Tesla shareholder meeting live right now

tesla shareholder meeting live right now

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>model Y will need a new factory to make. Fremont is "bursting at the seams"
>teaser photo for Y didn't have side mirrors
>tesla semi coming next year - are taking input from major trucking companies: they are very excited about it
>model 3 initial configuration options will just be wheel size and color
>model Y will probably have a larger demand than the 3
>going to be an emphasis on used tesla sales in the near future
>will be audio system codec updates over the air
>want to reduce the capital expenditure by a factor of 2 for the Y
>will double superchargers this year
>the semi reveal will also have something else to go along with it - won't say what though
>if you order a 3 right now, you'll probably get it in a bit over a year
>model 3 configurator goes online next month. still on track for first deliveries

>we lose 10000 bellions a years
>gib us more money bls.

what formfactor is the Y?


gotta spend money to make money

So basically they're already saying the 3 isn't going to do so well lol

like, an actual SUV? or just another size Model X? can I tow an optional battery trailer with it to get 1000 mile range?

The model 3 has like 300,000 preorders/deposits and Elon said the line to get a model 3 isn't shrinking at all so I doubt that. They're likely just planning for the future with the Model Y.

It's whatever you want it to be. Likely a compact suv though. Pulling batteries actually isn't that great of an idea - you end up wasting about as much energy pulling it as you do getting energy from the pulled batteries. There are charging stations almost everywhere now anyways

ah yes, they clearly don't think the 3 will do well, not after getting 400,000 pre-orders and spending gobs of money on setting up the Fremont factory for it.

btw now is the time to get a used model S

34k! tesla.com/preowned/5YJSA1CG6DFP14131
you can have it today, unlike the 3 which will not be here for a year+ depending on your reservation.

Yes, you can tow an optional battery trailer to increase your range, however because of the weight of the trailer, the range will be cut by half...

just have it drop the used batteries like little turds when they're depleted. the peons can clean them up

I'm still waiting for someone to hack together a tesla that can drive along and suck juice from electric tram power wires overhead

Why not spend a few extra grand more and get a P85 with less miles? tesla.com/preowned/5YJSA1CP6DFP07440

I hope Tesla has mass production in mind because if you're wanting a model 3 you are going to be waiting a long time for one.

>Muh pre-orders!

The preorder can be refunded or backed out of at anytime. Also initial hype doesn't prove it'll be successful. Look at the gaming industry for example. The length of how long it's taking to drag out this car people will and have moved onto alternatives like the Volt, Bolt, Leaf, Soul EV

Protip: the early 85 and 85D is the last Tesla S where you can fully turn off traction control.

they sure are. Elon says he looks at videos of coke can production, and he says "I want tesla production to be that fast"

they designed the 3 with efficiency in mind. Supply chain, manufacturing, servicing... They're betting big on this one

Whats the deal with them naming the models S, 3, X, Y?

Let me know when they release a conversion kit.

They think they're being funny.

3 was going to be E

>>model 3 initial configuration options will just be wheel size and color
What a shit car.

Honestly, if it keeps the price down who cares? A well optioned base car shouldn't need anything else, if a consumer wants more luxurious options then maybe they can look at other model's they offer.

>gotta spend money to make money
True, when your company is over 10 years old and still can't turn a profit you're in trouble though


gotta get production ramping up. And, a lot of the options will be software-locked, so you can always pay for the battery/autopilot upgrade later

making money doesn't mean much. see: amazon. they didn't make much more than a dime for their first 20 years.

I suppose "making" money isn't really the right word to use. They're making money, but then they turn around and spend it all on stuff to make MORE money. Like more gigafactories, the model y factory, R&D, etc. If I were an investor I'd be happy about this, since it shows that they are really expanding and won't stay a niche car producer

Tesla aren't reinvesting profits though, they're making absolutely massive losses (640 million last year) and dipping into capital they get from selling their overpriced stock to make up the difference. It's not really sustainable.

>Honestly, if it keeps the price down
It doesn't. It's just easier to produce fewer variants of the car, since Tesla cannot into manufacturing.

It does tho

>model Y will probably have a larger demand than the 3
>"a compact crossover will -probably- have higher demand than a sedan"
no shit sherlock
what the tell telsa i refuse to believe you're reading the market this badly. the model y will smash the model 3 in sales

Musk wanted models to spel 'sexy', but model E was already trademarked somewhere

It's not unless they start making money with model 3.