>same engine as Ford F150

name a bigger fucking meme..

>pro tip: you cant

>Will still sell every one they make
>Will be worth 1.2 million in 3 years time
>Ford now has a halo car that brings up the rest of the brand
Nobody cares what you think OP

are you a car enthusiast?

how can you fucking justify paying $500,000 for a car that has the same engine block as a Ford F150..

It's kind of like the new Lexus LFA, except instead of being defined by it's engine and being "meh" everywhere else, it's the exact opposite. Meh engine, everything else is pretty badass.

>Will be worth 1.2 million in 3 years time
lol I will buy nothing but Ford products for the rest of my life if they are selling for more than $500,000 3 years from now

screenshot this

Are you a broke bitch?
Lets play pretend OP, since you will always be poor maybe you can put yourself in the shoes of a richfag developer.
>You are a proud 'murrican and want to own 'murrican
>go to meet potential client to bid on $100 million project
>show up in your murrican car (vette/mustang/Camaro/challenger etc)
>all the other developers show up in Ferraris, mclarens and rollers
>laughinggirls.jpg at you and your car
>Otherguy gets contract

OR now you can pull up in a ford GT. The ONLY respectable American supercar.
1. its fast
2. it has RACING HISTORY from back in the Ferrari rivalry
3. it has won races
4. Its the right price to have status among other richfags. And if you DONT think this matters, you have never been in business and I assume you are a wage cuck

And are you retarded or just a shit troll? The lightning shared a block with the original GT. Did that automatically make the 03 GT shit? Granted the 5.4 had it's own share of issues but I don't see the point in going into it with you since you have no clue what your are talking about.

it's tradition
GTs have always used blue collar engines


Seriously buying a ford gt, even an older one, is a retirement account. Those cars do nothing but go up in value every year.

the 2017 NSX is more American than the Ford GT

Not ford products. The Ford GT only.
The old 2005 one was $139,995 MSRP. Now they are 300-480k if they have the right colors and numbers

yeah because that was actually a desirable car at a reasonable price not a soulless cuckmobile built in Canada following the LFA's business model

Canada > America?

I mean, nobody wants the NSX and the Ford GT has sold out until 2019 despite costing triple the price.

Read my points. The NSX doesn't cost enough, doesn't have history, and isn't going to be as rare as a ford gt.

This is why you will never have money. You don't understand demand.
There is only ONE American car (except classics that aren't driven) that you will see owned by the same people who own bugattis, etc.
A rich European or sandcoon will spend a million dollars on a GT before they spend 2 cents any ZR1 or Z06

the 2017 GT is a throwaway supercar. it will be forgotten a decade from now while the 2005 will still be a classic.

I'm pretty sure Longcat was a bigger meme.
Trump is right now for sure.

Oh I'm sorry you were facetiously misusing the word. My mistake.

That's what they said about the F50
>Its not as good as the F40
>its shit

what kind of retard would bet against a limited edition ferrari going up in value? sure the 2017 GT will go up in value too but you have a shit perception of reality if you think it will appreciate anywhere near as much as the 2005. even rob spaghetti said the same thing.

I cant afford this car, but Im not broke..

if I had this type of money to spend i would spend half of this and get a 488GTB Ferrari. or an aventador. Or a P1.

Or a dodge viper SRT. I dont understand why you would get something like this

>implying the F50 isnt priceless

F50 > Ford GT any day, any country, any year. the F50 is a timeless classic

You are still thinking like a normal person who has to worry about things like that. It wont be a first or only car.
People who buy Veyrons for example, say on average its their 30th car that they are adding to their stable.
Ford GT owners probably do have an aventador, numerous Ferraris... and boats and planes.
I knew a guy who owned a pasltics company in Canada. He had 2 SLR's and a Carrera GT when it was new (first in Canada). I asked why he had 2 SLRs and he said he just liked them. What that fuck am I supposed to say?

point taken

>because he just liked them
heh, thats kinda funny desu. thats silly wealth.