Itt: post your car's ass

itt: post your car's ass

Okay, I'll bite.

C30 has the best hatch ass of all time. Dat glass

Hips are the most important aspect of a nice ass.

very nice.

nice autism lights



Those mud flaps look like shit

i disagree but thanks for posting

hecc ya dude. i sometimes wish i had the polestar but i'm ok with my current tune. imo the facelift ruined the c30's aesthetic

I wasn't aware that taillights could have a mental condition. Perhaps you have schizophrenia?

My babe

Here we see the tramp stamp, pausing for a drink in it's natural habitat

thicc suv ass

get down now, ms. new booty


best ass




At least my car doesn't have autism lights.

because you're a busriding cuck and don't actually own a car



I miss my old Suzuki though.



Car I used to own
2002 Acura EL


Despite the shitshow of slushy shifter I miss my c30

Debadge, exhaust, wider stance, other nonsense underneath.



Nice rumpus.

fucking nice
also nice, tried debadging the rear chrome trim? I think it would look even better than it is now.

Thanks m8, I appreciate it.

The long chrome strip doesn't look so hot painted (looks cheap), see pic. Plus it ties with the rest of the car aesthetics.

The emblem is drilled through the trunk, so I don't really care to get my trunk bondo'd and painted just for that.

if it was part of the trunk and not a trim lip it would look way better. Looks good when unopened, but if I open the pic I can see why you think it looks cheap

Yeah I'm not sure what Mazda was thinking with this, but the "trunk chrome strip" seems to be a design language of the last ten years. If they didn't have it, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. The back would need a more interesting shape to not have it, I think.

pic related, rest of car + chrome accenting

That's a great picture, user.

Thanks man, shot it myself. Only things I wish I could change were putting the fuel door on the proper side of the car, but we were trespassing, so had to rush. Weather was shite too but this was out in bumfuck nowhere and we weren't allowed to be there, so had to work with what we had.


I just came

sweet rims

my car doesn't wipe

nasty scratch on the taillight


thanks dickweed, what else isn't up to your standards?


Thanks user. 19x8.0 ET35 TSW Bathursts. Rotary forged barrel, cast face, silver finish. Wrapped in 225/45R19 PSS.

at least mention the rusty bacon-wave fender, vapor bubbles, chips, and exposed primer if you're going to jump my shit

wew you sure are angry today. Why so?

Jesus Christ, those brake lights are awful.

Hello there my fellow African American.

They say every car enthusiast has to own an Alfa once...

Every homosexual car enthusiast maybe. Bitch sports cars

>tfw missing trunk trim

true, mitos don't count though


i like how we're both parked next to prius's


>loud guitars in the distance.

Thicc wagon

>Tfw big but unappealing ass
>Tfw you dont have the ass of a lexus



love the new 6