>First Ticket Thread

Hey Veeky Forums, just got my first ticket today. In celebration, let's all share stories of our first tickets. (warnings don't count)

>be me 21
>been pulled over twice in past but warnings both times
>driving to work late
>slow af fag in front of me all through town
>they get on entrance ramp in front of me
>they go 30mph down the whoooole ramp
>be close on their ass trying to get them to speed up so we can merge
>get to highway
>jump over to left
>get up to 75~80 to pass slowfag and some trucks
>pull right over
>rip down radar detector and throw it in the back
>black Ford Taurus with undercover plates and interior lights
>he was already on the road when I merged so there was no way to see/avoid him
>he asks why I jumped into the left and was going so fast
>explain that I'm late for work and frustrated by slowfag on ramp
>he says he'll ignore the 80mph and just cites me $20 for close following the slowfag
>thank him for being chill and be on my way
>start driving again
>he passes me and pulls over someone else right away
>quotas I guess?
>still get to work on time

All in all, I think this was the least harmful outcome. Seeing as this is my first ticket, I have no idea how this usually works. Will my insurance go up because of it?

I got a ticket for going 36 in a 30 yesterday, cop told me to "Watch your speed because your going way to fast and may crash" dumb bitch, should of ran

>be me
>have niece in passenger seat, fingering and molesting her while driving
>she's crying
>so into having my finger in her 8yo vag that I run a stop sign
>cop pulls me over
>she's really crying now, trying to get her panties up, get them up just in time
>what's the problem officer

just get a $100 ticket, told her she was crying about not getting ice cream, he bought it lol

>Warnings don't count
I know it doesn't count, but I got out of a ticket from a motorcycle CHP a year ago, because I was wearing hospital scrubs. I was EVS at the time and we had our own outfit, but I only wore them because they were like pajamas, but if I walked around in them people didn't think I was a slob. Told him I was speeding to get to work because I was called out and that's why I was doing 98 on the freeway lol. He fell for it and told me to slow down lol

know that feel bro

everyones insurance in that age bracket will go up, but not by much. mostly by drunk 21 year old drivers. you got it ez user.
>be 19
>rusty green miata
>hooning 0-60 everywhere (0-100km)
>see two cops chilling on bikes
>walks into the road with his hand out
>hit the brakes, stop like 5 feet away
>license and registration
>you were driving 56 in a 40
>i had your ticket reduced to 46, here are three choices
>take the school and realize how dangerous and pointless it is to speed.
>still like to speed
What can i say, I just like to drive fast :)

I don't remember what car I was driving or even what state I was in when I got my first ticket. It was 9 or 10 years ago and I've gotten 5 or 6 more since then.

>>i had your ticket reduced to 46, here are three choices
>>take the school and realize how dangerous and pointless it is to speed.
>>still like to speed

try making sense sometime user

>on my way home from GF house in high school
>running late because gf > parents
>was doing about 15 over
>get pulled over and ticketed for 15 over on the freeway
not really very exciting

some of these posts are illegal

>immediately pull over
>turn dome light on
>roll down window
>shift into park
>turn car off
>put both hands on top of wheel
>be polite but don't kiss the cops ass
>don't smile, don't say please or thank you
>this is a serious business interaction
>be calm, slowly give them your information

Congrats, you can get away with some pretty stupid stuff doing this.

>Cruising on the interstate not paying attention at fucking all
>Suddenly lights behind me
>Third time being pulled over but first on interstate, nervous at about stopping
>State trooper says I passed him doing 17 over the limit
>Thankfully only get a warning for the speed but a ticket for expired registration
Actually went to the court date today, was there for a few minutes, trooper walked in asked if I had my new registration (I paid the taxes back in March I just never got the new registration) and he told me to fuck off

>be me 18
>one month ago
>55mph construction zone
>Everybody doing 65
>fuck this is too slow
>pull into left lane and do 80
>pulled over
>clocked at 75??? (I think the cop was being nice and bumped my speed down)
>$200 ticket, wasn't even doubled even though it was construction

Didn't work for me. Still got a speeding ticket.

Hasn't worked for me yet. But I am black fwiw.

Do white people really get pulled over and then get warnings all the time as often implied here?

still a bit salty from this one because of all the money involved in driving school, exams and all that jazz:
>be eurotrash
>driving with dad and stepmom at the outskirts of town in this shitbox 2 door lancia trying to find this shady post office place to pick up a package
>dad in the backseat literally screaming into my ear, always backseat driving, can never keep his mouth shut even doe I repeatedly tell him to either take the wheel or let me drive
>come up to this area where there's one road on the left and one on the right
>continuous white line (equivallent to a double yellow I guess) so you can't immediatelly turn left on that road, have to do a weird loop a bit further down through a gas station; literally the only legal way to take that left
>dad keeps reeing at me in the backseat to take left immediately cause he's sure of the place (he wasn't, he was lying, never been there before)
>tell him to chill out cause it's illegal and here they take away your license for crossing a continuous white line
>he's not having it, keeps screaming in my ear to take the left
>take left
>cops immediately on the other side hiding behind something
>cop literally looks me in the eye like wtf are you doing lad
>signals me to pull over
>tell dad that now i'm fucked thanks to him and will lose my license
>try to explain to the officer that dad was literally screaming in my ear to take that left
>cop says I was the one driving and should own up to it
>dad goes to the cop car and tries to persuade the cop to not take my license, saying i'm a good driver and it was indeed him yelling at me to take the left
>cop tells me I get to keep my license and gives me 1 point for not wearing a seatbelt instead, says to thank my dad for letting this slide
still a bit mad to this day that I listened to dad and because the cop said he let me off because of him even though he causes all of it

I've never gotten a ticket.

I dont even have a licence lol xD

>Do white people really get pulled over and then get warnings all the time as often implied here?
Do black people really get pulled over for no reason often?

Warning for lights being out, warning for turning into far lane, warning for seatbelt violation.

Only tickets I've ever gotten were seatbelt tickets, and that was all in the first couple years of their campaign for safe drivers, haven't buckled up, or gotten a ticket for it since like 2012

>Not using your seatbelt
Darwinism in action.

Yes, according to an adequate amount of journalism on the subject for a number of years now.

I've never gotten a ticket but I'm going to eventually

>last saturday
>ride motorcycle
>just got off work
>thunderheads filling the horizon, at most 15 minutes away
>start hooning through traffic, weaving in and out
>going 80 in a 45
>there's a "Your Speed: ____" electronic sign, at a bend in the road
>didn't think anything of it since there's never been cops by them before
>guess what
>round the bend, there's a police SUV
>still going 80
>no lights, no activity, just sat there
I don't know if he was jerking off or what, I'm just crossing my fingers they weren't using automatic plate scanners or something

Obvious bias against hard-working white police officers with Christian values by satanistic lesbian journalists.

Oh well, the time has come.

>be me with my fianceeeeeee, honeymoon
>we're having our first roadtrip in general directions to some locations
>some shitty town, FUCKHUEG crossing in the center
>like the center part is 3x the usual crossroads
>i'm going speedlimit and i see that the lights turning from green to yellow as i enter the crossing
>there are policemen at the end of it
>zerofucks and pokerfacing
>shit, they're behind me
>i turn over
>"Sup, why'd you stop me?"
>"You're gone on red, r u mad?"
>"NOPE, it was green when i entered, prod changed to yellow"
>"Oh yeah? So you were speeding, couldnt stop, here's your ticket for speeding and fuck you"
>This is life in former USSR

Nice sources you have there

>Be 1 AM
>Friend works night shift
>Manager is into cars, and wants to meet me
>He rarely sees RX7s, wants me to join his car club or something
>Decide I had nothing better to do, I'd go up and hang out with them for an hour or something
>Hop on freeway, no cars in sight
>Cruising at 75-80 MPH in a 65
>Suddenly, SUV flies up on me doing 110 MPH or so
>Gets to within a car length behind me at most, can't see anything but HID headlights in all 3 mirrors
>4 other empty lanes, could have gone around at any point
>They start flashing their high beams
>Being 1 AM, and just kinda scared of this idiot flashing their beams so close behind me, I start to speed up rather than move over
>Want to put a bit of distance between us
>I'm slowly gaining speed in my fucking NA in 4th gear
>They're still following less than a car length, still flashing their beams
>Finally hit 113 MPH and see a space being created now
>Move over, and look in mirrors to see if they moved over with me
>They stayed in the lane
>Before I can put my foot on the brake to start slowing down, disco lights go on
>It was a cop
>They ask how many drinks I've had that night
>They don't believe me, and make me do their "follow the finger" test
>Pass no problem
>They give me 113 in a 65
>Court date is next month
I'm fighting that shit because I feared for my life. In the fucking area that freeway passes through and the way they were driving, it's not crazy to think they were some insane fuckwit trying to scare someone into crashing.

Cherrypicking posts you don't like asking for sources is pointless on an anonymous imageboard.

This is a common quota-meeting tactic, and unfortunately you're gonna lose. Even if they were coercing you, you were still doing 113 in a 65.

>>be me
>>have niece in passenger seat, fingering and molesting her while driving
>>she's crying
>>so into having my finger in her 8yo vag that I run a stop sign
>>cop pulls me over
>>she's really crying now, trying to get her panties up, get them up just in time
>>what's the problem officer
>just get a $100 ticket, told her she was crying about not getting ice cream, he bought it lol

wtf is this bullshit
that's really fucked up

google "police tailgate entrapment", somehow it's legal and the victim almost always loses

Should have just let off the gas an let him rear end you. Either way they would have to pay for it, and considering it was a cop you could just sue their asses

That's my morning routine m9

Reminds me of my only ticket, keep in mind I commute to college and deliver pizzas so I do 6,000 miles a month, and I drive like a crazyman. Anyways I had a stickshift volvo 740 wagon at the time, and i was delivering pizzas. It was like 830 or some shit at night and thats what happened to me, problem was my speedometer didnt work, they pulled me over after a while of tailgating (suv with blue highbeams etc). I had never been pulled over before so i shut off the car (mufflers broken) and put my info on the dash. Turns out my reg had expired, but they let me go. 30 seconds later somone left turns into me and I T bone them at 50mph, totalling my car. I then get the ticket, get 10% at fault and get 750 bucks for my brick

Pic rel

This just happened two nights ago

>driving to wawa at 2 am for a sub
>disco lights
>cop walks up
>"are you user?"
>do you have license on you? My computer says your license is suspended
>uh yeah I got it why tf is it suspended
>you got a citation for an expired tag?
>yeah that was in november and I paid that shit
>yeah well the system shows you were also supposed to show up in court and you didnt and your license has been suspended since march 1st lmao
>nobody said I have to show up to a courthouse wtf
>I've bought and registered another car and I was even involved in a minor collision after this event
>why am I only learning about this now
>cop was pretty cool since we're both white
>still takes my license, gives me a court order so I can ask a judge what the fuck is going on

Still have to schedule a court date but that's how I found out I have suspended license.

>10% at fault


Argued with insurance company for months to get it beaten down, it was green for my side when he made a left, from the opposite direction

Happens in straya too, but without highbeam flashing because that's illegal for cops. Instead they have modified headlights that are as bright as high beams all the time.

>tfw undercover cop car started tailgating me pretty intensely in my wrx sti as I'm going for a graveyard shift maccas run
>was going at a high gear to keep the noise down, since it was night, but drop to 3rd and keep it at 3k rpm for shits and giggles
>lmao I'm supposed to believe your 'unassuming' white 2016-2017 camry is driven by someone dangerous enough to try and fuck my car
>maintain speed at the speed limit in the correct lane
>they keep trying to bait me for a few minutes, then back off and drive 20 under until they disappear from view

yeah, the spics in chimpcago do this all the time. they also drive through red lights if it just switched to red.

less than a month ago

>have a flight later that day
>driving to bus that will take me to airport in another city
>somewhat late
>long one lane road entire way and the guy driving a 750i in front of me is going slow
>almost at the end of one lane road, speed limit becomes 50
>there's a cop car waiting so the guy in front slows down even more to high 30's
>frustrated so I flash highbeams, get on the new second lane and speed up to 50
>cop pulls me over for following too close and gives me a ticket

I followed him too close for a few seconds right before the second lane became available

when you are old enough you will realise that it wasnt your dads fault

In his defence, parents trying to backseat drive are the fucking worst.

Just drive the correct way how many times do people have to hear this
>muh muh parents yelling
Quit being a bitch

i'll tell your straight up that I am a good driver and my dad 100% agrees and even said to me that I am a better driver than him. with that said, the man still cannot for the life of him keep his mouth shut when not driving. he is literally a backseat driver and can't help himself.

desu you can blame the outstanding number of black crime for profiling, not the fact that you're black.

Holy fuck I feel your paranoia
>driving home
>stop at stoplight, adjacent to a non-M series beemer
>BMW revs engine at me
>haha okay buckaroo
>rev back
>see his face light up
>light turns green, punch it
>he almost catches up
>blast away from him
>look in rearview mirror
>see disco lights about quarter mile away
>cop is trying to pull out of neighborhood
>luckily traffic was terrible behind us
>duck into storage place parking lot
>turn off car
>never see cop again

I keep waiting for that fucking ticket to show up in the mail one day.

>get rear ended at 75 mph
>sudden force on rear causes you to fishtail
>lose control and smash into concrete barrier
>car and your body is fucked
>they run away
>b-but at least I didn't get a ticket, r-right?

i know, been there, done that. actually ive been in nearly the same situation where i got pulled over because of my mother REEing on the passengers seat. at first i was angry at her, but later i understood that no matter what they say, you are responsible for your actions and that you are on the driver seat.

> 26
> still no tickets

Got a warning on my first stop. Was doing 81 in a 60 with my C1500.

>had a couple of beers with my friends
>wasn't drunk but I knew there was a lot of alcohol in my blood
>later in my way home I get pulled over
>pig asks how many drinks I had
>I refuse to answer any questions
>pig has a little device which you blow and apparently tells you if you have drunk anything
>refuse to blow it
>after 30 minutes the pig realizes i know my rights and it was pointless to keep insisting

You can lose your license if you're caught drinking and driving here, it was close

I'm guessing either your cop was lazy and just lookin for a quickie OR your state doesn't have an implied consent law.

I have gotten plenty of tickets but I've told all those stupid stories. O have a similar one.

>have 06 gt
>just get off from work early
>want to get home quick
>blast onto 95
>cut across all 3 lanes into left lane
>doing like 90
>see this gold car flying up, think it's some shitbox
>start trying to outrun it for fun
>hit like 120
>thing is still moving up on me
>start squinting as it's getting closer
>it's an unmarked crown Vic
>oh no
>start letting off the throttle
>too late
>lights go up
>starting cursing and punching steering wheel and getting out my wallet
>rip over onto left shoulder because I'm pissed and I don't care about pulling to the right I'm getting a ticket anyway
>fucker just flies by without slowing down
>turns his lights off


And I just got an 86 in a 65 the week before.

No plate no case. Just put the plate on when you park and are leaving the bike. Besides that never run a plate. Don't be in denial. If you're going to ride like a dick at least enjoy the easieness of getting away on a bike. And if you do decide to stop if you didn't do anything wrong, take the 50 dollar ticket that you may be able to get out of. Just say it fell off. You'll be a lot better off instead of doing something like you just did, or getting pulled over and getting hit with 15 points and all kinds of fines.

Alternitavely, you can just obey the law and ride safe.

Ahh I remember my first traffic ticket.
>be 18yr old me
>have friend in the car
>gonna go downtown for a bit
>say fuck it and floor it onto the onramp
>see blue lights a few seconds later and think hmm
>look at speed "lmao well shit, I'm fucked."
>get accused of being high etc
>get cited fooor... reckless driving and forngoing 100 in a 70
>speed is absolute bullshit because the limiter kicks in at 95, the vehicle won't even hit 100 believe me I've tried.
>get massive speeding ticket
>a few court dates and 50hrs community service later I'm unshackled from the system.
This dickhead cop accused me of running a stop sign as well. Which is bullshit I always stop for that particular stop sign.

So thats my first traffic ticket. Go big or go home yeah? Interactions with law enforcement have all been pretty good aside from that one cop.

In the united states they would've given you a ticket for failing to yield.

to be fair I wasn't riding like a dick to ride like a dick, I just didn't want to be caught in a Floridian summer torrential downpour

things that never happened

>>be me
>>have niece in passenger seat, fingering and molesting her while driving
>>she's crying
>>so into having my finger in her 8yo vag that I run a stop sign
>>cop pulls me over
>>she's really crying now, trying to get her panties up, get them up just in time
>>what's the problem officer
>just get a $100 ticket, told her she was crying about not getting ice cream, he bought it lol


>be hogging lane
>dude going faster than me tailgates me
>flashses lights to let you know to get out of passing lane
>you instead autistically try and race commuter

To be fair the BMW was pretty badly beaten up, it wasn't too hard to beat it. Must have had some issues or something.

>be 18yr old going home on 50cc bike
>hot summer day
>full helmet so face boiling
>black motorcycle jacked so body boiling
>slow traffic and can't filter because not enough lateral space
>no wind to cool down
>see traffic light ahead going orange
>don't want to stop and wait 30 seconds in full sun and heat
>burn a red light
>5 seconds later hear sirens and pic related behind me
>I pull over and start getting my papers out
>cops slightly relieved it's not an arab on a stolen bike
>joke a bit about the bike behind too heavy and underpowered (3hp for a good 120kg)
>they let me go with 45€ for ignoring traffic signs, instead of 120€ for burning a red light
Good thing they didn't check the mechanical state of the bike.

Did she get her ice cream in the end?

First and only speeding ticket.
>hooning one night
>past a new camera i didn't know about

>mfw huge cop shortage here plus huge drug problem means cops don't give a flying fuck about traffic violations
> have done 65 in a 45 right past a state trooper and he didn't even blink

Yea, that's a common scummy cop thing they do. I usually either move over if I can or go even slower if I can't. I've had a cop do this to me on my bike before, too. Wish he'd given me the chance to tell him to suck my cock for riding my ass while on a motorcycle. I would've reported him to the department if I'd managed to get any of his info.

Not in the slow lane. You'd get a ticket for going into the passing lane without the intention of passing. Sticking to exactly the speed limit and not losing your cool is the right way to go

I don't give a damn about those illegitimate laws, the constitution allows me to not incriminate myself, and that's exactly what i did

>nobody on the road
>slightly raining
>heading to work
>pull up to flashing red light to turn right on red, apparently don't make a complete stop
>pulled over
>150 dollar ticket and two points on record
>insurance rates increased

5:30 in the morning. Flashing red light. Nobody on the road. Except for me and the cop.

>cruise at 80+ on the interstates every day (55 mph speed limit typically)
>traffic flow is typically up there
>see cops easily doing 90 without giving a shit
>never been pulled over once
is it really that bad elsewhere?
people slow down to 70 when passing the state police barracks
only time I've ever seen somebody pulled over on the highway is when he was doing 70 in the 40 zone right before the Alewife exit on route 2

why the fuck would you hog the lane instead of just moving over in the first place like you should've done anyway?

>road in town where the limit is 30 kph for a bit because of an intersection with bad visibility
>well known as a hotspot for mobile cameras
>forgot on that day
>speed past at 45 kph
>receive 25€-or-so ticket in the mail two weeks later
>always checking for mobile cameras in the area ever since because it's on the way to family members and I drive it quite often

Just saw a dudes car get stolen from the work parking lot.

>group of rednecks get out of shitty Explorer/Blazer/Durango thing
>methhead young white guy smoking a cigarette comes walking from the side of the building
>jumps in the unsecured, and running SUV
>backs up
>slaps it in drive
>chirps the tires leaving

they didn't seem upset about it, called the cops, and I dunno what's happened since then.

why would you leave your shit running like that, though?

the only ticket i ever received was for bad parking because i was late for uni and had nowhere to park. 25$ experience

>be early 20
>racing my friend to see who could get to the destination faster.
>going FULL SPEED on residential street with bike path and blew through a stop sign without even slowing down.
>Stopped by unmarked cop car
>Got ticket
>Fought ticket. Served document requests. Attended court date.
>Court date was like a year after the event. Used that to try to get the case dropped.
>Explained to the prosecutor that, yes, I was operating a bicycle when I got that moving violation.
>Promised to stop for stop signs in the future.
>Ticket dropped.

Still wasted fuck ton of time going back to that city to like 3x to fight the ticket though.

Other than that, I've only had like 2 parking tickets.

I got a ticket for like $85 for going 83 in a 75 in the New Mexico badlands. Only time I've ever gotten pulled over. Fuck you, pig.

GAP insurance fraud.