Why would anyone replace a s54 with an ls

why would anyone replace a s54 with an ls

does this not fuck the concept of driving a BMW?

same with people who ls swap rx7 fd's

>why would anyone replace a s54 with an ls
Cheaper to make power, probably fits better desu, fuck changing that last spark plug that's under the lip on the firewall

Because the LS is cheaper, simpler, better made, produces more power and has a higher power ceiling.

German engineering is a meme that elitists bought hook line and sinker

Anything BMW is an over engineered shitheap.

Why the fuck would you make a thread asking why someone would replace one specific engine with an LS? do you like fake ass outrage or something? this probably isn't even something that happens all that often (inb4 someone post a picture).

>Luigi gets on Veeky Forums
Who the fuck is doing this enough that its worth complaining about? at least rotards have semi valid reasons to be outraged as LS swaps into RX7s are much more common than german engine "X69" or whatever the fuck.

Anything BMW post 1993*

>muh VANOS
>muh swirl flaps

The question is, why does it bother you what people do to their cars?

LS engines are absolutely boring anyways, its like driving a diesel
>lotta torque
>cant rev
>sounds like someone farting into a trombone

>muh valvetronic

I did like there adaptive steering
>turn it with one finger at low speeds
>stiff as a dick on the highway
But you might as well pay for someone to fuck your shit up.

Because they don't want a pigfat iron block boat anchor?

no one does it though.
Unless the s54 has been blown up or something

>fuck changing that last spark plug that's under the lip on the firewall

>"Unscrewing four screws and removing the microfilter housing is HARD"

Go back to your bus.

they make good power though

I don't ride the bus senpai, I have plenty of cars to get me around.
In fact, I'm moving right now to a bigger house with more garage space and storage space for all my cars, finna be nice.

>LS swap rx7
>LS swap silvia
>LS swap 86
>LS swap civic
>LS swap tesla
American car """culture"""

>literally being this ass blasted and completely missing the point of muh thread

are you autistic? you really took this personally

Do they make kits for doing this? (engine mounts, transmission mounts etc)

what about the electronics to run the LS, would the BMW computer not freak out and run check engine lights all the time?

stay mad

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