Old people, posers, and benchracers win again. Muh shift times, muh lap times, muh fuel economy.

Surely this is a fucking joke.

It's not surprising. The new supra doesn't target the older fans, Toyota is looking for new buyers. Also, auto only is getting more and more common on high end vehicles.

>I need an automatic transmission so I can speed down main street 0.0001s faster

But the Supra has no shortage of old fans. Some of the kids who saw Fast and Furious in 2001 probably have a lot of money now.


I'll laugh even harder if it is slower than the camaro ss

Benchshitters please go

Sports cars with manual:
.... that's it right?


That transmission can be outfitted with paddles at least. It's been done before.

R8 manual died in 2012. You missed

>BMW 2/3/4 series
>Abarth 124

inb4 people having shitfits over what is a sports car and what isn't

Of course. Fucking knew they'd blow it somehow. I just didn't think it would be on something so simple.

Christ on a bike what a bunch of fucking retards.

BRZ, Challenger, Booster, Cayman, Fiata, , and that Hyundai coupe thing.

At least Mazda won't screw up the new RX-7!

>50 years anniversary passes
>no announcements

Oh, nevermind. Guess I'm buying American.

VW GTI that can run 11 second quarter miles with just a tune comes with a 6 speed manual

Hot hatches aren't sports cars.

>11 second quarter with a tune

That's hard fucking bullshit, sorry. I could believe a 12 second quarter (by which I mean 12.99 seconds) but nowhere near 11. I know a guy who can make low/mid 12s in his Mazdaspeed 3, but that has well over 400HP and launch control.

>yfw that car is toyota bringing back the celica and that's not the new supra at all

I honestly wasn't expecting much, but I'm still mad.

He's a vagfag
Don't try to reason with them, they can't cope

The Celica is the GT86/BRZ.

Normalfags are the new sports car buyers, and they don't want manual. There is a reason why most high end sports cars only come in automatic only.

until now

Look at me. I am the Celica now.

Even in NA (especially in Canada) manuals outsell autos in Nip sports cars like the Miata/BRZ/WRX/86. The Supra would sell enough manuals that Toyota is losing out on money by not having it.

what did you expect from a BMW with a Toyota badge
the Supra is well and truly dead, it's never coming back

>Mazda Yaris
>Subaru 86
>BMW Supra

Honda MR2 and Nissan Celica when? Wait, nobody would trust Nissan with anything.

Assuming it's using a zf8 up, it's faster than any manual. It still retarded that they don't offer a manual though. It's not like it hurts them by offering a manual.

Also forgot

>Jaguar F-Type
>a lot of Aston Martins
>literally any Lotus

Basically only Brits and Americans care about stick shifts and Germany and Japan are pushing to make them gone forever.

A Mazda Yaris sounds [spoiler]pretty fun, actually[/spoiler]

If those kids wanted a Supra they'd buy the original A80, not this piece of shit

>Acura NSX
>AWD automatic hybrid
>Toyota Supra
>AWD automatic hybrid

Failure confirmed.

good. I appreciate a slow manual sports car just as much as the next guy but for next gen hybrid cars it's time you autists moved on.

they already did, it's called the mazda 2

Jesus Christ I've given up hope on the Japanese. It's just another piece of shit hybrid automatic. Just like the fucking nsx, hell it looks like it too. What a fuckin failure

This is fake news. My dad work at toyota

The only grounds they have for saying that is this one fucking picture. Of ONE test mule.

Is the GTR getting much flak for its automatic transmission?

Loving my 6mt CRZ beater... it can be done, it's just not done. Even easier to do NOW since MB is adopting Honda's mild hybrid system for everything.

Elec motor stuck in between engine and gearbox, just like Honda does in autos and manuals. EASY. But nah... why bother.

Also, here's the Z4 sister car. With a manual.

fake news


>Old people
I thought boomers like manual?

Part of Japan likes them too.

toyota needs to make the supra available with manual transmission and make an I6 and call it the 3JZ and everyone will be happy. Is that so damn difficult to do??

Fuck no, boomers invented and normalized automatics. Having an automatic in the 60's was like having a luxury car with an expensive badge.

its a modern sports car

it doesnt need old outdated technology just to please some luddites

manual has no place in the modern car world

Yeah almost every Mx5 and S2K I see has an old fucker driving

The rotary engine isn't viable anymore. The 16X was a dead-end. Mazda is now banking on getting HCCI to work well so that they don't have to use tarbos, CVTs, and 10 speed automatics like everybody else.

And the snek.

This. Let's not get too upset yet boys. I have faith Toyota won't let me down.

don you have the ability to choose your gears on newer toyotas? i know the camry and tundra has it

>paddle shifters are just like manuals!

Typical normalfag thinking

>i wont drive this car because it doesnt have meme transmission
>so what if i can still switch in and out of certain gears, i want more wear items!

typical Veeky Forums thinking

Dinosaurfags BTFO!

>autos have fewer wear items and are simpler

i didnt say simpler homo. what i am saying is paying more money for a cheaper transmission is retarded. fuck you and your manual c10

Man this interior looks shit, like they just covered the whole thing in school carpet

Does the Chevy SS count?


I bought a mk4 Supra because of F&F1


The Japanese don't understand nostalgia. Their industrial culture is all about moving forward, and they miss out on the western attachment to the past

The GT86/BRZ was "muh nostalgia" the car that only exists because the AE86 existed.

On the other hand, the new NSX has nothing in common with the good one, so maybe you're right

I was in a land cruiser forum, apparently Toyota can't understand the fascination in the US with restoring/modifying old land cruisers. They have trouble understanding why you would want to buy the latest and greatest one.

I don't think it's specific to cruisers. It's just the way they look at things.

Who cares? Manual isn't relevant anymore
At these modern performance levels manual is only a hindrance and seems to be something only can't drive shitters can about because it gives them a menial task to focus on rather than actually driving fast

Its all about going fast
If you care about stroking a dick while putting along instead of going fast.. kys poser

>Nissan GTR
>AWD automatic V6
>Mazda RX Vision
>rumored to be AWD and have hybrid ability in addition to the Rotary
>doesn't even exist
>Mitsubishi doesn't even have performance cars
>STi is and Miata are Japan's best bang for buck sports cars right now

I'm a big Japanese car fan, and it hurts.

>inb4 Z35 is auto only
>inb4 Z35 is a crossover


But snek is kill

That's why F1 drivers shift manually. Because they want slower quarter mile times.

Smg > h pattern > auto

Sports car and automatic gear changes don't go together unless it's for the gayest form of racing (literally called drag)

All of Ford's STs.

Manual in the world of sports cars, super cars and racing is as old as a horse drawn cart. It's slower, less efficent and because there are people who can't shift or just idiots. Well there's no chance they'll wreck the engine slamming it into 2nd gear and not 4th.

why does it look like it does

I'll probably still get it. what's surprising me is the "expected" prices. 35-45k? sounds good to me. I guess it isn't trying to compete with the NSX and GTR

I think its such absolute bullshit of an article
>brz """sti""" being announced in 2 days
>as in a car that'll hit the low-mid 30k mark
>Toyota will more than likely get a rebadged version for themselves
>implying it would make sense for them to price a fucking Supra just a couple grand above that
Yea, nah
Base model will Totally be in the upper 40's,

>buying anything newer than 07

Isn't the supra a project done with bmw?
BMW M is cutting their manual options next year as well.

Why do all ZF gearbox cars use that gear selector? So lame.