I think I figured it out

I think I figured it out.

This. It's pretty fucking predictable desu

Quick, give me all your (You)'s!

full disclosure - american living in europe

>burger king doesn't exist in europe


>components of a car
>another component of a car
What did he mean by this?

got it, euros like to drink and drive.

>European fruit basket
>Pineapple & banana
Maybe in French Polynesia but that's still a pretty shit picture OP.

Europe raped the entire world so they can have anything they please. Tomatoes aren't Italian but they are a staple in Italian food, Cacao only grows in the tropics but the Swiss are famed for their chocolate.

europe is also famed for getting raped by muslim refugees

Europeans just mad cause they can't have fun guns

I think some actually are if they serve. Not many though.

thats because america is a s violent as africa or latin america

>says the continent that has a terrorist attack everyday

Honestly, manual trannys are only nice in small compact cars that need every ounce of power they can get. Go drive a 5.7L Magnum or Charger. No reason to have a manual. Get on the pedal and you fuckin GOOOO. Whereas that EG hatch you dump the clutch and wait for those revs. Just different types of fun.

jokes on you, not european

whatever you are, it's shit

Nice get

But check these ones.

hello /int/ :v)

haven't been there in a long time

This picture hit pretty close to home.

why are people so mean to us americans :(((