Road Rage

What do you guys do about road ragers? I had an encounter with one the other day who followed me until I was able to lose him.

I put my foot on the pedal that makes me go fast


I had one once.
He followed me for a good 15 minutes. Then I pulled onto the street that leads to the bad part of town. he wasn't long turning around

I usually just do my best to disengage. I live in an affluent suburb in Texas and I've had old white men pull a gun on me, people have followed me back to my house, etc. and I usually have no clue what I did. I like to think I'm a very considerate and cautious driver around other vehicles, but I apparently piss some people off.

Last time someone on the highway decided to cut in front of me because they felt I cut them off and swerve around so I couldn't pass I waited for a slow utility truck to appear in the left passing lane and passed half on the pavement half on the grass

Feels good man

Slam brakes
Stop in the middle of the road.
Get out.
Ask if he would like to take up the issue with me outside of his car.
They back down at this point.

There's no way that the bus driver does all that for you.

That happened to me once when a shitbox Accord was being a prick by hogging both lanes on a two-lane road and wouldn't move to the side, I slammed down the gas once there was enough of a gap to pass through and flipped him off while I'm at it.

The guy not only followed me for a couple of miles, he wasn't afraid to crash his car into me, he was one of those jobless pieces of shit with too much time on his hand and was probably a drunk too.

I had to drive into a neighborhood, lose him by making think I turned right when I actually turned left, and then I called the cops and gave them his license plate saying he was a reckless driver who was a threat to the neighborhood and they said they'll be on it.

I'm sure he's no longer a problem by now, but man, what a cunt.

depends on if its the middle of the night or not tbqh
>dude follows me down my road at night after i cut them off, dudes throwing shit at my car out his window
>stop in the middle of the road, get out
>dude gets out of his car
>pull out glock and shoot him twice in the chest
>drive rest of the way home

i had an encounter with some dumb poo in loo indian bitch with a piece of shit chrysler minivan, almost running the stop sign. i was going to slow because it was a school zone, and she was all up on my ass because i guess she was in a hurry.

normally i would brake check, but that would do more harm than good. i just learn to ignore it.

I drive so much everyday (3 hours) that I just laugh it off desu.

I'm on a mountain of anti anxiety pills so that probably helps.


>lead the on a chase
>eventually take them to abandoned building preferably with a gate
>swing back around and block the gate
>make them think it's a set up and let the panic ensue

*once again do not attempt with niggers, spics, or old white guys in pick up trucks. You probably will get your brains blown out

Put the petal to the medal.



>NJ driver here
>fucking shoobies.

I had some super angry bitch follow me for a while. I eventually got tired of that and held my gun up so she could see it.
She fucked off.
In retrospect, that was not smart of me.

>held my gun up
Please don't do that in washington state. Brandishing a gun in a car against another driver is a road rage conviction if someone videos you. You can't lie about simply just looking at the gun for flaws in its finish because of the context. Since someone was tailgating you, it would be up to the judge to determine if that was the context in which you chose to display your gun publicly to the other driver(s) on the road.

I squeeze out a loaf, scoop it, and throw it into the window of the driver that pissed me off.

You need more bumper gaurds.

No matter what you do, some people will always get mad that you don't follow "their" unspoken rules or interpretations of the law.

>He stopped at red on a right when there's no one
>He didn't get out of my way fast enough
>He's too slow in the right lane enough though I could merge around to pass

stupid shit

The few tailgaters I've had I usually just lose them in heavy traffic or turns they can't keep up with, since they are angry econobox drivers.

In heavy traffic, look for a way to box them in by speed matching with other drivers.

>On highway at night, changing lanes for upcoming turn off some distance away
>out of nowhere a guy going 40kmh over suddenly is on my ass, holding his horn down and keeping his high beams on in his shitty ass mazda 3 sedan
>slow slightly below the speed limit
>let him creep closer, to mere cm away
>tap brakes lightly to make the light appear, but not actually brake
>suddenly jerks back, honking starts again
>punch it, take a very fast turn off at incredible hihg speed
>they can't keep up
>merge into new highway and cross several lanes before the other guy can follow
>they forgot to turn off their high beams
>other cars now behind me and to the side, he can't follow
>follows like a cuck for a while, then someone opens up a spot behind me
>he immediately tries to start tailgating again
>guy next to me notices the dickhead with his high beams on, lets me through, he has a clear lane in front, so I make some distance
>that guy speed matches with 3 others, tailgater shrinks into the distance

All other occasions I just used my knowledge of the area to force them into some kind of merge behind other cars.

I generally road rage back worse than they do.
If they get out of their car so do i with a board with a nail hammered into it, they turn around real fast.

I mean sure guy with a bat isnt the scariest thing but some mother fucker with a board with a nail in it is probably 17 different types of crazy and no cunt wants to deal with crazy.

Sorry to burst your bubble man, but nothing is gonna happen to that shit bag. All he's gonna get is a letter in the mail or a visit telling him to calm down or something. The only way he'll actually get what he deserves is if you get it on camera and show the cops.

I just carry on, and as they pass i smile and wave. It confuses and angers them further, it's great.

>wasting your time with idiots

I honk my horn at them until they leave me alone

>white trash who get angry if you're not going 30 over the speed limit
>these are the same """""people"""""" who think having a radar detector entitles them to be able to weave in and out of traffic at 90mph

Continue to drive as safely as possible. If the idiot is on the verge of causing an accident, I get off to the nearest busy parking lot and call the cops. I live in Texas, so I carry a gun with me in my vehicle.

I've only had to do this a couple times, thankfully. I actually did have to brandish on a guy one time because he jumped out of his truck with a bat. People are horrendously stupid here about traffic.

The problem is that you live in Texas, which verifiably has the worst drivers in the entire country. There are more fatal accidents and vehicle related deaths here than any other state, including California, and the only reason it's not the highest per capita is because it's the 2nd most populous state.

This is the only place where I've driven (and I've driven extensively in a dozen states and 3 different countries) where you can being doing the speed limit in the slow lane and some retard will act like he's championing a cause to ride your ass for miles despite the fact that the left/fast lane is totally open for miles, and actually get mad at you because he's too fucking retarded to just pass you.

Texas somehow has managed to collect all the worst habits of the worst kinds of drivers from all over the country, and pretends like they are being intelligent and polite in having done so.

If it's not obvious, I fucking hate driving in Texas, especially in the cities.

Also Texas here. I don't know who i hate more, drivers with New Mexico/Mexico plates, or SUV drivers

>live in a state where radar detector are illegal
>stupid white trash and jiggaboo coons still try to go twenty over

I wonder if Texas would have marginally less shitty drivers if radar detectors were illegal

I'll take New Mexico/Mexico plates on an SUV any day of the week over some concrete cowboy driving a lifted, dolled-up King Ranch Whataburgerâ„¢ Edition F-250 who doesn't actually know how to drive the truck and also has a chip on his shoulder.

Every time I have to deal with some asshole in traffic, it's either bromcdouche Wishes-He-Was-Country fuccboi like I described in a truck he can't handle, or a Hispanic lady in some crossover or compact car. The only difference is I know the woman isn't going to follow me and there is not a possibility of me having to actually get in a fist fight or shoot someone because she was tailgaiting me or because she cut me off.

I seriously doubt it. They don't drive bad because they don't care about the laws, they drive bad because they just don't have any idea how to drive. Texas went from shitty desert and West Louisiana to 2nd largest population in a couple decades, and they simply haven't adjusted to it.

I was reading an article about the freeway system here in San Antonio, and these people think that zippering into and out of traffic is either "too rude" or "too scary" to do.

>I've only had to do this a couple times
holy shit kek. somehow i want to drive around texas now, just for the experience

>only 3 hours

I said "only" because, as critical as I am of Texas drivers, I don't want to make it out like Bill the Used-ta-Was highschool football player is chasing me down every time I leave the house and get on "his" road.

The traffic is absolutely horrible, but most people don't actually want to kill you because of it. I drive around millions of people, and in 7 years I've had 3 incidents of having to get off the road because of some idiot raging, and one idiot who wasn't thinking at all and wanted to try to assault me or damage my property.

It sounds absolutely crazy, but it's only kind of crazy.

I live in TX and I've had that experience exactly twice. Both times, the other driver was a black
>one time, the driver was an ex .mil New Yorker

Every time it was a white guy with me, every time driving some kind of lifted truck with a bunch of offroad/trail accessories that have obviously never left concrete.

The dude who jumped out with a bat to be an idiot was wearing pristine cowboy boots and this ridiculous belt buckle with pre-faded, brand name jeans. I'm surprised to this day he wasn't also wearing a bolo tie and a 10-gallon hat.

this, i never understood the memes of blacks being slow drivers. Every time i encounter someone speeding ridiculously its always some black 30yo

It's older black people that are slow on the highways, the younger blacks are slower on local streets around my way

I live in the DFW area and this is so true it hurts. The traffic is unlike anywhere else because there are millions of people commuting on highways with 70+mph speed limits with CONSTANT construction. This results in traffic that goes from 0 to 70 to 5 to 80 to 0 and it gets real fuckin hektik when 400 people going highway speeds have to slam on their brakes all at once

>I squeeze out a loaf, scoop it, and throw it
That has your DNA material in it, so you could get charged with road rage for throwing your DNA around like that. Never ID yourself. Just like poop on someone's doorstep, it should never be your poop since you can be identified if your DNA is listed in a database.

I'm black. For someone reason people rarely confront or follow me.

saved my life having these
followed by a psycho burger that was screeching how I woke his mother and she has cancer etc. he started ramming into my car and this is middle of nowhere
no cell service
no gun
it was my only option as they had a faster vehicle and there was no ducking onto side roads or whatever

Drive this and no one will fuck with you.

Maybe in yuroland where everyone who drives one is involved in some sort of organized crime, but in the states the spice nigs and white trash don't give a shit

You could get lose to the same effect with a Chrysler 300C for about 1/10th the price too.

>What do you guys do about road ragers?
It has never happened to me, but if it did, if it is a persistent road rager following me, I would call 911 on the hands free voice operated phone in my car. I would say "A road rager is following me, what do I do? Can I drive by a police officer for him to observe the situation?" and the 911 operator takes it from there.

If the road rager tries his antics in front of the officer, then there will be a road rage citation. But chances are as soon as the officer shows up, the rager leaves in fear.

Yeah boys I'm a snitch on the road too. Whole family almost got murdered in AL by a drunk road raging redneck so I call the cops for anything beyond a honk or the first round of flashing brights.
Watching some asshole get pulled over is amazing.

I just flash my piece

usually that's enough

I drive a 300 though

dashcam footage front and back

easily emailed

the most powerful thing you can do to someone displaying attention seeking behavior is... nothing at all

let them chimp out

revisit footage and if necessary send it to police

if they get dangerous just cruise to police station man

>drive a POS beater truck and carry a gun
>you can put another dent or scratch in my truck amongst the million others
>or you can get shot

What city? I grew up in North Texas and live in Las Vegas now, I honestly believe without a doubt that California has the worst drivers in the country, and I've driven in almost every major city in the US due to traveling a lot for my job. They're just murderous asshole cunts.

>dis be biat muhfugga

Califag here, LA drivers are the worst in the country, everyone else is bad, but not fast enough to do anything if you fuck off

>Be me
>Be driving
>be on highway driving
>Be getting tailgated by some normiefag
>REEEEE internally
>Slam on my brakes and he rear ends me
>I get out and he is mad as heck
>I open up my trenchcoat and reach inside
>He calms down by now and says he don't want no trouble
>Tell him it is too late for apologies
>Unsheathe my Uchigatana
>Ask him is he likes what he sees, while striking my ninja pose, Uchi perched above my head
>He is confused, then answers "why?"
>Tell him because it is the last thing he ever will see
>Lunge at him
>He's good
>He manages to dodge my attacks
>Chase him to his brotruck
>He manages to escape my grasp
>Get back in my mom's Prius and chase him down
>Get within range and open my door
>Double clutch it and proceed to spike the revs
>Leap from my car on to his at 80 MPH
>Bust through his driver side door and push him into the passenger seat
>Tell him he has two options
>He opens the door and bails out before I can tell him his two options
>Circle back to pick him up
>He's gone
Never found the guy. To this day I stand guard, vigilant, ready for him to return and attempt to take my life. I'll be ready, though.

I'm always ready...

WRONG, Massachusetts has by far the worst drivers, everyone knows this.

Magdump through back window.

That could get your dumb ass shot, but since you're lying have fun.

Just drive away, avoid a conflict at all costs.

Different Califag here, California drivers are perfectly acceptable for the most part, depends on the area.

San Fernando Valley drivers are fucking pricks though.

The people in florida may be bad drivers but damn they seem chill compared to the people elsewhere.

the best is when people finger me because they cant understand how zipper merging works and have to get personally offended when i force my way into their lane behind the car that let the car ahead of me in.

its amazing how retarded folks are. i figured out zipper merges without being told what they were. down in vancouver when the tunnel between surrey and richmond to vancouver city shuts down into one lane in the less busy direction during rush hour, retarded cucks will actually line up for miles and miles in a single lane and people will actually block the ending merge lane to stop folks from getting to "the front of the line"

as if creating a situation where there is a huge line up of stopped cars in single file with one lane still open but people too dumb/afraid to use, and if they do some idiot might try to block them from using it and cause a fight.

people are just too retarded out there. i drive the speed limit most days because im not in a fucking rush and my vehicle is old and has lots of mileage and i dont like how it handles at high rates of speed. its amazing how stress free and easy driving on the highway can be when you just tail a semi doing the speed limit as cucks take chances to change lanes at high rates of speed to get to their whatever the fuck they need to be at.

Do you happen to be mexican?

I swear I27 north and amarillo as a whole is pure cancer.

he is black

Sounds like typical mexican behavior to me. At least in my area.

This Most states will fuck your ass with a brandishing charge.

>tfw you have been on the rager side
Feels bad. I've gotten better at controlling my anger over the years but sometimes something will set me off. For instance:

>driving to work
>relaxing, perfectly calm
>woman in suv in front of me slams on her brakes
>I have to brake so hard my tires skid
>see that she braked so hard for a fucking dog walking along the side of the road
>white hot rage engage
>get up within a foot of her bumper and ride her ass, flip her off from behind a bunch, swearing the whole time
>follow her all the way to the highway before I come to my senses

I don't try to get mad, I swear. Just happens. I don't carry a bat or anything in my car because I know I'd probably use it.

why is this so fucking funny.

You should have said "NANI!?!?" instead.

You sound like a fucking sperg for having a tantrum about someone braking for a dog. If you leave a safe braking distance like you're supposed to, you wouldn't have had an issue. Grow up, user.

Ignore them. Or gradually slow down when they can't overtake.


Just try to do anything to piss them off even more.

>waiting to turn across intersection
>pedestrians crossing
>other cars with right of way also waiting for pedestrians
>basically what im trying to say is im last in line to move in this situation
>guy behind me is beeping his horn and fucking raging behind his wheel
>he looks like a cartoon hes literally screaming inside his car and bashing his steering wheel
>wait til the light is about to turn red and slowly drive through

My only regret is that I couldn't stay to see how mad he got.

Yesterday a tailgating boiracer nearly rear-ended me as I did a break check.
Too bad he missed by the width of a hair.

>let them tailgate me on the left lane
>near an exit quickly move to the right lane preferably behind a truck
>brake hard
>take the exit

Never see them again at that point

he had it coming
let freedom ring

Sounds like BOTH in my area. Even yesterday night, there was one of those dudes by the side of the road flipping cars off as the cars passed by. I think he was just having an "Anger Attack" type tantrum by the roadside. If there was no such thing as police, someone like that might be attacking people as revenge for all the anger he feels in his mind towards other people and society for passing him by. Maybe he wants Reparations? They keep talking about it in my city. One day, the minority will have the majority vote, then they can vote reparations into existence.

>heh, i feel so powerful, i slowed that guy down by going slow in front of him when he had no way to go around me, i'm the boss

Have your fun, i'll laugh when someone runs into you.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Two wrongs make two faggots.

>b-b-but legal fault, b-b-but insurance payouts, b-but lawsuits
Your case of whiplash and possible death, not mine.

I had some son of a bitch tailgate me several miles up a county highway. Just for him, I went 10 under the limit. If yo mamma didn't teach you patience, I will.
He then proceeded to pass me in a no passing zone, nearly wreck face first into traffic just to tailgate some idiot with poorly secured lumber in the back of his shitbox S10.
My gf and I laughed at his struggle the whole way.

>be me
>been driving the speed limit like a good boy
>autist behind me losing it
>needs to be somewhere in a hurry
>probably a wagie
>starts following me
>get scared, floor it turning everywhere I can trying to lose him
>he's still going for it
>still honking
>can't take it anymore
>slam dem brakes
>faggot zips in front of me
>mfw he's got meme stickers
>mfw he's smiling and waving
>mfw he was a fellow Veeky Forumsutcast and was trying to compliment me on my shitbox and memestickers
>mfw I nearly break checked and took some memelord's life because of my autism
>he speeds off without knowing that I was plotting

B-be careful out there guys

Nah. I commute to Boston every day and while massholes tend to drive like fast and aggressive they are also predictable and much more efficient at zippering through construction zones than our neighboring states. Most people are on the same page with our own "interpretation" of the rules of the road and as long as you're on board you're fine.
It's the civilian speed police that get everyone else aggravated.

Patience is good when something literally can not be hurried, like waiting in line. It's going as fast as it can, calm down.

Driving is the exception. It can be hurried. You are just a faggot, and the tailgater is a shit driver.

I do a little drift when I pass slowfaggots clogging up my togue. In a 1997 corolla.

Why would someone run into me if we are both stopped at a light waiting for our turn to move? Sit at the front of the bus and you might learn something.

Yes, legal fault, insurance payouts and lawsuits.
I always have 2 dashcams running and I can afford an attorney :)

I usually pull into a parking lot and keep my gun in my hand


No, because everyone recognizes the 300, and knows it's not worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

>be driving
>mustang gt weaving in and out of lane
>get behind him to fucc with him
>starts to brake check me
>pull up next to him and don't look at him
>triggers him badly so he rides my ass for a mile
>try to do a bunch of weaves but can't lose him
>finally at light, he decides to turn and looks at me
>flick him off
>yells at me while driving away
cuckstang drivers are dogshit, I also took my gun out in case he tried anything

Man am I glad I live in germany and not in third worldistan called america

>tires skid
Maybe you should get a more modern car if you can't break properly, one with ABS.

Germany is quickly becoming third world

I'll be back in hungary by then don't worry

>splitter on a rolls royce

i'd call the owner a fucking retard

He's a mustang owner, of course he's not going to try anything

You mean BMW owners?

I've never had anyone follow me and I drive like an asshole, maybe don't look like a skinny virgin

>it's not worth hundreds of dollars.

>not third world

Top delusion

>pull out glock and shoot him twice in the chest
You must be using your own bored barrel so that the rifling marks of officially sourced barrels can't be traced back to you. The rest of us with normal dealer guns can only dream.

Yeah because it isnt white guys who have angry spergouts and decide to shoot up everyone at school/work/the gym/movie theater

Geoege Sodini was black, just like Eric and Dylan were brown and Adam Lanza was black too :^)

You're not anyone else's parent, fuck off with your faggotry