Hot Hatch Recommendation

Sup Veeky Forums. I'm looking for some good hot hatch recommendations for under 10k. Preferably something sporty looking. This is my first car purchase.


3k civic

Only one of those 3 you'll be able to find at 10k is a 2013 Veloster Turbo with some miles on it.

the Veloster Turbo is by far the smallest interior
ST is a happy medium in price
GTI is expensive to own

if you like the snappy feel of a 90's civic, get the Veloster
want the power and similar usability of a Mazdaspeed 3? ST

OP here. I forgot to mention my options are not only pic related

M52 swap
Keep the change

Veloster would be the cheapest since low resale value, and is a fine starter hatch desu. Don't listen to haters. The turbo version Veloster will get up and go quickly enough and is fine to DD.

If you plan on doing any track or autocross, then you need the Fiesta ST or a Mazdaspeed 3. because their suspension tuning is better.

My girlfriend had an Mk5 R32 a few years ago. That thing was pretty sweet. Parts were a little expensive, but she always went for OEM stuff, an actual mechanic, etc. I like the regular GTI too, but every Hyundai I've ever driven drove like absolute lethargic shit. Have no idea on a retarded four-door Focus hatch.

Buy my car if you're in Ohio area, 10k flat.

the veloster is an overall piece of shitand the gti is boring. the fiesta is far from perfect, but shits on both of those

The Hyundai would have the lowest cost of ownership.

Yes, you heard right, Hyundai is more reliable than Ferd and Vag.

You won't be able to find a Fiesta ST or newer GTI for 10k

I was more looking for others. Forgot to say that in the OP

Depending on your location you might want to look into an Honda ep3 si or type r. Probably cheaper to maintain and service than most of the euro hatches and plenty of aftermarket support

Not OP, but where I'm Ohio? I'm looking for something like this.

Cincy, it's tech package with every option available. So the headlights that turn with the corner, sub/bose sound system, auto headlights and wipers, push to start, ect. I do got an accessport and tune on it that I'd have to bump the price up to go with it.

Hm, I'm a bit West of Dayton. Might be worth a look since I'm kind of close.

All the used fiesta st's are 16k and up in my area, and there isn't a lot to choose from.

I'm in kenwood, so kinda near mason. Could meet in the middle at traders world or something, I don't mind. Also got it listed on cl if you want more info, bit higher on there cause I was trying to see what u could get.

>I want my first car to be a sport hatchback that is going to eat up my money if/when something breaks.
>first car

Go with a Mazda 3 as the Ohio, user implored. If you get the larger displacement motor, you'll have some pep and power, but when something breaks, it shouldn't cost nearly as much, but more importantly, basic wear and tear items will be cheaper since they're not made for a special model.

Ex: I own a Chevrolet Equionx Sport. It's engine was only available for that model year, it has a unique hydraulic power streeing system, and suspension. If/when any of those things, or ancillaries associated with those wear out or break, they are fucking expensive to fix. What do I get in return? A high riding, special snowflake "hatchback".

If I could roll back the clock, I'd have just gotten a more mundane car at a lower price and purchased something for fun on the side.

Just checked out the CL post, very pretty car my man.


Don't buy from this faggot. You just now he fucked the car up.

Wow.. I really like that with steelies.

Tint that fucking window to match that looks terrible good god m8

what's the lowest possible price I could get on a G3 WRX?

Damn VAG for not selling the Scirocco stateside

Can we please stop the meme of the veloster being included as a worthy hatchback. Its getting all the normies rattled up thinking its the bees knees and having mommy by the car and then roll up to me at a stop light pretending as if its somehow faster than me.

>"nahh i dont race bro but this thing is fast and it probably could beat you"

This is literally what was said to me by a veloster fag. I own a Golf R

Lol that's why the first thing I did was install the hpfp so that things don't get fucked up. 2 out of the 4 things done to it are purely positive (rear motor mount, stop the engine from slinging itself everywhere and hpfp - why wouldn't you want your fp to be able to hold more pressure), the other two are just an intake and a tune (intake is also purely positive - oh no, more air is going into my engine).

Sounds like your own insecurities.

Focus SVT but a word of the wise, OEM parts are extremely rare.

3k civic. you don't deserve anything sporty and 10k is too much to spend on a first car.

For owning a golf? Oh yeah im sure my 300ish HP coming out of the wrong wheel drive is clearly compensating for something. Sounds like your mom bought you a Veloster.

I actually just took the first picture off google so I could make the post

I say we keep this meme going, I enjoy destroying them in my FoST.

Spending 40k on a Golf in any capacity is retarded, yes, whether your mom bought it for you or not.

Until your transmission blows up, sure bud.

>good hot hatch
>something sporty looking
>first car
1988 - 2000 Civic should be good enough for your first dents.

this desu
for $10k you can get a really clean one, and have plenty of money for maintenance afterwards.

>under 10k

you won't find a good example of any of those for under 10k

>My girlfriend had an Mk5 R32
he said under 10k

>want a ct200h f sport because my average mph is 18
>a used one cost as much as a new civic hatch
>got meme'd onto buying a Mazda 3 and now takes 6 hours of labor to rip apart the dash to change the cabin filter

>I was more looking for others.

You won't get anything quick or that's not a total econobox for under 10k

you will not get a "hot" anything

nice rims fagt

get an rx8 for dirt cheap, put a brand new enjin in it and enjoy your godmachine

>get an rx8 for dirt cheap, put a brand new enjin in it and enjoy your godmachine

200hp 3100lb "god machine" Lol

The Veloster is bigger than the Fiesta. inside and outside.

I'm still using them with the all season tires because I'm a lazy ass and I don't know which rims would suit the sporty economy car. I sold the aftermarket ones that I got with the car cause they looked too wannabe performance. I also removed all the stickers from previous owner. The one thing I'm considering to change is the front bumper from a newer model for the sake of design. The biggest fault in this car's exterior are those fake side grills. On newer, hotter models they look pretty decent.

I got mine for 10k. Overall I'd suggest it, but try and get one with the warranty (so cpo). Hyundai just upped the warranty on these to 130k.

Why would one buy a car like that?

Because people have different opinions on what they like for vehicles?

Gee user, I don't know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>GTI is expensive to own

Please fucking kill yourself, the meme needs to die. Cars in general are expensive to own, moron. Now if you said expensive to purchase? Yeah. You'd be right. GTI's can get pricey.

They can also be had for decent prices, and if you keep up on your maintenance then shit that shouldn't break prematurely, won't.

Bought two of em so far. See no reason to stop.

>shits on both of those

Pick one.

>See no reason to stop.

Neither do the criminally insane.

It is criminally insane not to buy one.

Stay mad velocicuck.

Pre-owned for 10k? It should be hella powerful at least.

R56 JCW mini
A real one mind you

So British.

>what you do with your money is my business