Failed driver's test

just failed my fucking drivers test.
drove a shitty honda piece of ass, and the dmv admin scoring my test was this 30-some neet with adult braces. I did well, but I auto failed when I forgot to turn into the bike lane during a right turn.
Feeling pretty down right now, have to go to school after too, and it's just some shitty busywork day before finals, and my mom won't call me out so I can work on stuff at home.
fucking pissed rn, but imma slay the fucking DMV when I pass my test a week from now.

Welcome to the DMV, bitch.

>be shit at driving
>blame dmv

Nice blog. Do you know what the word "neet" means, by any chance?

y'know what, you're right. i'm the one to blame for my own shitty mistakes.


Why won't your mom let you literally do work, but at home? Are you asian? Would explain why you failed.

>witnessing character development in real life real time

Under age b&

I'm glad you failed you little faggot. If I was your father I would beat the shit out of you then bring you to my uncles house for your first 7 man ass annihilation. I really hope you pass next time though

>the dmv admin

I don't think you know what that means.

>passed first time

My examiner made me drive around for 50+ minutes because he couldn't find anything to fail me on. The other examiner people had already moved on to examining their 3rd person when I finally came back.

First time here, examiner was too busy taking shit about football to notice the dozen or so mistakes I made.

Then that means after this thread, we won't see him again until much later and on the sidelines

i failed my test 4 times. shit happens man. you'll learn

>be me
>get permit at 15
>gotta do a bunch of written bullshit
>fuck that
>drive around for 3 years on a permit who gives a shit
>new job needs "reliable" transportation
>fuck it i'll get the license
>realize I gotta do the tests
>in the 3 years I had my permit the testing system changed several times
>DMV says "don't even bother with the written tests, just come in for the driving exam."
>"That's rad"
>go to DMV
>wait 3 minutes
>get instructor guy person faggot
>driving my moms volvo to butter em' up with comfy rides
>end up talking about Starcraft and Diablo the entire time
>guy gives me a perfect score even though I rolled a stop sign

How can ANYONE fail their driving test? How is this fucking possible?

It all depends on the dmv you go to. White neighborhood vs. black neighborhood. Whites are stingy while Shaniqua the driving instructor is filing her nails during the test, and talking about some guy named Shaun that up and left her for another big booty hoe.

My instructor made no conversation at all and scored me pretty harshly, I passed my first time but with the absolute minimum passing score

was this post written by an alien?

What the fuck, I had to do so much expensive shit here in Sweden.

Only real drivers pass the test on their first try.

Failed first time because I was too impatient to reschedule the test to not take place during a really bad thunderstorm.

Stuck to the speed limit religiously, failed for not keeping up with the flow of traffic.

Passed the next time out, and rewarded myself by dropping $20 bucks on Taco Bell drive through. Shit sucks, but its not that long of a wait. You'll be more careful next time.

So this is Veeky Forums in 2017

Passed it the first time even in my misaligned shitbox. Made one small mistake (something about the ignition if I recall correctly) but otherwise aced it. Feels good not being a total loser.

>The person working was a 30 year-old NEET
>the person working was a NEET
>my mom won't call me out

This is either really crafty bait, or you're serious. In the off chance that this isn't bait, you have to be 18 to post here

> Veeky Forums posters that don't take driver's ed in high school or middle school
> Veeky Forums posters that never got their permit

Come on, man. You had all the time when you were a little shit like me to get your license like me, but never take advantage like a lot of people.

probably started the engine before putting on a seatbelt.

no idea what cuckery is behind that idea but it can easily count as a insta fail or error with most instructors

It all depends on the instructor. If you get a white woman, you're screwed; anyone else and you'll probably be fine. I got a white woman on my first test, she insta-failed me when one of my rear tires dropped an inch off the part of the sidewalk that slopes down at an intersection. The next test I had a slav guy who didn't really give a fuck and passed me in 15 minutes.

>be 15
>take drivers test
>pass first try because driving isn't difficult

Helps to be white I guess?

I failed twice and barely passed the third time. The main reason I failed is because I get easily nervous and fuck up when I feel pressured.

I remember finishing the test and being told I had gotten 91 points. This was in spite of the proctor asking why I was driving so fast with me unironically answering "to keep up with traffic".
I thought I had just barely passed it but then I learned that the cutoff was way down at 80 points when my brother said he had gotten 89 points.

>dmv admin scoring my test
>dmv admin
>is employed by someone other than his mom/dad

>fail driving test because i had a sped moment at a green left when cars on the other side started turning right and couldn't give me right of way

Sucks m8 but I passed on my second try

Its been two years but I still dont have a car

I got a few points off for going like two over down a hill, and I think nothing else.

i got dinging for how i stopped once when turning right at a stop light but didn't fail
unlike op

>tfw on my first test I got 100% on the actual driving portion but insta failed because I hit the curb while parallel parking
>on my second try I actually did worse on the driving portion but passed since I didn't fuck up the parallel parking
It's fucking retarded because here in Vegas you literally never have to parallel park. I've never had to do it since I got my license.

>The next test I had a slav guy who didn't really give a fuck and passed me in 15 minutes.

based on russian driving videos he was probably just happy you didn't hit anything and seemed to follow traffic laws

>rewarded myself by dropping $20 bucks on Taco Bell drive through. Shit sucks

>adult braces

As opposed to regular kid braces?

Fucking retard

You think they should test on less than the minimum skill set?

Like, if you can park forwards but not backwards and can't parallel park you should pass?


Only missed a few points because the instructor thought I didn't pull out far enough at a blind stop

First time here
After moving to burgerland from bongland, i actually thought it was impossible to fail a drivers test here. Guess im wrong

>tfw license expired a few months ago but to lazy to get it renewed
>still driving

only god can judge me

Underage ban

>What the fuck, I had to do so much expensive shit here in Sweden.
In the USA, many people regard having a drivers license as a right and not a privilege. So even if their license is taken away, they will still drive only they now hit and run every time. Some states have tried making examinations more thorough, but usually what happens is a discrimination lawsuit is filed. The state politicians then back down because the minority vote is pretty large and hateful. If the minorities find something to hate, then they vote against that politician.

>just failed my fucking drivers test.
If you've read many past threads, lots of people complain that the driver examination process in the USA is far too easy to pass. If you were in Europe or Japan, you'd have a tougher time. And you'd have to earn your way up levels to an unrestricted license to drive large vehicles unlike the USA where you pass and hop into an F-250 behemoth truck.

>Stuck to the speed limit religiously, failed for not keeping up with the flow of traffic.

When I had my test Long ago, I asked my driving examiner about speeders. He said even if everyone else was speeding, that I was to obey the law and not exceed the speed limit. So if your examiner failed you because you didn't continuously break the law, that is wrong.

It's too bad you didn't have a dashcam recording with audio for the interior. That could reverse the results of a failed exam and even result in a reprimand on the record of that examiner for advising people to break the law.

Watching driving fail videos gives you a rough idea why some of the testers are sticklers about keeping your lane and shit when turning. Dunno that all testers are that strict. Given the driving fail videos, maybe there aren't enough of them still.

>Dunno that all testers are that strict.
If the tester had a lot of complaints for being strict, especially racism complaints, then they probably just let everyone pass. Even those that would fail would simply be given a score close to failing. That lets the examiner keep his job since there won't be more complaints about strictness and discrimination.

I failed my first time cuz when the instructor told me to reverse in a straight line I kept going, waiting for him to tell me to stop and he never did til a car was behind us

Went to take the driving part of the test, bitch had me go through the whole thing and at the end told me I failed because I started the car before I put my seatbelt on. Pssh.

I nearly accidentally ran a stop sign on my test the first time because I wasn't paying attention. The administrator and I just laughed together at it.

I live in Florida, if you're wondering.

Oh, I didn't even need to take the written examination because I was 18 when I took the test. You're exempt if you're 18+.

I hope you never get your lisence. I bet tou drive like a 100 year old asian woman and you need to stay the fuck off the road!

>only god can judge me
well that and you county court system if you get caught

typical florida shit.