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>How do I join the collage?
See pic related.

BMW m3 E46 masterrace checking in

>owning a honda
>not a BMW
>not a Benz
>not a corolla
>not a camry
>not a nissan
>any other car but honda

why would anyone pay money for a ricer?

Because we're ricers (You) faggot

What up nihgs.

>Stock sedan Integra was too scared to fjord this river
>Crossed right by him blasting Eurobeat

I've crossed five rivers so far. My town is sinking.

1st hrv in /hg/ feels good mayneee

Not sure if I'll drive my civic today or not, might take my Toyota instead. I still need to buy an air filter for my civic too.

Is that an usher reference?

I wasn't even scheduled to drive in this shit today until 3pm which is when it's calming down. Damn white girl never came in for day shift so I got woken up with only 3 hours sleep to cover it. At least the tips are dank.


>tfw the new Honda Civic is still not at my country, they still sell the old one

My civic which was fucked yesterday is at the dealership.

They gave me a loaner white 2017 civic LX. It's eeeeh ok I guess. No sunroof or gadgets. 2.0L engine sounds so different when you're used to the turbo engine.

How much does it cost to repair?, do you have and insurance?

No idea it's fully covered by my insurance and the extra bumper to bumper coverage with Honda. The jetta that hit me the guy was checking his phone or texting while taking off at the intersection. His jetta is fucked. He's going to end up paying my damage and his car because he was on the phone and accelerated at me in the middle of my turn

Try not to drown just for the tips shingu!

Passenger door

Need a paddle?

Shingu you deliver pizzas right? How many miles you put on your civic in a month? Also does your car get that pizza stink?

We all good bruh. Storm passed and I'm cruising with the window down now.

Yep and I guess around 2000mi a month. Idunno if it's just Pizza Hut but the smell doesn't linger in my car.

What third world shit hole do you live in?

Better than nothing

>What third world shit hole do you live in?
Israel, But I think the new mother is supposed to come soon

This is what that front bumper is going to, that's right, an EF Sedan lol

just got back, almost died today. will have dashcam vid in a moment
nothing like being the pioneer
have a dashcam vid?

Work friend let me borrow his weighted shifter he got from a Civic that got destroyed and the owner died in the wreck from racing 2 Mustangs when they hit him apparently. Someone's soul is in this shifter lol

Those damn Mustangs killing poor little Hondas. Is that a 4 speed?

Man your city is so scary.

5 speed, I'm betting the car was a hatch like yours

Found the article about the street race. I can't tell the gen from the pic but this is the dude who died


>“It’s going to stop one way or the other,” said Harold Moore, whose son died early Sunday morning while street racing. “If the city doesn't stop it, I'll stop it. I'll block this whole road off. I don't care.”


Call me in the wrong but frame by frame it was red before he even reached his line. Any crash in this can will be fatal which is why i trust no one on the road and pray to the gods of vtec.

It's been 4 years, I can assure you street racing is still as big as it was then, in fact
we now just reopened the Memphis international speedway up again. It's a legit track and not just an oval.

Also pic of it in car

>you installed the soul shifter
The legend rides on B)


Driver sheets bruh. Seriously. Just buy a box open it and leave it in your car. It will absorb any pizza orders and dig itself into the seat. take it out after a could of weeks and it should be fine..or just leave it in their but mind you...its like a better smelling stronger black ice meme

That has bad juju written all over that. Bury that thing with the driver or something. Oh lawd...I don't play that stuff..nuh uh ...not me.I don't even want to look at the picture...delete it.

So how do you shine up ancient wheels? Sandpaper?


acid, and a scub

try la totally awesome cleaner

He was definitely in the wrong

Yeeeeaaah niighas


reposting because last thread died

Got alignment and new tires. Wew


Is that CM go in the background yours? looks mint.

Nope. It was mint but parking lots ate it. 04 lx

Looks like I'll be copping a '13 Civic Si instead of a '17 because I found one for cheap that was technician owned in Florida.

I recall mentioning I'd get one back in 2013 when they drop 10k and here we are.

>parking lots ate it
Aww damn, I always liked the clear portions on those 03-04 rear lights better than the 05 and facelift.

How about that 5g Prelude?
>pigfat, slow, spotty aftermarket
So how much you want for it?
>DOUBLE KBB, it's totally rare, Si bro

Having a hard time understanding this kind of tax. I could understand a decent Type SH going over a bit, but these are all base models around here.

Year #6 they never learn

just go accord coupe lmao

Are those bottlecaps?

This, a CM7 EX is basically a TSX coupe.


>tfw $112 and 20 orders for the first shift of my work week
>hatch still running flawlessly

Month starting out so gud right now. Also good that I didn't hydrolock anything going through all that flooding.

>hatch still running flawlessly
We'll see.

>birds still flying out in front of my car all the time

They aren't getting me again. Looks like this weather is trying to get me, though. This is some biblical shit. Never ending.


>Then Moses raised his hand over the sea, and the LORD opened up a path through the water, and said "I'm pussy?"

How hard is it to install power windows and mirrors in a 3rd gen prelude assuming I take parts from another 3rd gen prelude?
Also should should I get one with 4 wheel steering if its $1k more? these are my options:



Probably going to get the first one and just add the bits that I want.

fun note, prelude seats dont fit in a civic

Did you learn the hard way?

welp, posted wrong car for the second link and the 4ws ad is now gone. oh well.

question still stands though. Is the 4ws worth it? It seems like it would be a weak point and likely to break.

there was a lady on my block who had one of thoose

>honda civic
>not available in your country

where do you live where you can get internet, but not the fucking honda civic? Mongolia? Some african country?

color me surprised

I'm surprised civics wouldn't be available there, it's a cheap car.

We're you able to open it?

Looks ricey

Still hood tho

It must feel good to have a dash cam

Looks twice as good as last year when I saw it.


Good thing you haven't hydroplaned too

Prelude owners are elitists


Join the collage user see

>not doing your hw before buying parts

There should be a DIY somewhere

Yeah I drive pretty slow in the wet just to avoid that. Even more so with my $36 Chinese tires.

I've seen enough rain these last few weeks to last all year. It's awful.

>I drive pretty slow in the wet

I'm not going to call you a retard, since it is advisable to drive slower under hazardous conditions, but I admit that I'm a crazy motherfucker to still go 70 mph when it's pouring.

I guess my confidence is getting to my ego, thinking I'll know how to recover from hydroplaning or spinning out even though I've never experienced either.

Well I still go the speed limit if I see the road is clear but I actively avoid puddles and stuff. Also became more cautious after that bitch in the Sentra made me curb my wheel.



>still go 70 mph when it's pouring.
Now that's how you fuckin CM


This is a blue board, user.

>70 mph when it's pouring.
Accord drivers are mad cunts aye

are you blue civic guy?

I need something slightly luxurious while being cheap on fuel and quick enough to have fun on the daily as a second car now that I have a bike. I'm selling my 350z and it needs to be 4+ seats. Please advise on what you'd recommend /hg/...

V6 accord. Or acura equivalent

is fuel mileage ok? What about Accord Euro (IDK if this is a thing in america?)

Closest to the euro we got in the us was the cl sport from what I understand. They are comfy.
Millage is about average for a v6 at 35mpg hwy.

I still cant find where i fill the diff.
Other than that, im a bit worried since im going from a civic to likely a 7/8th gen accord next year. How hard is it to get used to driving a bigger car and which gens better of the two?



Hey man, 20 dollars is 20 dollars. Couldn't pass that deal up

It's not like you're going from a fiat to an 80s Cadillac. Should be fairly similar.

>that off white between bumper and fender

Thats not too bad. Better than my rear bumper difference to the rest.

Is it worth it to do the work to change the synchro for one gear? My 4th gear synchro is bad and grinds when you go straight from 3rd to 4th. Have to go into neutral, let the rpms drop down to 0, change gears, then rev match so it doesn't grind.

just hold it gently against 4th and itll pop in at the right rpm. dont hold it so hard it grinds though

also depends on tranny.

if k or b series may as well change it

If its a d series you can get a new one for like 50-100