

are you supposed to stop to the left for the fuel pump? then why is the fuel pump nozzle on the right side in the icon?

>"doesn't really matter, though, since the nozzle will reach anyway!"


>not just using your mirrors to find it when you drive it the first time
Veeky Forums can't into basic intuition, I see.
My shitty car doesn't have an arrow on the gauge.

everyone does not drive a 80's box shaped car, you know