Why did the cop hate thread get deleted? It was very much Veeky Forums related?

Why did the cop hate thread get deleted? It was very much Veeky Forums related?

Threads that get too political tends to get deleted.

I remember a trump limo reveal thread and republican anons started arguing with liberal anons and it got deleted.

Were there any political shitposting in the thread? hating on police being synonymous with Black Lives Matter doesn't help either.

Nothing BLM/otherwise left-wing related. Nothing I would consider shitposting but perhaps the janitors just thought talking about vehicle laws and their enforcement was "low quality".

Faggot mods also deleted the gokart thread which had discussion and OC, and left up all the shitposting threads. Whoever the new hot pocket is, he's bringing the board quality down even further than it naturally would be.

Fuck off all of you, mods are doing great. Blame the turbo autists derailing your shitty threads

>republicans getting their shit pushed in
good, lmao

This, also it's because the OP was either Alphonse or soviet that got banned
Stop ban evading

im not ban evading?

>gtr thread still up
>cop thread deleted
>mfw I have multiple ASE certs and tons of time to do it for free
>no email

I was the OP of the last thread and this one and I can confirm I was not either of those dogfuckers

Blame those two chucklefucks for derailing you're thread

I didn't see any evidence of them trying to derail it

>bragging about being autistic

They usually bring politics or shitposting to quality threads, people file reports, mods get tired of banning those evaders, they decide to delete threads instead


I hate BLM and I hate the police. Is that fair?

white people love police though

>t. bootlicking cuck

how am I a bootlicker when I never have to interact with police? they are here to serve and protect me.

>t. bootlicking cuck

blue lives matter.

they don't actually

are all blacks scared of the popo or just that one namefag
im whit so i don't know, srs question

as long as there are niggers in this country they do

most blacks are scared because they think police are kkk nazis who shoot blacks for no reason

racism goes on you disgusting piece of shit
pic related. cops are literally scum.

he should have stopped resisting

from what i see on media cops like to mess with nogs over the long term which ultimately gives the nog a complex.

kinda seeing this itt a lil

>this delusional of reality

they mess with them because they commit more crime. they stopped policing chicago ghettos and the murder rate skyrocketed this year.

The thing is, its a two way street, those cops, pieces of shit that they are, are only that way becuase they've had to deal with bigger pieces of shit like niggers in the past, whose culture encourages anti-social behavior and general wastes of air.

You're in the wrong neighborhood, nigger.

letting them kill themselves off i guess
sad tbqh

Alphonse is dumb beaner

Still doesn't excuse their actions.