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Shills in denial about Japanese bikes snapping below the fuel tank where a KTM would have broken triple clamps edition:

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2 days till I am no bike no longer. plz hold me.

What bike?


ybr125, 23yold brit so I'm just going to sit on my cbt for a year then do my DAS and get something big

>I haven't even been able to find gear that expensive.
You havent been able to find a 200€ helmet?
A 200€ jacket?

I'm looking all over craigslist but everyone is selling cruiser type helmets for like $30 used

Ok, I know this is bait but still...


Helmets MUST fit your head shape and size and are one use only. If it gets a hit it become useless.

Don't buy a helmet off Craiglist

Checked amazon, and the absolute most expensive I can find is a $600 with terrible reviews. It basically just skips the $200 category and goes straight from $130ish to THAT.

Went down to several motorcycle stores here in town. Can't find anything for more than $150, which I grant is pretty close. Never had any trouble with this gear. I just thought $120 was a good price range.

And yet you replied. This (You) is mine and I'm keeping it :^)

never, ever buy a used helmet. Go to a dealership/shop and buy a helmet

Never ever buy a used helmet. Modern helmets are sacrificial, they are destroyed as part of absorbing the shock to protect your head. If it has ever received a hard knock (even dropping it onto concrete), its protective value may be compromised.

This is worse bait. How is a helmet going to help in a crash if it is useless after it falls off you bike or out of your hand once? They would then explode in a real crash.

>cruiser style helmet
user, I have a cruiser. What kind of helmet should I be using?


No, you can have it X-rayed. If it has been knocked hard enough to received damage it will be visible on the surface.

Brain bucket.


go look up some video's retard, do you reuse the airbag in your car after it goes off?


But i don't like those. I think ill stick with full face.
I've seen a few guys on hayabusas with these kinds of helmets lol

>you can have it X-rayed.
This is true
>If it has been knocked hard enough to received damage it will be visible on the surface.
This is false

Not the same. Air bags don`t always go off, do you tear out the air bags after a light fender bender?

Helmets are fine use your eyes and inspect for damage. If it is cracked and shitty don`t buy it. The damage the really buggers it up is highly visible. Puncture holes and splits.

People same the same thing about secound hand Kevlar Bullet Proof Vests

Ok then tell me how you are going to damage the inner shell without harming the outer?

Is there any reason i shouldnt get a KX100 for trail riding.
Like serious trail riding. Stuff normally done on a full size dirt bike.
Im sick of my tall, heavy, expensive bike.
The kx100 has a great power to weight as well.

Polycarbonates can flex and recover without breaking. The shock absorbing compounds inside can be crushed while the shell remains intact.

Just get a 125

Somehow flex enough to crush the polystyrene inside without leaving ;splits, cracks or major abrasion. It`s fine, I'll continue to take my chances.



>Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal
>Red light, can't stop, so I spin the wheel
>My world goes black before I feel an angel lift me up
>And I open bloodshot eyes
>into fluorescent white
>They flip the siren, hit the lights
>Close the doors, and I am gone

>Now I lay here owing my life
>to a stranger, and I realize
>that empty words are not enough
>I'm left here with the question of just
>What have I to show except promises I never kept?
>I lie here shaking on this bed
>under the weight of my regrets...

>Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal
>Red light, can't stop, so I spin the wheel
>My world goes black before I feel an angel steal me from the
>greedy jaws of death and chance
>And pull me in with steady hands
>They've given me a second chance
>The artist in the ambulance

What a waste of a amber-lamps ride.

ABS would have prevented this gay shit

Where do you guys park when going into a store like Walmart or a supermarket? I see people parking motorcycles on the front sidewalk area at shopping centers and places like Walmart or Lowes / Home Depot but I've never done that before. Parking my bike in a crowded parking lot between 2 huge SUVs or pickup trucks just seems like a good way to get it knocked over when someone tries to quickly pull into the parking spot without seeing my bike.

If there is motorcycle parking I use that else I park on the sidewalk near the entrance. I also park on the islands in the parking lot if I have no other choice. Sometimes I share a car parking with another bike. I just park wherever is the safest for my bike.

Right in front of the doors
No fucks given
Chain it to something




I'm in Greece and everyone scooter here.
When I come back I want scooter too.
What should I get?

>What should I get?
A real motorcycle.


>outdoor blood tests
What the fugg

I often just take a whole car space.
If the lot has diagonal spaces, always take the last triangle.

I have a real DR.
I want a scootsie now.

Get best scoot

educate yourself faggot

>South Africa

Fuck it, almost 20% of the adult population there is HIV+, who cares if a few people end up dying from an infection acquired at an outdoor blood testing / donating tent.

why don't you try being your own man and not following the crowd simply because there is one to be followed?

Not gonna lie, that looks comfy af

Are PR4s good?
If not, what sport-touring/sticky edges hard center tires would you guys recommend?

Too tall. 39 inch seat height is crazy.

I'm really digging the Dunlop Sportsmart 2s right now, but really similar feel to the PR2s I had on my old FZ6.


Cos it is
Honda spazio aka helix aka CN250
even has a trunk and can be fitted with DOUBLE backrests
About 1500€

Regular parking space. Just don't deliberately park between those two massive vehicles to start with, and park somewhat near the through aisle (rather than pulling all the way to the front of the stall) so people don't have to be practically in the stall hitting your bike to see it. Angles, line of sight, that sort of shit.

I'd honestly be more worried about some vindictive asshole or someone's unattended crotchspawn fucking with or scratching my bike if I left it in that front sidewalk area compared to just parking normally.

What do you guys think of carrying comprehensive insurance on a shitbike? My premium for it is $47/yr w/ a $300 deductible. I paid $2000 for the bike but I have no clue what it'd be valued at by insurance, it's a 90's dual sport.

I'm considering dropping comp. so I can raise my medical payments coverage since I don't have any health insurance (I got taken off my parents' plan).

I pay ~£300/yr for TpFT on a shit bike, you're fine

Well I live in a semi-rural area of Texas, at least half of the vehicles in parking lots here are full size SUVs and pickup trucks. Even if I deliberately park away from large vehicles, odds are that by the time I come back out there will be one or two on either side of my bike. I drive a 3/4 ton pickup truck myself and have a hard time seeing even a small car parked between 2 large vehicles sometimes until I've already started to pull into the parking spot, I personally know people who have come out of a store to find their bike knocked over in the parking spot with signs of someone having hit it with their vehicle. Of course the person who hit their bike never stuck around or left their info, they just drove off.

How shit/good is the ninja 650

New or old?
Old is a fine starter bike, if a bit boring
New is being described as the holy grail, i think it's dogshite

Yeah older version, trying to find one in the 3.5k USD range

Pretty good. I don't think any 650 will blow anyone away performance wise.

Yeah not looking for a super sport or anything like that. Still working on getting riding classes. It's not underpowered or anything though. I don't want to go super fast but I still would like to go at a decent pace.

Anything to look for when picking out used bikes?

I know nothing really about them in terms of parts that are easily hidden until ridden a bit.

I have a lot of experience with bicycles and people like to make the bike look nice in pictures and to ride fine for a block but has some serious part wear.

is it just me or is google taking a shit right now?

>I love motorcycles so godamn much!

Anyone else know this feel?

Unless you tear the whole thing down buying used is always somewhat of a gamble. I'd ask for maintenance records and bring the bike to a garage for an quick inspection if you don't know what you're doing.



I have two choices for a beginner bike. I have a 2007 SV1000, or a grom. Grom is a fair bit cheaper but both are within budget.


Neither. SV too big, Grom too small.
GS 500 is beginner godbike.

>GS 500
epic memester strikes again

not a meme

>love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle
t. Hunter Thompson, supposedly

both at once desu

>should i buy the bike known to be a widowmaker or the meme 125?
Truly a conundrum
He's right, you know


that's the tl1000, and its scary reputation stemmed from a rotary suspension damper, which the SV never had. or so I'm told.

retard alert

anything but a ybr, seriously, its about the worst 125 you can buy.
might aswell buy a chinglung or shengdoo

you're the first person I've seen with anything majorly bad to say about it. I think I'll be ok.


SV1000 and ride conservatively while you develop your skills.

>both at once desu
or better yet get the SV and then get a kx65 with scooter tires for mini racing

Finished a 220 mile day, my personal furthest at once travelled. Also broke 90 today, which was a first as well. Building up endurance for a multi-day trip later this summer.

So I want to upgrade from my cbf300f to 600c race bike
Im going to buy used
are there any brands i should stay away from?

you might find it underpowered and with inadequate suspension if you do a bunch of rocky hill climbs

>he didnt break 90 the first day he had the bike

Soft break in, as per the manual. I bought the bike new (like a fucking idiot. Hindsight etc.), so I wanted to do it right.

Is it normal to find fucktons of metal shavings in your oil during break-in period on a new bike/after rebuild?

Stick with the japanese brands. Easy to maintain and replace parts if necessary, parts are cheap and readily available too. Careful with buying a real 600cc RR though, since it truly is tuned for the track. If you buy a used R6 for instance, you'll find the power is all top-end and it may not be what you want if just commuting. It's all up to you though

define fucktons
also no

Every brand and bike that's not a 636

thanks lads


You can go above 90 on a soft break in

depends on the bike

Just bought my first bike. What do you guys think?

very shiny much cruise

You'll be bent over it behind the bar with a big daddy bear giving you a liver ticklin' in no time.

Hey /dbt/
I need some help, I'm about to land a job at a Ducati, Triumph and KTM dealer, but i need some info on those types of bikes, since I don't have a lot of experience with bikes

can you guys lend me a hand please?
here's what i got so far
KTM: Austrian, makes dirtbikes and scramblers
Triumph: British, makes the Speed Triple
Ducati: Italian, owned by VW, makes sports and superbikes.

do you have any clue about bikes?
the brands will probably be less relevant
you need to know what every number on the data sheet of a bike stands for
learn that

KTM: Made by Nazis and Poo-in-loos, forks break off all the time.
Triumph: Only ever ridden 2 miles at a time (to the nearest Starbucks).
Ducati: Spends more time at the dealer's garage than on the road. Engines explode all the time. $800 oil changes.