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Twingis, come in here

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A Twingo tailgated me a couple days ago, probably because I was going the limit and my plate indicated I'm not from that area.
It was rude but I survived

How do I convince an acquaintance who lives in Memazuela to buy a Twungi? He is completely oblivious to the car's meme status, and he says he already has (not sure if hand me down or his own) a 2003 Mazda3.

not judging here but do you guys not have bigger problems currently, like getting something to eat or having toiletpaper handy? the things you hear are really worrying



In quantifiable units, how much pussy can be obtained by driving a TwingiBoi

A lot


When can I import Twingos?

Just get a gf that already comes with a Twingo. That's efficiency

2018 for the first 1993 models
However Twingos made in 2000 or later are safer and faster, so you'll have to wait until 2025



there you have it.

uncut > cut

>you gonna get honned



He's too concerned drawing animal crossing porn and shit like that to be concerned about trivial shit like toilet paper.


What the fuck? Must be the spring rut hormones.

looks comfy






Fuck this car it's such a piece of shit. Hoe can anybody like it besides it's design? Normies and kids have already adapted the meme. It's like fucking pepe. Cool at first but then turned to cringe real quick.


as if anyone cares

Does anyone in the USA have a twingo yet?
why not buy a first year one and cut and weld the vin number into a newer one?

fucc u

Give me a real reason shitkids, not pictures of your shitbox. Imagine if everyone with a Corsa B would brag about it like you do


real reason for what ? liking my twingo ? the real reason is it's a great fucking daily driver

it's reliable as FUCK, easy to fix, parts cost NOTHING, you can find a parking spot almost anywhere. it takes 100% E85 and drinks no gas at all. it's comfy even for a tall guy like me

i honestly don't see myself not owning a twingo as a daily/town runabout in the future.

even if i crash mine or it gets stolen or something, i'll buy another one right away.

now for the stuff i don't like so this is a fair review of the car:

- the steering is hard as shit to turn. but this is a problem for my particular car, most twingos have power steering. my next twingo will definately have both A/C and PS as it will greatly improve the twingo experience.
- the rear seat is a bit hard to slide forward and back. and can get stuck (not happened on mine yet)
- the engine noise sucks compared to 3 cylinder city cars (polo, up, 1.0 corsa...)
- the car is squirelly under hard braking, especially when you're alone in it. but i'm not talking street driving, i'm talking full on braking to the max on the nurburgring with warmed tires, so it's not really a problem as you'll probably never take your twingo on track and it wasn't made for it anyway. the ventilated brakes are absolutely great though, they'll never fade (i tried hard)
- the timing belt has to be changed every 4 years, and you must do it in time because they break quickly. however a timing belt kit is cheap, and it's an extremely simple job to do compared to most other cars.

>Hoe can anybody like it besides it's design?
the real hoe here is you, kek
>Normies and kids have already adapted the meme. It's like fucking pepe.
from what fucking timeline are you posting from?
twingo was hot shit back in the 90's but generally hated by normies just like you do right now. only Veeky Forums still likes it because Veeky Forums has had enough of angry cars while normies slurp that shit up.

the old twingo also has the most room inside compared to its competitor back then so if you're a poorfag delivering pizza, this is the car for you.

oh yeah i forgot: no rev counter, no engine temp gauge. but that's the case with most city cars and can be fixed by buying an OBD2 adapter and tablet or OBD gauges

Where was this? I tailgate niggas in my twongi for doing anything less than 20 over all the time.

this car does exactly the things you described (only with kind of different problems), why isn#t it shilled like the Twingo?

>wew lad I sure must be cool picking on a typo
2017 my friend. CarThrottle. Website full of kids, I just use it sometimes for some small DIY things. They started saving the pictures from here and trying to meme with them. FUcking cringe.

>why isn#t it shilled like the Twingo?
You still don't fucking get it.

It is the fucking silly faggy smiling face the car has in combination with its advantages. it's the sum of all this that makes some people on this board like it.

Fucking seriously, it is not rocket science and your corsa does not have that "face" hence no one is fucking interested.

It's cute but somehow the Corsa's face is so much more bland.

Probably the weirdly empty headlights.

Look at this stupid face.
Seeing it makes me smile.
Driving past a hypercar or a very old car in a good condition makes me just think to myself "That's a neat car", but seeing a Twingo gives me a stupid wide smile.

>Hoe can anybody like it besides it's design?
>why isn#t [the Corsa] shilled like the Twingo?

it's like he just wants free (You)s

>Not wanting a twingo
Every day until you want one.

I'm sure it would look better with clear headlights. Is it yours? How about painted bumpers? Is pic related also in the category?
I guess that's taste. I get more happy when I see old BMWs or american classics

>mimimi he said something against the twingo I am such a meemlord u scrub!!!!

retard you said exactly why people shill it and then asked why people shill it

excuse me? I mean people like the 86 a lot too but the car isn't shilled on here as much as this one.

Nah, I just picked a photo from Google. The Corsa also suffers from the unfortunate boyracer stereotype.
And the KA is kinda similar, I guess. Funny shape, although again no derpy smiley face.
It also lacks the absurdly flexible interior of the Twingo and is notoriously rust-prone.

Is the Twingo Veeky Forums's Mosin rifle?

both are rust-prone, you're right. Yeah, Corsa from that gen (and even up) have the boyracer syndrome, even though Corsa D and E are good cars. KA is quite a shite car too, the quality is meh but it is unique and wonky.

i'm the orange twingo owner.

i'm kind of an opel guy (older ones, plz dont insult me) and i bought a corsa B for my non-car guy brother as a first car.

what i can tell you about the corsa B:

-WAYYYY smaller than the twingo inside. feels cramped.
-the chassis is SHIT. extreme understeer turning suddenly into extreme oversteer. like a 205 GTI, except more unpredictable. downright dangerous on the stock suspension and tires.
- brakes are shit. will fade after 2 turns.
-unreliable as fuck. timing chain will let go and ruin the engine. oil pressure sensor will let go and let all the oil spray all over the engine bay.
- interior feels cheap as hell, like all 90's opels.

it's nowhere near as good as the twingo. not even close.

where is the rust? As an Opel fan the cars of the era were SHIT

and to illustrate what i mean when i say it's unreliable

here's a video i took when the water pump shat itself. at the time i wondered if it was the dreaded timing chain as it certainly sounded like it. few eeks after that it then blew its oil pressure sensor which luckily didnt blow on the highway so my brother stopped in time. and then blew the whole engine months later, luckily after my brother sold it.

it was a low mileage example and was always maintained properly.



i bought myself a twonger shirt
i have autism


unfortunately i know all about opel rust lol

as i own a manta and am helping to restore a kadett rallye.

Fug, that guy's got some quality stuff.

Moar opel content. Orange Twingo pulled this from a long sleep in a garage this week. (not running and had a stuck rear wheel because previous owner left the handbrake on for years)

it's a very rare rust free Kadett E 2.0 convertible limited edition (only 80 were made i think, still waiting on confirmation from opel)

in pazifikblau with extra rare and extra 90's blue interior. also has the rare irmscher rear lights.

Fuck dude, I wanted to buy a Kadett C as my entry-level classic car in Europe. Is it going to break all the time or are they generally reliable? I'm just looking for a fun FR layout pre-1980 classic car here in Central Europe so I'm open to any and all suggestions.

kadett Cs are great but good luck finding one that hasn't got terminal rust.

they're really reliable though. even the small OHV engines. of course the CIH ones are better but good luck finding one for an affordable price nowadays....

although my friend managed to find this

genuine rallye 2.0 for 1500 euros...

it's being restored to new condition, the chassis has been sandblasted, we're now working on the drivetrain. will be worth 30k euros easily when restored but my friend wants to keep it and drive the shit out of it (he's right)

What's your BTG time?

I'm jelly. By the way, do you by any chance know of any pre-1980 FR layout classics that are affordable enough here in Europe? Something that meets the above criteria and wouldn't be completely run-down for less than 2500 euros.

i'd get a manta if you manage to find one that's not rotten.

feasible for less than 2500

or an S12 silvia ? although it's not pre-1980...

older celicas are expensive now... any pre-1980 bmw is not going to be easy to find either for that money

other than that it's not gonna be easy to find a good FR pre-1980 car for less than 2500

if i were you i'd chance to pre-1990. get a nice E34 or E32. or an alfa 75, a merc 190....

those you can still find in semi nice shape for not too much money
11.15' is my best with harry's lap timer, 2 people in the car and a small yellow flag at the little carrussell.

pretty sure the twingo could go in the 10's but i didn't feel like going out for a 4th lap especially since the weather started changing and you know what the nordschleife is like in the wet... rather be at brunnchen in my folding chair with a huge beer watching other people crash

Huh. Thanks user. I'll be on the lookout then. I don't have many irl friends who are into classic cars so that's a big help.

user is still salty from the bait threads

nah, the Twingo is probably more like a 10/22 or a lever-action .22 rifle. More useful than people probably realize, deceivingly fun, often cute, and cheap not only to buy but also to maintain/run. Mosin is probably closer to a third-gen F-body, Americanically speaking.


Fair enough, Jacky.

awesome cars


i'm not 59 but both my cars come from there. you just made me notice. can't be arsed to change them though.


currently working on adding a 1984 honda city AKA jappo twingo to the collection. i'm dumb

>adding a 1984 honda city AKA jappo twingo to the collection

Motherfucker, not if I get it first. These adorable little shits are rare and there's only enough to go around. Anyway good luck with restoring your cool classic cars you French fuck. xoxo

>honda city

now you have my attention

here's the ad.

unfortunately it's a belgian car so it doesn't have plates (PO keeps the plates), i'd have to try and get a trailer (or borrow my friends truck but i really dont want to cause it's already been twice this year)

waiting on a reply from the seller as he didnt put his number in the ad...

Was the Today also available in Europe? I think it looks even more like a japanese Twingo. Pretty sure these ones heavily inspired the Twingo designers, too.


slow down, buddy. he doesn't have it yet


We don't even have any cool classic shitboxes here

don't think the today was ever sold here

but then again before seeing this ad i also had no idea the city was ever sold in europe

the EU models are rare as shit though. apparently only sold for 2 years and only in some countries.

maybe we could start an exchange program where i send twingos to japan and they send city's and today's back

>no cool classic shitboxes
Where would this horrible place be?

>an exchange program where i send twingos to japan and they send city's and today's back

breddy cool idea

Have you ever stuffed a Twingo's ass?

this is so ugly, yet I kinda like it

dat green one next to it tho

fucking love this color too






It's a Bop-It

On U.S. soil here boys.

>On U.S. soil here boys.
what did he mean by this

Twingo driving in Chicago in fucking 2008

damn i wish i could drive my twingo around burgerland