What does Veeky Forums think of the Titan?

What does Veeky Forums think of the Titan?

long bed or gtfo

Cummins v8

Never driven one, neither has 99% of Veeky Forums

Seems pretty neat tho if you're into full-size pickups, power output, mpg, etc seems to be competitive. I like the look of em too. Time will tell whether they're pieces of shit this new generation is a full redesign of everything and has only been out for a couple years.

Went to the dealership to check one out. The plastics are better than the domestics and has a soft padded dash. It's well put together and priced competitively. Also long bed have the best deals.

more like the turdtan

nissan scum


It's a pretty cool looking F150

I see allot of coconuts driving them around so they must last well

My dad has a first gen Titan. It isn't bad for a truck. Does everything a truck should do and was very cheap.

I like the XD

WTF now I want one of these

It's garbage.

Nissan uses cintered metal gears in all of their differentials since 04 or something,
It's literally the cheapest shit ever, and you cannot replace the carrier, the whole axle needs to be swapped.

It's the best looking full size pickup out there, that's for sure.

Much better than the latest F-250.

>Sintered metal.

Starting to see these pop up a lot more now.

The top of line trims are a fucking disappointment though. Feel sorry for the dumb motherfuckers that wasted their money on it.

They cost as much or more than a Toyota yet have shit reliability and resale. What's the point?

I have one of the new gen Titans, RCLB 4x4 SV trim. Honestly, it's been fantastic. When I got it at least it was significantly cheaper than any other full size truck on the market (31+TTL) plus it has a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty. The interior is much nicer than any of the other trucks I test drove, and it has a ton of power.


looks like butt
had to get an american diesel engine to be taken seriously

No reason to buy it when the tundra exists. Horribly proportioned, looks like a bee stung it in the front.
Can't wait to see one every now and then for the next decade until they refresh it.

they were pretty much forced to get an american diesel because they couldn't use a jap made diesel for a reason.

I like them. They're simple and have a yuuge reliable naturally aspirated Nissan V8. Can't complain. If I had to buy a full size pickup I'd probably still go for a 2.7 turbo F150 though.

One hit me at a gas station and drove off so theres that.


>Not an F150 with 150,256 after market chrome trim pieces or a lowered Silverado

They're 2big. I want a truck the size of a ranger, even the new Colorado is almost as big as a 1500 pickup was 15 years ago.

Not wrong he was indeed a Mexican.

That padded dash though, gm boys can't relate.

>how is powdered metal being made into a fucking main driveline component bad

you fucking mexican truck owners are so delusional.
if you ever spin your wheels, your differential will pop, and they generally wear out even if you dont abuse them.
a differential needs to be made of tempered steel, this is perhaps the last thing you want failing in your truck, its more costly to replace than a transmission

sintered metal is literally only used on harbor freight tools

I fucking hate Titans and Frontiers alike. They're built so retarded i swear. So much "one-time use" parts like wtf Nissan?

German makes love doing that shit too

Germans like having their own "Special Tools" or just using the most uncommon tools possible. Idk exacly why they do this? Maybe these uncommon tools are far more common im Germany? Idk, but pic related is something I've only ever seen on German cars. I fucking hate Triple square bolts

Both the normal titan and the XD are great deals.

>sintered metal differential gears
>in a truck
Who would do this.

XZN/triple square heads are pretty common on German cars but you also get 12 point/double hex heads that look like triple square from a distance but have a different angle on the points so the tool won't fit correctly.