Greetings Veeky Forums

Greetings Veeky Forums,

So, I found on my local listings an old 1986 Toyta MR2 Mk1a. Paint is a little rough but not bad, windshield is cracked. Motor has an exhaust leak. Looks like missing hose. Other than that? It runs and drives fine. Got it up to highway speeds and had no issues.

Everything works but one registration light and the cigarette lighter. Kid said it was his uncles and he passed recently, it's been sitting for a few years.

Has a new fuel pump he put in among a couple other things.

Now, before I buy it I'd like to know your opinions on them? He has two, one that doesn't run and is in rough shape but for parts it'd be nice.

Check for rust. Check everywhere.
Keep in mind that most of the rubber will need to be replaced.

Was it garage kept? Water gets in those vents over the engine compartment and can really fuck shit up. Also how much? From the condition you describe I'd offer him 2k for both cars, 1600 for the running 400 for the parts car. MAYBE 2300 for both if you want it real bad but not more than that.

I saw zero rust. Garage kept.
Rubber is definitely noted.

Yes, garage kept. He's asking 2250 for both. Offered some wiggle room. I was gonna start with $1000, top dollar would be $1800. total. I think he'd bite.

Good job my dude, glad you got your head on straight to try and get the right price for them. Otherwise, definitely sounds like a solid project and a lot of fun. Look into a k20 swap down the line if you're up for it and want a bit more out of the car

Didn't think about doing a K20. I might do that with the non working one down the line. I haven't messed with imports too much. I just bought an old Pontiac GTP with 220k miles on it for $200, fixed it up and added some shit to it and sold for an easy $600 profit. May do the same with the one that's busted, or have a fun toy.

The clutch is a little weak, but not bad. I hope changing them out on this isn't too bad.

If all you want is high revs and no more than 220HP, then I'd recommend a 3S-GE Redtop instead. The S54 transaxle readily accepts the (supercharged) AW11 axles, and PrimeMR2 sells the poly mounts so you don't have to fabricate your own. It's far less custom work than trying to adapt a Honda engine to work in the AW11. Also a lot cheaper than a K20.

You're right, I assumed it'd be close to a sw20 which does ok with a k swap. Either way, a swap goes a long way for these cars over other things you can do. Of course, keeping it stock is also great fun!

Hijacking this thread but does a 200k mile 87 Mr2 Mk1b have any life left to it. He said he rebuilt the engine head but I am not sure how long ago.

No rust at all, new paint too, but I would assume 200k is getting too close to its deathbed.


Eh, it'll probably burn more oil than normal but it might still run really strong. 4ages are pretty robust engines and I've seen many with 300k+ running decently.

If you can get it for a grand, it'd be worth it. If not, don't bother. I know that sounds ridiculous and I'm sure that it could have a lot of life left in it but I wouldn't take the risk on it for more than that, they're not exactly collector cars or hold their value very well except to tards.

Wow 300k, will need a lot of work to get there. But this one is in pristine condition, garage kept, and all that so I might take a look.

Hm yeah he probably won't go for that, but.... It has been sitting on CL for about a month at the price he wants to sell it at.

Of course, the K20 has a lot of advantages as well.
>huge aftermarket
>you can supercharge it
>you can put fuck hueg turbos on it
>parts don't have to come from JDM cars
>slightly lighter

Enjoy wrapping it around a tree or sliding through an intersection and into a light pole, you Veeky Forums kids can't drive for shit. Honestly part of me is happy you idiots buy these things, because you'll just end up totaling them and making the others even more expensive and desirable.

Yeah pay a fortune for a swap THEN destroy it, even better.

>guy is selling a car
>doesn't post the ad

I bet it's got loads of problems and OP is about to buy a turd. Garage kept doesn't mean shit, all cars do their driving outside the garage, inside of one is not where the problems happen.

Everybody likes you, don't worry

Don't Northstar transverse V8s drop right in or something

t. Front wheel drive driver

You're not gonna get a very good AW11 for less than 3000. I wouldn't bother with any kind of engine swap unless the shell was in better condition.

>implying I live and drive in the city

There are intersections, but there's no vehicles, there's no stop lights, there's just long stretches of flat land.

My 89 foxbody was quite fun on it. Until it lit on fire...

It ran and drove OK. It was in the paper, and I don't feel like taking pictures.

It hasn't been driven in quite a few years. 96,000 miles on it too.

If the price is right and the body is without rust, then it could even be worth it even if you just swap it.