Why is the f series the best selling vehicle ?

How come the f series have the been the best selling vehicle in america for the last 35 years ? Why cant GM compete ?

Same reason why Apple sells so much. You need to buy a new one every 2 years because it falls apart or breaks.

The F150 is has more variants and options meaning it can fit into more niches. GM trucks still do fine, just not as well for the aforementioned reasons.

The real question is why haven't the Germans been able to compete in this segment.

its the cheapest

Fleet sales, so most non-American trucks don't even come close (though Nissan is trying as of late). they also tend to push new engine tech before the other of the big 3, so milage tends to be better, a big thing for fleets. other than that, they tend to be jack of all trades trucks, rather than beating competitors in any class. being 2nd best in every race is often better than winning 1 and missing podium the rest.

you got a source on it being less reliable ? or just anecdotal evidence ?


a German pickup would either be massive like a Unimog, or have the tiniest bed to barely qualify as a pickup and have a W12 crammed into it to get the top pickup 'ring time. Germans don't do anything halfway, for better or worse.

are you accounting the population growth? are you not accounting the 17 years after that?

if it always broke down, why would they keep buying it ?

It's relative data

they sell more than the other big three trucks because they're the "nicest" trucks, and people who don't even need a truck love to buy them and have some serious brand loyalty, and are willing to spend upwards of 60k on a truck they'll never offroad.

chevrolet and dodge buyers are people who actually use the trucks, atleast more compared to fords.

>willing to spend upwards of 60k

Awesome thread op

>I only pay $299/mo
the fuck are people buying?

the vw amarok exists, and it's great.

It's not as nice as an f150 inside though, even with the ""luxury"" package.

I'd still take it over a ranger though. Not a tacoma/

reminds me of the Ridgeline. does it top out with a V6 as well?

Cars they can't afford to keep up with their peers
The average household has over $100k debt

gotcha, well at least I know i'll be a part of the better half :^)

I bet it's some shitbox with leather trim like a lexus or something, too.

Nothing with a down payment

It's a cheap POS and has a blue oval on it.

people fall for that "NO DOWN PAYMENT" shit?
if only they used these tactics to get more taxes out of these rich idiots

someone got mad he couldn't rip a paper cover :^)

>tax the rich
>taxing the people who own businesses
are you retarded

you misunderstand
not taxing the rich, only those stupid enough to fall for such a tactic and the money to pay it. I doubt those people have businesses.

>at least more compared to Ford's

So true, I've seen countless 16-17 dodge/Chebys out innawoods but have seen about 2-3 f150s and no ecoboosts.

Worst part is everytime I go back to the stealership their surprised when I talk about offroading.

volvo makes most of the real trucks on the roads in the usa, what if they made a 1/2 ton?

would they have the same dominance?

Every thing you find on the internet is going to be anecdotal... But feel free to look up reliability charts and forum posts on ecoboost and other serious issues.
Fanboyism at it's finest.
80% of broken down semi's I see are Volvo's. Like fuck If I trust a pickup made by them.

Actually, GM isn't far off Ford in sales of 3/4 ton trucks, albeit in combined GMC/Chevy sales. Pre-bailout, their combined count would typically edge out Ford pretty easily.

Cute truck.

The ol' f1's are still my favorite, though. They just look so cute and vintage. I love it!

forgot pic

Chicken tax

A new half ton Volvo pickup truck? That would be interesting. I have a feeling they might eventually make one.

Like this, user?
>she's an F3, but still qt

Ford is the best selling BRAND of pickups. If you combine the sales of GMC and Chevy, they outsell Ford.

Nice trips

>Nissan trying
Friend is the district manager for o'reilly's and the Nissan trucks have been nothing but continuous problems.

I'd blame it on the juvenile delinquents operating the vehicles, but other makes and models hold up just fine.

>The 2016 Frontier is already starting to develop surface rust from northern Michigan winters

They break down so much people have to keep replacing them

So why isn't Alpha Romeo selling like hotcakes?

I can't explain that, but it does explain why VWs sell so great as well.

I don't think so man
I think they, like VW, are just making attractive, reasonably reliable products that appeal to the market. Nothing complicated.
It's not like Ford has the reliability of FCA

Carpet bomb marketing and lack of choice elsewhere in the marketplace.

Mid sized or shortbed stepsides would boom in U.S. if they were offered again.

Forcing a lot of consumers into less expensive UV's for mid range hauling ability is a shitty option. People are fools for dropping 35K+ on P/U's

When you combine GMC and Chevrolet pickup sales they're basically equal to Ford sales

because GM is and has been behind the times from day one.
example: comes out with idea for mid rear covette everybody oooh it will ruin corvette etc even though ford already had the idea and built a running prototype mustang in the 70s
also GT40.

gms best ideas have already been used by ford first.

chevy goes on campaign to tell us how much aluminium in a truck is bad but used by every other manufacturer including rolls royce the chevy "suddenly" decides its going to use it.

chevy has not built a reliable truck yet. trucks are miles away from the old horse and cart engineering than they used to be. chevy made up for this by adding new buttons to press.

chevy has done the bare minimum for every truck buyer whereas ford hasnt: its got safety up the wazoo.

all chevy seems to do is shit-talk the buyers into buying their trucks. but only chevy people are the repeat customers


Though strictly speaking, that doesn't preclude the Germans or anyone else from selling pickups in the US- they just have to build them here. So, they'll do it once they're confident that they can sell enough of them to justify the tooling costs for an American factory.

Mercedes and probably Hyundai are on their way in. VW has a decent amount of American manufacturing capacity, but I'm not sure if they'll bother.

Why does GMC still exist? the badge engineering seems beyond stupid at this point. Does the Denali trim move tons of trucks or something?

I'm kinda surprised they didn't shit-can it as part of the bailout, due to sheer redundancy.

>chevy has done the bare minimum for every truck buyer whereas ford hasnt: its got safety up the wazoo.
Reminder that the "jellybean" F-150 was famously unsafe, though admittedly the GM equivalent only fared slightly better.

Fucking fanboys...

>Ford is more popular than Chevy
>Apple is more popular than Android
>Xbox is more popular than ps4

It's somewhat just a matter of brand and people not actually looking into other brands because they've either always used one or their family has. Also Ford fanboys are the single worst humans in the automotive world
>muh mustang
>Muh big lifted diesel truck that is as reliable as a pounded hookers asshole

>Not built a reliable truck yet

Idk where you live but my entire family has used squarebody chevys and there's never been a major problem.

>Dad used a 79' c10 for over 15 years to drive to work everyday
>Over 300,000 miles , only stranded once and it was an easy fix
Amazingly with Chevy squarebodies you just keep oil in shit and it runs forever
>Alternator belt broke in my c15 because I put way too much conditioner on it
Didn't realise it til I got to my friends house, got a jump and drove 20 miles home with no alternator

So fuck that statement, I can't speak on Ford as we don't have any and never will but reliability is fine with Chevy/gmc trucks.

>The real question is why haven't the Germans been able to compete in this segment.

If we're talking about commercial vehicles, they focus on vans because vans have wider appeal across the globe.

your one eyed view has skewed the wrong way. because you dont know about the rusting frames that snap in the middle or the chevy engine fires. fords dont do that.

chevy doesnt copy ford right?
ford has eco boost chev comes out with eco tec
chevys best engine is based on stolen exsisting ford tech (look it up)

im not a fucking fanboy just stating the facts...

Yeah the 79 c10 has been sitting out in the rain of southeast tn for 7 or 8 years now , has bad rust but still solid. Also no damn fires. What's the fucking likelihood of that happening to you, 1 in 1000?

Yeah because taking something your company doesn't have but your competitor does and making it have it and improving on the design is a bad idea.
>X brand has economy tech in their cars now , what do we do?
>Darn wouldn't want to be a copycat, forget about it.
Smart decision , no.

>Stating facts
Yeah good job on those facts
"Chebby rusts and catches on fire Ford doesn't"

I have learned through multiple sources, including personal relationships with automotive engineers, that GM has been tailing behind Ford by 10 years in technology. Every new feature that Ford is bringing out now, will likely be on a Chevy in about 10 years time. Even simple things like trailer wiring connections. Ford has had both styles (flat and round) on trucks since 2003, GM just started putting both on their trucks.

Why, look at the new interior lighting on Fords, all LED. I guess we'll wait and see how long it will take GM to catch up. Only Ford would've moved on by then. Don't forget how Ford was the first with a V6 putting out plenty of horsepower for a full-size truck. GM tried a V6, and it couldn't hold speed going up hill.

>Yeah the 79 c10 has been sitting out in the rain of southeast tn for 7 or 8 years now , has bad rust but still solid.
Hahaha, really? TN doesn't know rust. Rain barely rust anything. Now come up to the rust belt where salt and snow shortens lives of cars every year. Just down the road from my house sits a GM truck newer than my 03 Ford, bent in half. They're trying to sell it for parts. Go ahead and bring your 79 up here. It will die a slow and crusty death.

And yeah, GM is behind Ford. Has been for years. Partly because they treat suppliers terribly, and get hand-me-down parts.

I just want an L200

is that in percent?????????????@!@??!??!?!

>Not rinsing your truck from road salt

Yes, the USA are approaching 50% obesity

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> squarebody chevys and there's never been a major problem.
I have an 85 Scottsdale that's on it's forth motor that I know of, second transmission. The one motor went out due to my own fault, but regardless, it's dead. Simply carb'd 350. I actually have another 350/trans/tcase sitting in my garage as I fear the one in the truck won't make it all winter if we have another hard winter.

The frame is literally swiss cheese tier bad. Granted, it's lived most of its life in the family as the plow truck, fire lane toy, and work horse for the dirty jobs. The past 10 years it has been used for nothing other than pushing snow around and hauling odds and ends around the property.

Believe it has around 140k on the body.

>Ford as we don't have any and never will
This is my problem with the typical GM owner. A majority of my friends are die hard GM owners. However, on that note, GM is the only company they'll continue to purchase and try. Everything else is instantly disregarded and considered junk.

That actual frame is fine on Ford trucks, but god forbid you end up working on an eighth or ninth gen F series. Thankfully you can purchase parts to replace everything, but the rust is unbelievable.

>Trying to align the dreaded twin i beam front ends
Complete pain in the ass if the owner did the work themselves.
>Yeah because taking something your company doesn't have but your competitor does and making it have it and improving on the design is a bad idea.
Look at the Chevrolet commercials blasting Ford for aluminum bodies.

Want to know who's switching to an aluminum body?

What the user is getting at is GM is literally behind all the time.
>Oh but GM was the first to have ABS!!!!
>Oh but GM was the first to have an automatic hydraulic transmission!!
No one gives a fuck as both technologies came from an outside source and were just so happened bought & implemented into GM vehicles.

>Prebailout production

>How come the f series have the been the best selling vehicle in america for the last 35 years ?

Tax incentives.

I'm guilty of this, I can't imagine buying anything else other than a Toyota.

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Is that a fucking ford probe next to the FX16?

Probably a Mazda MX6, which the Probe was based on

Or hold on a second... to my knowledge the MX6 was not available with pop-up lamps, and those are stock Probe wheels

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nah that's a first gen probe you mong.
The MX6 was the base for the 2nd gen Probe

Why even bother posting when you have no fucking clue?

You're right it is a first gen probe, but the first gen Probe, like the MX-6 was also built on the GD platform.

Also pic related was the basis for the First gen probe.