Why is Veeky Forums so butthurt about this car?

Why is Veeky Forums so butthurt about this car?

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because it got btfo

stop ban evading OP

M5 owner here.

When I look at that car it makes me feel less of a man.

God you're such a fucking faggot, you just shit up this already shitty board.

Welcome to the filters, boyo.

nope, it did not, thanks for proving my point
I am not ban evading

sage this shit.

All the bus cucks that shitpost about them. Also Nii-san won't update the 370Z or bring back the Silvia because they're too fixated on beating the burgers around the Retard Ring.

but it did???

nope, still the fastest volume production car around the ring

as a bonus it doesn't pverheat after a lap

>fastest volume production car around the ring
But that's where you're wrong kiddo

>butthurt car throttle cuck


It's still not in production therefore the GT-R is not the fastest production car around the track. BTFO

you can order the N-Attack package in 2017 Nismos??

t-this isn't supposed to be happening. y-you're the one BTFO not me!

>cropping a lap time out
>lap times of a modified corvette
>non head to heads
>Still can't lap the ring
Top kek

gtr still got BTFO

Then why has the gtr won every head to head test it and the corvette have been in?
Why does gm have to spend an entire weekend with their 9ne lap wonder to beat year old gtr lap times from hot lap shootouts?
Why is there no ring time even though it's been there three times and the chief engineer said they planned on releasing the results, almost two years ago?

Corvette a shit
Deal with it


Because the Corvette isn't designed to be smashing records... It's designed to take old dudes to the country club. It just happens to be able to keep up with cars that cost $100k more.

Waste of money when Porsche exists

>He is a janitor on the internet
>He does it for free
>He takes his job very seriously

I remember the days when it was under 90k.

>noticably faster***********
>*******on traacks with fucking massive straights

this is utter horse shit, the GTR is hands down the betteroption in this case

having said that, bmw m3 e46 is perhaps noticably faster as ell

Because the gtrvscorvette meme doesn't need 8 threads.

TBDesu I would just prefer it to have a manual. If it did, I would aspire to own one. It doesn't though and no meme-ing will change that. Therefore, I don't care.
t. big nissan fan



>he thinks filters will do anything

why do track times matter when all of you, literally every single one of you cant

>afford any of these cars
>cant drive them even remotely to the limit

god's works user

Because carcucks get angry that a 55k bike can btfo it.

lol Veeky Forums is really butthurt

cagers cucked yet again

I mean, look at it. This ONE bike an blow out every single halocar. They had to mod a GTR to 1350 hp to compete with it. Fucking losers lol

Bikes can't turn for shit bro

Ya that third pedal adds such an exhilarating experience xDDDDDD

>manual fags never learn